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Posted: 2 months ago

Hey guys, so Paurashpur will be streaming tomorrow onwards and I was hoping there are others who are interested and we can make this a discussion thread for that. I am really looking forward to it because of Shilpa Shinde. I like her and although it seems like a deliberately sleazy show, I will watch a few episodes just for her. 

Is anybody else looking forward to it?

Posted: 2 months ago

Bump. Now that it is streaming, hope some are watching it here.

Posted: 1 months ago

Watched it today.  Good thing is, it's really fast paced and has only 7,  22 minutes each, episode.  So one can easily watch it at one go.

It's visually stunning. Production value was definitely high. Costumes were lovely. 

Milid Soman as Boris stole the show 200% but I must say Shilpa Shinde did a very good job as well.

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Posted: 1 months ago

I watched it too. I liked it for what it was. Definitely needed to work on the story. Shilpa did a great job. I liked the pretty slave girl who looked like Priyanka Chopra too. They took up a lot of social messages like how the dark girl was the prettiest of all, how transgenders have rights, how women are not to be objectified, maybe even how prostitutes think they are liberated from patriarchal shackles. The ending (SPOILER) was good too that the slave girl leaves the prince because even though he wasn't all evil but couldn't stand up for her and she deserved better. Why should one settle for less?

Posted: 1 months ago

Any other source other than alt Balaji to watch it?

Posted: 1 months ago

Originally posted by attiya1.3

Any other source other than alt Balaji to watch it?

It's available in Zee5 prime. 

Also, if you have Vodafone subscription, you can watch in Vodafone app.

Posted: 1 months ago

Originally posted by MusicMuse

It's available in Zee5 prime. 

Also, if you have Vodafone subscription, you can watch in Vodafone app.

I don't have subscription of both.

Any other?

Posted: 1 months ago

Shocked at only positive comments here. To show social message there was no need to do overdose of adult scenes especially when not required in the scene. Why Ekta always show positive girl as slave or maid in her costume drama? Colors Chandrakanta, Chandra Nandini next generation and now this. I expect to see another female lead in next Season who will also be from a rich royal family and a warrior princess too. If you are so much showing women empowerment then you can show these things too. Next Season may have Veer as central lead. There may be complicated pairs and triangles. If a new female lead is not brought opposite Veer then he and Kala may become a couple with Ranveer getting jealous of Veer and turning negative. Kusumlata may fall for Veer and get jealous of Kala as she was clearly shown bisexual and told her hubby that if he keeps behaving like this with her then one day Nyayapur prince will take away palace treasure and her too. As for Meeravati, she will continue to be grey or turn fully villain. She already gained multiple new enemies in Kala, Aditya and Boris(if he is still alive). Veer too may hate her for not telling about Nayantara to Nyarapur all these years.

But the main question is who stabbed Boris from behind? Is it Aditya for being Bhanu's love along with him? Or someone else? Hope he is alive in next season and not dead.

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