Choti sardarni to see a leap????

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Posted: 16 days ago

what else is left to showsmiley11 is the show getting high trp that they keep dragging it

Posted: 15 days ago

Hopefully it leaps off the tv 

Show is a disaster 

Posted: 14 days ago

How many years 

Posted: 13 days ago

Apparently it will be a 5 year leap😬😬😶😶

I think to be honest that this show has had its run and there isn’t much left to this show especially after Sarab and meher confessed their love for another. Even if they had to bring back manav which I guess I kind of saw coming anyway, the execution of the whole idea and storyline was terrible and ruined the whole concept behind the show. Meher loved him so much that it was said that she and manav knew each other for FIVE years and for her to say it was just a stupid childhood craze is completely undermining her love and it honestly just doesn’t make sense. I think after corona break, in a hurry to get trp back up again they decided to throw in any random stuff that the viewers thought would be good but ended up going completely against them.

Anyways I think at this point they are just dragging the show and from what I’ve read and heard through this forum and social media is that many people who have even been here since the very start of this show have stopped watching it due to boredom and that it’s just been elongated too much. Iv read that in the five year leap, they will introduce more characters as well to make it exciting but let’s be honest, it’s enough and it just can’t be stretched any longer especially with this new param and his tablet storyline - it just seems to me that I’m watching a show on how to parent kids at this point (no hate towards the show or anything it’s just that the current storyline and how it’s going so far and for the foreseeable future isn’t looking too great or entertaining at this point😬😬). 

What are your guys thought?😄😄

Posted: 12 days ago

Might as well do a 10 year leap and start Params love storysmiley37


Choti Sardarni 

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