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Posted: 12 days ago

Sai: Virat Sai?

Virat: (looking up from his file) Haan Sai?

Sai: Agar aap pe movie banti toh uska kya naam hota?

Paakhi: Vaada, Virat ko har kisise kuch bhi vaada karne kii aadat hai.

Virat: (pouting) Hey, that's not fair! What about Dabbang?

Paakhi and Sai giggle.

Paakhi: Agar mujhpe movie banti toh uska kya naam hota?

Sai: Yeh Jawaani Hai Deewani, aap photographer ho, and you do have some issues!

Paakhi: Haww... accha, aur tumpe movie banti toh?

Sai: (flicking her hair) Dream Girl

Paakhi and Virat snort.

Sai: Arrey, sacchi!

Paakhi: Sai, uss movie mein ek ladka hota hai jo ladkiyon ki aawaz ki mimicry karta hai, in call center.

Sai: Bappa!

While they figure out what movie will suit whom, let me tell you about the contest you have clicked on the thread title for.


*A synopsis writing contest, poster making contest is scrapped

The contest is quite simple. You have to write a movie synopsis for GHKPM imagining it was a different genre than a romantic drama. But just like how Bhavani likes deciding for others, so do I. I will decide the genres for you guys, randomly. 

While signing up, you must follow the template in the next post and once sign-up is over, I will divide you out randomly into different genres and you will have write a synopsis based on that genre.

For example, if you are assigned the horror genre, then you have to write a synopsis about a movie of the horror genre.


Voting/rating will decide the winner and will happen in 2 batches. First, we will open it up for everyone to vote/rate on. Once that is complete, then we will have an Invites Only voting round where I will invite people to vote/rate, who haven't done so in round 1. Once that is complete, I will total the results and announce the winner.


 Sign up will end on January 20 11:59 PM IST. You will then be assigned to a genre.

You will have until February 4 11:59 PM IST to submit your entries to oye_nakhrewaali with the title "Genre Swap Contest Submission".



Idea Credits: Mannmohanaa, Minionite (IMJJ2 Development Team)

Main Tag: Mannmohanaa

Write up: Minionite

Permission: WildestDreams

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Posted: 12 days ago

U L S 

For Synopsis Writing

-The synopsis must mention all the three leads, viz, Virat, Sai, Paakhi. 

-The synopsis must range between 100-500 words and meet the genre you assigned.

-The synopsis must have the title (Ghum hai Kisikey Pyaar Meiin  will NOT be considered as a title) that matches the genre in it. 

-The synopsis must include names of the three leads (Neil Bhatt, Ayesha Singh and Aishwarya Sharma) and other credits like director(s), producer(s), production house   (You can write any name from ONLY the Bollywood industry and add more credits)

this is just a sample, your entry should not resemble it in ANY way

-You can submit a maximum of 2 different entries for the genre but both entries must be vastly different from each other.

- You cannot take any help from anyone. Your synopsis and title must be your own work. You can refer to this character sketch.

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Posted: 12 days ago

T E M P L A T  F O R   S I G N - U


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Posted: 12 days ago

S I G N - U P 

Synopsis Writing








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Posted: 12 days ago

F A Q s

-Will the participants who have participated in both the contest have to make poster and write synopsis about one theme?

Ans: No, they will get one theme, one to make the poster and other to write a synopsis on and hence, they will compete in both contests.

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Posted: 12 days ago

Signing up smiley4

Name/UN: ShiriFictionPen

Poster Making/Synopsis Writing/Both: Both

Posted: 12 days ago

Signing up smiley37 , I am crazy I guess smiley36

Name/UN: BlurredLines

Poster Making/Synopsis Writing/Both: Synopsis Writing .

Posted: 12 days ago

UN: Mannmohanaa 

Synopsis writing 


Ghum Hai Kisikey Pyaar Meiin 

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