SS: Burning Inferno(updated Part IX pg 26)

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Posted: 16 days ago

Part I

“She remembered who she was and the game changed”

‘If you love me, you will have to prove it. You will have to kill Kabir’ she could still hear the echo of his words. She sat stunned at the poolside. Is this the cost she must pay to prove her unconditional love to her husband? What should she do? ‘Bappa help me’ she prayed; she could not kill anyone. 

The functions were still ongoing, but she had no desire to partake in it. She passed the hall. Everyone was enjoying it. All looked happy, they always were with or without her. nobody would miss her, not even her husband. She stopped and stared at Kabir. This man was the cause of her misery. He tried to kill her, he deserved to die. But she was no murderer. She quietly slipped into her room and pretended to be asleep when her husband returned. He took his pillow and spare blanket and went to sleep on the couch. She cried silently so he really did everything for revenge…


“Where is Riddhima?” Vansh was enquiring servant when Dadi answered for him

“Beta she went to Bappa’s temple early in the morning. Missing your wife ha? Can’t stay without her right?” Dadi joked as usual

Vansh nodded and left from there. He purposely got up early to keep a tab on her, but it seems she was successful at avoiding him. She can’t run away from here even if she tries, he had placed spies on her. He called them. ‘so, she really went to the temple. Typical, when she faces a problem she will run to her Bappa. But not even her god can help her this time.

“Did she agree?” It was Aahana

“No, but she will. She lets her emotions drive her. That is her biggest weakness”


It was nearly 8 in the evening and she still did not return. What is she playing at? Dadi was getting worried for her. His informers told him she is still in the temple sitting and doing nothing.

He felt an impotent rage. Reassuring Dadi, he left to bring her back home.


‘Bappa’ had always been her strength. He always showed her the right path. She believed he was always with her since childhood because she had no one to call her own back then just Bappa. Today she felt the same way.

Today she came here to say sorry to him because she ignored him for the last few days in her blissful life. People always forget god when they are happy and remember him at the time of crisis. Seek his help. Didn’t she do the same thing for the last few days? She forgot her Bappa as she was blissfully lost in Vansh’s fake love.

Today sitting here without eating or drinking anything, she apologized to Bappa. Asked him to show her the right path. Said sorry for her mistakes that she did unknowingly. Vansh will never forgive her but her Bappa will. She felt at peace. She closed her eyes.

“Do you plan to come home today? Or want to sit here all night long?” He asked sarcastically

She opened her eyes. Vansh came as always does that mean there is still hope for them? But as she stood and looked into his eyes, she saw nothing but disgust and hatred for her. Her eyes watered, silently nodding she followed him.


“Look, the drama queen is back” Ishani sneered.

“Ishani” Dadi scolded her mildly. “Riddhima beta where were you? We were so worried”

“Dadi she was in the temple. Forgot she has a home. You know how she gets when she visits her Bappa’s temple” Vansh supplied for her with a bitter laugh

Dadi smiled at her grandson and did not notice anything amiss as she said

” Go freshen up. I will send dinner in your room” she touched her cheek and immediately withdrew

“Riddhima you are burning up beta. You have a fever. Why did you not say something? Vansh?” she looked at him questioningly

Vansh looked at her sharply. “I did not know Dadi. Aangre call the doctor. I will take her to the room.”

“Come Riddhima” he stepped forward, but she started for her room alone. She did not need his fake care anymore.


It’s been three days since she was ill with a fever. The doctor said the reason was a viral infection. Dadi took her utmost care, helped by Vansh. Riddhima did not let him help her when they were alone but in front of Dadi, she had no choice. Even Vansh did not say anything. They spoke bare minimum these days.  Dadi postponed Kabir and Aahana’s marriage by 20 days. She wanted her grand-daughter-in-law to be healthy.

She still has to give her decision to Vansh. Somewhere she was hoping he would forget all about it. As if on the cue, Vansh entered and kept Divorce papers before her. If you cannot prove your love. We should get separated.

If she thinks she can get off the hook, just because she was ill then she is mistaken, thought Vansh

“I am ready. I will do it” she said with determination.

Satisfied, Vansh nodded well then do it quickly.

“I need 15 days”

“What for?”

“I am ready to kill someone for you Vansh. Can’t you give me just 15 days to prepare myself?”

“Okay. Whatever” He left. Now was the time to wait and watch.


She now knows what she has to do. The last few days gave her clarity. She will choose the right path and for that, she needs only one person


“Where were you? Why did you take Dadi with you” Vansh started shouting as soon as they entered Mansion

“Vansh!” exclaimed his grandmother “is this the way to behave with your wife? I went with her. I wanted to visit the temple since we have marriage in the home and Riddhima is feeling well now. What is wrong with you”

“If you wanted to go somewhere you should have told me or Aangre, Dadi”

“Why? Can’t I go with Riddhima? She is also a member of this family. What has gotten into you Vansh?” Dadi asked sternly

“No Dadi. I did not mean that. It just would have sent extra security if I knew.”

“We went to visit the temple, not for any war. Driver was with us. Why do we need extra security?”


“I think it’s Riddhima, you should say sorry to”

“Sorry Riddhima” he glared at her but plastered a fake smile


“Ishani you go with her.”

“Why me Dadi? Because Sia is also your sister”

“Bhai” Ishani whined.

“Do what Dadi says Ishani” Vansh ordered

“Fine. I will come with you Riddhima.”


Vansh observed Riddhima, something was going in that head of hers and he could not understand what. She behaved completely normal with everyone as if their confrontation never happened. She did not know anything about Ahana. As if she does not have to kill Kabir in 12 days. He needs to keep a close eye on her.

