Fan Fiction - VeeRani - Go with the flow

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Posted: 1 months ago

Fan Fiction - VeeRani - Go with the flow

The fanfiction is mostly based on the current situation in the episode

So each of them may or may not have a link to the earlier chapters

My first ever attempt

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If while putting kumkum  by oneself or husband if it falls on the nose and around too, then the husband loves you beyond eternity,   Kashish love, will do the earth and sky as one for you

Soul connection

Veer - visible and active, soul ripping - dazed, doe eyed, tear eyed, emotes, tries finding an excuse to meet her, if meets tries an excuse to be prolong your conversation

Rani - invisiible and passive, soul stirring  -reaches on spot , be pivotal to have all the rasms for her , be pivotal that all the rasms he has with the other is all blocked or stopped or disturbed, will be ever present at the areas where the main requirements are required to be married

One is passive so the active one takes more of the effort at the last step of every action,  the marriage scene, all rasms  be it kumkum, haldi, grah pravesh, garlanding ..... 

So one stirs one rips to achieve the end result of togetherness  when the one passive is dead against the divine, it is round and round and round 180 degrees of irritation to the active

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Posted: 1 months ago

Chapter wise links

Posted: 1 months ago

Song List  for VeeRani

Originally posted by rekha02

So it is Rangrez which would color ( by imparting True Knowledge) your cloth(mind) in such a way that Piya ( God) would impressed by you.

Originally posted by rekha02

Ishq ne ishq se koi bath na puchi. Meaning love didn't ask love anything . 

Jo do dilo ki shuruwat na puchi meaning what 2 hearts started was not asked either .

Kismat to Sahi se likhi jati Nahi meaning destinys r not written with pens 

Jar likh jati to rah jati Nahi meaning  and if written too won't stay for long 

Hyai kyo kho Diya humne Diya kya Kar Diya meaning why did I lose my heart ho what did I do ? 

Kon hai Sasta or kon hai Mehga ristho be uski aukaat na puchi Meaning  who is cheap and who is expensive , relations didnt ask for its class 

Last part 

Tere Tu hi Jane bheedh piyaji meaning u only know your secrets 

Mein Teri huyi rangrezz piyaji Teri huyi rangrez piyaji meaning iam all yours 

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Posted: 1 months ago

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Posted: a month ago

This is really interesting than the show. I wish CVS too show about their mentalities like this.

That two books.  I burst in to laughter as I was telling about his anger management in the spoiler thread too.smiley37

 I eagerly wait for your story nowsmiley42

Posted: a month ago


I saw the Anger management in your post later, we think alike

So I took a break in this script and came to attend to the spoiler thread

finished the post hope you like 

Not good at it, was waiting for our stalwarts but none have come for weeks

so decided to write on a separate thread

Kate this is their character

Yesterday's characterization of Veer and the bridge between the siblings and elders were well defined  

He was that before too,  all this anger on himself taking on Rani is what spoilt him totally 

Rani too always had Ramadheer, now none

so she moves like a misfit 

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Posted: 28 days ago

Cv should read this instead of the mess they create

About the bookssmiley37at least veet still know the right books to read

Fahmaan Khan Megha Ray Apna Time Bhi Aayega 

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