TLOW Thread 9 ; Final Results, Scores and Awards on Pg 1

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Posted: 11 days ago

S I G N  U P S























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Posted: 11 days ago


Remember this when we started this seasonsmiley2

We knew this season too would be a hit just like the previous one. But it turned out to be even better and all the credit goes to all the amazing participantssmiley32smiley40

After 5 rounds and one bonus round, we have our winnerssmiley40

Starting with the Third Runner Up

She is a person with a beautiful username, my captain in our previous sheep gamesmiley2

She is none other than our very own 

Beautyful_mess smiley41

Here is your winning Siggie

Next coming upto the Second Runner up of this seasonsmiley4

She is an amazing person, a wonderful shepherd in sheep games and a very patient DT membersmiley41

She was the topper in Season One smiley40

She is Parm aka Wildy


Here is your winning siggiesmiley40

The First Runner Up is someone who has been an amazing player in sheep games and here also she has played well in every round from the beginningsmiley32smiley32

Sweetness in her name, she is Mishty



Here is your winning siggie

Now now now drumrolls for the winner of this seasonsmiley40smiley41smiley40

The member who has been a topper all through since the game startedsmiley41

Darshi aka


Really well done smiley32smiley32smiley40

Here is your winning siggiesmiley4

Congratulations to all the winnerssmiley27smiley31

Coming up is the final score boardsmiley2

dusk2dawn 66

ZestyZeniaZetas 63

WildestDreams 62.5

 Beautyful_mess 62

Zeal17 61

18shabbo 61

Armu4eva 59

Blurredlines 54.5

SoniRsippu21 52.5


Moonglade 41

Life_is_dutiful 39

Lalz 37.5

Pranushka_723 36

Opsora2090 35

ShiriFictionPen 32.5

Hatesober 28.5

Leprechaun 27.5

Ajeeb-ladki 25.5

Daphnes 25.5

Cute00ish 23.5

First of all we have an award for some one who has been asking for more and more amulets throughout the gamesmiley36smiley16

Uska dil kabhi bharta hi nahismiley16smiley17

So we have this 'Dil Maange more award' for one and only


Next we have a title for a member who has hardly commented once in any thread in the entire season but has always been up to the mark with her answerssmiley40

The Silent Mastermind Award goes to


The next award is for a member who has scored good number of amulets through Theme guess by sending her answers well on time to be in the top of the list.

The Fastest Finger First award goes to 


A new member who has been participating enthusiastically in all the rounds and she was never disheartened despite her answers going wrong.

The best New Enthusiastic member award goes to


A member who didn't start too well but picked up brilliantly from the second roundsmiley32

The Dark horse award goes to 


We all need positivity when we have such contests. We have a member amongst us who spreads positivity all around her.

The positive member award goes to 




Next up is the award for the consistent player. Always persistent with the answers with a little unfortunate luck. She didn't lose one bit of a hope and kept trying and trying till she succeeded.

Make way for -NINA-  who bagged the title for

Persistent Membersmiley40

You can't forget the member who has been cheering up everyone when they didn't score well in any round. Her positivity is something which is so special and thats why she is the 

Cheerleader of this season.

She is SoniRSippu21

The next award is for a member who is so used to taking pressure in each round. I saw this in the other game too and here too nothing was different. But she always made sure she found the correct answers after all this pressure google searches.

The Pressure Cooker award goes to 

Kiffs aka



We have few members who always sent long long PMs in every round. Their detailed dissection of each line of the riddle was a pleasure to readsmiley4

The Thesis Writer award is shared by 3 members

Parm, Darshi and Nita

A member who has been a consistent player from season 1 and here too she has been brilliantsmiley32smiley40

The Legacy of Labyrinth Award goes to 

Last but not the least we have an award for a member who did not participate yet she was the most active in moving the threads forward whenever there was silence in the thread.

The special award is for Shibanismiley40

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Posted: 10 days ago

Congrats and thanks for the threadsmiley31

Waiting for tomorrow

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Posted: 10 days ago

22 hours and 31 min to go!smiley22

Posted: 10 days ago

Originally posted by WildestDreams

22 hours and 31 min to go!smiley22

Devi tum mahaan hosmiley24

Posted: 10 days ago

Bajirao Mastani Kashibaismiley36

Posted: 10 days ago

Originally posted by WildestDreams

22 hours and 31 min to go!smiley22

smiley18 thats very long wait, WD aap kuch karosmiley36

Saath Nibhana Saathiya 2 

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