Today she suddenly came up with the idea that maybe they should change Sia’s dress. Even though Sia is in a coma they should bring some new comfortable clothes for her. He felt anger bubble up inside him after harming Sia, why show fake concern. She was ready to go shopping and offered Aahana to assist her siting the reason that she is going to be a daughter in law of this house after all. 

Even Kabir was baffled, he did not let her join them. Chachi was not ready to accompany her. That left Ishani. He was okay with Ishani going away with Riddhima. She was the last person who will never come under Riddhima’s influence. He sent extra security behind them


They entered the mall. Riddhima was going through some clothes and Ishani was standing there taunting her, cursing her choice. Suddenly Riddhima gasped and held Ishani’s hand

“What? What happened?” Ishani asked irritated “leave my hand”

“Ishani” Riddhima whispered breathlessly and pointed somewhere in the crowd

“What?” Ishani snapped and followed her direction and she froze

“Sunny?” Ishani’s eyes teared

“But how? Wasn’t he dead?” asked Riddhima in disbelief

“Let me go, I want to meet him” Ishani pushed Riddhima

“No Ishani, Vansh will get angry. Please come back” but Ishani ran away and stopped Sunny.

They vanished into the crowd. Riddhima searched for them desperately. Finally, she saw them leaving the mall had in hand

“Ishani wait” Riddhima followed but they already left in Sunny’s car.

God, what should she do now? She did not have her phone since Vansh took that from her. She ran to the car and informed the driver to go back to VR Mansion. She saw extra security following their car. Must be Vansh’s doing


By the time she reached home, there was a lot of chaos. In the middle stood. Ishani holding Sunny’s hand and before her stood Vansh and Aangre glaring at Sunny. It felt like a shouting match was going on between brother and sister.

“You are married to Aangre now. Ishani. Stop this nonsense” Vansh thundered

“I don’t care. I will get a divorce. He is my true love and father of my child” she replied with equal force.

“I can’t believe you played me like that. You knew he was alive. Still, you made me go through all that torture. I have already called a lawyer for divorce” Ishani screamed

“If you want to divorce Aangre then you will leave this house.” He snapped at her

“Why this is my house as well. I am not leaving”

“Vansh, what is this? Is this true you faked Sunny’s death” for the first time Dadi looked at him with disappointment

“Ishani think calmly before taking any decision” Dadi tried to reason with her

“I have Dadi. I am going to divorce Aangre and remarry Sunny. Let’s see who stops me. And I will be staying with him. The real father of my child” she left taking his hand

“Ishani” Vansh shouted and tried to follow her but Dadi stopped him. 

“Let her leave Vansh. She is angry right now. We will speak to her when she is calm enough. Don’t forget she is pregnant”

Vansh took a deep breath and tried to control his anger. One by one everyone left. Nobody noticed Aangre leaving from there looking dejected


Riddhima entered their room after some time. He was still seething in rage. Things were thrown across the room. Glass shattered. As soon as he saw her, he grabbed her arm.

“You did this right?”

“Ouch Vansh. Leave my hand. Why do you always have to blame me?”

“She went with you to the mall and came back with Sunny. Riddhima your games won’t work anymore. Don’t test my patience”

“Vansh, She saw him at the mall. I tried to stop her, but she did not. What can I do about that?You can check the CCTV from mall. I didn't even want to go with her. You sent her with me. It’s always my fault, right? When anything goes wrong in your home?"

"Why didn't you call me?" he accused "I could have done something"

"I don't have a phone. You took that from me, how can you forget that so easily. And if you are forgetting, I didn’t know Sunny was alive. For someone who gives so many lectures on trust and loyalty. You did betray me with this. What do you have to say about that ha?” she asked him with venom dripping from her voice

“Who is going to punish you for your betrayal Vansh. For what you put me through during the Sunny fiasco? For someone who says you have been loyal to me from the start, you sure are hypocrite Vansh” tears pooled her eyes

He stormed out of the room. She was right. She did not know anything about Sunny. He did not have the answer to her questions. He cursed Sunny.


Riddhima smiled so her plan worked better than she expected. This is just the start Mr. Vansh Rai Singhania. She was going to teach all of them a lesson, they will not forget at least in this lifetime. They wronged her for a long time now. Each member of this family will pay for their sins including Kabir and Ahana. Game on RaiSinghania's.


Hello Guys, smiley31 . Well everyone in the forum is saying Vansh's revenge will break Riddhima, but I though what if it does the opposite(though chances are very lesssmiley36) she becomes little villian herself to teach VR Family a lesson. So this idea came to my mind, let me know how is it smiley9


Part II

Part III

Part IV

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Part IX

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Game one Riddhima. smiley20

smiley27What a twist, finally payback timesmiley32

Posted: 16 days ago

Mood sahin kardiyasmiley41smiley41

I knew it from the point she showed him sunny. It wasn't a coincidencesmiley2

Go riddhu gosmiley40

Posted: 16 days ago

Its brilliant.

Continue,.continue and please each and every member of that toxix household a lesson but save the best for hubby 

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They needed this lesson. It was a LONG time coming 😂

Great joob ! You got me there at the first part, how dejected Riddhima was. But then she reminded herself that she was a Boss Babe and turned the game around ♥️🎊

Posted: 16 days ago

Oh my I am loving this Riddhima. I hope she stands up like this in real tooo. Please do continue smiley1smiley27

Posted: 16 days ago

Oh my god.... please continue soooonit was just awesome ❤️🤗

Posted: 16 days ago

Awesome os..

Finally a strong Riddhima 👏👏👏👏 I just loved it ❤❤❤❤👌👌👌👌 please continue this in next part.... would absolutely love to read this version of Riddhima 

Ishq Mein Marjawan 2 

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