Ghum Hain kisikey Pyaar Mein WU and Daily discussion thread no 4.

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Posted: 15 days ago

GhUm HaIn KiSiKeY PyAr MeIn


Hope This Thread Will be a rocking one with all the episode discussions

Harsh, Offensive or Rude Language will NOT BE USED.

Everyone Participating Will Abide To India-Forums Rules.

Updaters are 

Monday-Tuesday Sweetbutspicy

Wednesday-Saturday ALUJNA21

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Posted: 15 days ago

Today 07th January 2021 written update

The show starts in the cafe where Shivani, Amey, Sai are and Amey brings a phone cover with Shivani picture as a gift for her.Shivani is really impressed with his gesture.

Amey shows Sai a picture of Shivani and himself and asks Sai how is the picture'

Sai says good and Shivani says she gifted such a good new phone to Amey...Sai looks doubtful.

Amey keeps receiving a phone call from Sarita and keeps avoiding Shivani tells him to answer the call if it is important...Sai doubt continues to grow...

Amey says it is his boss and goes outside to answer the call.

Sai tells Shivani if amey is so serious she must marry him...though he's younger than her...

Shivani tells Sai that she's judging her like the other family members.

Shivani tells Sai looks who's talking the girl who keeps saying she will leave her husband Sai says her case is different.

Sai tells Shivani to talk to Amey and when he returns Shivani tells him about her decision and he agrees happily to marry her....

Amey promises never to leave Shivani...

Amey tells Sai they are four members in his family and he never thought to get married.

Amey says he has a new surprise for Shivani and shows the logo of their initials on the car...shivani says she only made the down payment and he keeps paying the EMI...

Amey asks sai to come with them to Nag river Sai has FB of her trip with Virat.

Sai decides to go home otherwise it will be a chaos at home if she's late.

Pakhi taunts Sai at home calling her Dr Sai.

She asks Sai about her hand and tells Sai not to put an act because of her hand so that she will have to complete all her task..Sai says not to worry she can do all...

TMK taunts Sai and says she's not the daughter-in-law of this family and Sai asks TMK why she keeps asking her to do all the tasks of a daughter-in-law.

Sai tells Pakkhi to think well and tell her what's disturbing her ..the task or because she's living with Virat. Ashwini takes Sai inside and tries to feed her but she refuses as she's not hungry.

Virat gets a phone call from the DIG office who invites him for a party at his place he says sorry  he needs to go home he promised to have dinner with his wife.

Shivani invites Sai in her room and feeds her pastries, they both talk about how TMK and Ninad are against her wedding. They told her not to think about marriage again after two divorces...

Sai tells Shivani it is her life and choice they hug.

Pakhi is serving tea to everybody in the hall and a few women calling shivani arrive..

Niinad and Omkar ask why are they calling their sister name in such a bad way...

One of the women tells that Shivani is having an affair with her husband...

Pakhi tries to talk to them TMK stops her saying Shivani must be doing it..

Omkar calls Shivani and one among the women tries to throw ink on Shivani...


Sai holds the woman's hand telling her they need to talk to Amey who's fooling Shivani...Virat enters..

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Posted: 15 days ago

I want that dinner date scene. I don’t want that eclipsed in all the bua drama :(

Posted: 15 days ago

Both decided dinner date!smiley2 but buaji ke boyfriend ki wife will ruin it??

Posted: 15 days ago

Omkar more worried about Virat than his own son...LOL

Posted: 15 days ago

Bhavani put the tag of chaheti bahu onto Pattar Lekha...this woman must be on cloud 9 rn...

Posted: 15 days ago

Originally posted by by_stander

Bhavani put the tag of chaheti bahu onto Pattar Lekha...this woman must be on cloud 9 rn...

What a sad sad woman this bhavani is. Usurping mother rights over sons from other women in the family and giving fave bahu title to a non-bahu of the house smiley39Namooni aurat. I wish there was some elder of kaku's that appeared out of nowhere who would taunt kaku like she does others

Ghum Hai Kisikey Pyaar Meiin 

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