Christmas Lost in IF - Merry Xmas IFians

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Posted: 25 days ago

Christmas is celebrated on 25th December commemorating the birth of Jesus Christ and is regarded both as a sacred religious holiday as well as a worldwide cultural phenomenon. 

Christians spend the day attending the Church and holding family dinners where all loved ones come together and share a meal. Celebrations include exchanging gifts and Christmas cards, decorating the Christmas tree, decorating homes with lights and candles and singing carols. 

Children look forward to the holiday for Santa Claus who is believed to climb down the chimney and leave behind presents for children who have behaved good all year round. Children hang stockings in their homes for Santa Claus to come on Christmas Eve and leave their presents in. They also bake cookies for Santa Claus. 

Santa Claus is derived from St Nicholas who had distributed all his wealth and travelled helping the poor and sick thereby becoming known as the protector. People often inspired by the goodness of St Nicholas, celebrate Christmas by doing charity and sharing whatever they have with the unfortunate.

It is a holiday that symbolises hope, sharing, bonding and celebrations. A day carrying immense warmth that we all look forward to during what is always a gloomy winter.

Merry Christmas to all IFians! A fun contest this Christmas is just around the corner...

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Posted: 22 days ago

Crazy Creatives are known on IF as being very creative and talented people doing very crazy stuff at times. But we are also the clumsy lot and it just so happens that a siyapa has happened smiley36 Yes, we have lost Christmas in IFsmiley3smiley44smiley3smiley44smiley3smiley44smiley3smiley44

So now we need you all to help us find it all before the Big Boss finds out. So without further delay, lets get down to business...

Below are the list of items we have lost and clues on where to find them. Read the clues and try to resolve which forum and thread the items are lost in. Once you have found all 10 items, please email the links to CrazyCreatives by 30th December 2020

Item 1: Christmas Tree

Clues: Digital representation of India

Different narratives are presented on different tale

Find the item between pages 20 to 40

Item 2: Presents

Clues: Supernatural show 

Thread is based on a funny internet trend 

Find the item between pages 35 to 65

Item 3: Father Christmas' Costume

Clues: The show has a hit spin off series

An icebreaker which makes everyone comfortable 

Find the items between pages 1 to 20

Item 4: Reindeer

Clues: Home of several famous pop cultures

Keep up to date with activities of stars

Find the item between pages 12 to 42

Item 5: Stockings

Clues: A forum which has an Oscar and BigB's Achilles heel.

Ingenious abode pop culture's bomul

Find the item between pages 15 to 45

Item 6: Wreath

Clues: Writers and Readers meet

A thread honouring work through award

Find the item between pages 1 to 5

Item 7: Snowman

Clues: Fairly new show and in the top 20 forums list

The serial is related to a famous Bengali serial

A drabble thread

Item 8: Mistletoe

Clues: Super hit show where not only the leads but even the supporting cast were legends

This is a search thread

Find the item between pages 1 to 11

Item 9: Bells

Clues: Discussions of serials of neighbouring country

Teasers of the drama show a man caught up between two beauties

Find the item between pages 15 to 30

Item 10: Candy cane

Clues: Forum based on shows released on OTT platforms

Thread is between the first few pages of the forum

Find the item between pages 1 to 6.

Good Luck Everyone!


Graphics: dmegha & proteeti

Write ups: MsChanadlerBong, Sonatia, Sonserina_Reina

Special thanks to those who helped edit the missing items in the threads.

Edited by Yuvika_15 - 22 days ago
Posted: 22 days ago

Merry Christmas 😄🎄🎁❄🎅

The thread is beautiful and game sounds amazing! 

Fabulous work guys!! 

Posted: 22 days ago

Merry Christmas everybody! smiley27

Chalo ab jhat se start looking for all the Christmas items! smiley4

Posted: 22 days ago

Merry Christmas to all! smiley31🎄🎅⛄️

Christmas game looks awesome! smiley4

Posted: 21 days ago

The tags, the WU! smiley42 

Enjoy the festive season and stay safe everyone. smiley31

All the best with the game, have fun! smiley27

Posted: 21 days ago

I must say few clues are easy to crack and few are equally difficult smiley44

Main subah se lagi padi hu par abhi tak sab nahhi mila hai smiley6

Great work team smiley20

Posted: 21 days ago

Originally posted by ShiriFictionPen

I must say few clues are easy to crack and few are equally difficult smiley44

Main subah se lagi padi hu par abhi tak sab nahhi mila hai smiley6

Great work team smiley20

mere saath be yahi ho raha hai.. Subah se lagi padi hua.. smiley39


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