Sairat SS: Zapurza, Chapter 6: Page 17, updated 17/01/2021

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Posted: 29 days ago

Hey guys posting a new story on Sairat, but there will a lot of Samrat and Pakhi as well at times. 

Please bear with my shabby writing as I'm not a writer. Constructive feedback and criticism is always welcome so I can improve smiley1

I was searching for different Marathi words when I came across this particular one "Zapurza" from what I understood it loosely means to lose oneself in something, one doesn't remain herself / himself while performing an art or doing something and that state of mind is called Zapurza.

So I felt that it fit perfectly with each character of Sai, Virat, Samrat & Pakhi. I'm not sure if that is right, please do correct me if I'm wrong.


Chapter 1: Page 1

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Chapter 5: Page 14

Chapter 6: Page 17

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Posted: 29 days ago

Chapter 1 


It was around 7 am when Virat woke up to find his wife missing again. It had become a routine since past one month, whenever he woke up anytime between 5-7 am he would never find her in bed, god knows where she was wandering off to or what she was up to. The first time this happened he freaked out thinking what if she was in danger and he had failed to keep his promise of taking care of her. He searched for her in the whole house like a maniac and as soon as he grabbed his wallet and car keys to go out and look for her, he saw her walk back into the room, he questioned her about her well-being and what she was up to but she refused to answer him stating she needs some privacy which even her Abba always gave her. He then decided to let her be after all she was not as immature as he always claimed. And now, she had found a guide and mentor in her life as well. 


As Virat got out from his bed, Sai walked in looking extremely drained out, she was sweating like a pig, she was still gasping for air and she was wearing her usual sportswear, black tight pants along with a light grey t-shirt which had turned a shade darker due to all the sweating. Today she looked more tired than all the other days. As soon as Virat started walking up to the bathroom, Sai shouted “Virat please mujhe jane dijay phele bahut garmi ho rahi hai, pasina bhi bahut aa gaya hai aaj” pleading with her eyes. “Sai pasine me nahaogi toh bimar ho jaogi, mai freshen up ho jata hu uske baad tum naha lena ok” Virat tried explaining her.


“Virat please nah aaj bahut garmi ho rahi mujhe shower ki baaaahhhuuuttt zaroorat hai, dekho nah aaj toh miti bhi lagi hai kapdo pe” she said turning around and showing him all the mud, she bought with herself today. He smiled a little at her antics but before he could reason with her both of them heard a familiar voice. 


“Sai, Virat bilkul thik kah raha hai, tumhe bimar thodi nah hona hai, aur yeh lo apna drink aur badam tum aaj kitchen me chod aayi thi, phele inko khatam karo, tab tak mai breakfast ready karta hu, aur uske baad tum aaram se naha lena” Samrat walked into the room with a glass and some almonds for Sai. “Dadaaaa please aaj nahi yeh honey aur lemon who bhi garam pani me mujhe bilkul pasand nahi hai” Sai said pleading him to let her skip the drink for just one day, the usual banter continued between Sai and her Samrat Dada as Samrat tried to reason with her and make her finish the full glass. Virat walked away from there into the bathroom, feeling left out as usual. He always wondered what these two were up to but never asked them because Sai always told him their secrets were theirs to keep and not to be shared with anyone and he need not interfere between her Dada and her. 


As Virat stepped out after showering he saw an empty room something he was used to by now whenever he entered the room these days. At the breakfast table there was a lot of commotion as Virat walked up to it dressed in his uniform. Again, he saw Samrat hovering over Sai with her food which she did not want to eat because it was tasteless. “Dada healthy khane ka yeh matlab thodi hota hai ki itna tasteless khana khaye” Sai said shifting the breakfast bowl towards Samrat. “Toh tu ab apne Dada ke haath ka banaya hua breakfast bhi nahi khayegi, thik hai ab yehi sahi” Samrat acting upset. This made Sai quietly eat her bowl of oats made by Samrat, while everyone else enjoyed their desi chatpata breakfast. “Mast ha mast, aaj phirse tere jeth se khana banwa liya tune apne liye, kabhi tu bhi kuch bana diya kar uske liye, apne pati ke liye ya hum sab ke liye” walked in Bhavani with her usual everyday commentary. “Badi Mami aapko pata haina abhi Sai ke exams shuru hone wale hai woh in sab chizo me time nahi waste kar sakti” reasoned Samrat like every other day protecting his little sister. 


“Kaku waise bhi isse phele Sai sab ke liye khana banati thi abhi usse padai pe dhayan dena hai medical ki padahi bahut difficult hoti hai” Virat said trying to please his Jeeva and Sai.


“Haan badi mami Sai ko abhi padhne dena chahiye exams important hote hai” Pakhi walked in trying to please Virat and Samrat by supporting Sai as by now she understood both their lives were attached to her. 


“Pakhi didi aap roz apna statement kyu badal dete ho, kal raat ko apne mujhe bola ki mujhe padne ki kya zaroorat hai aur aaj aap bol rahe ho ki mai padai pe focus karu, aap itne confused kyu ho life mein, mujhe toh laga tha aap bahut MATURE ho” Sai managed taunt the two so called best friends together. “Sai, Pakhi ka woh matlab nahi tha, woh toh bas…” Virat was cut in by Samrat “Haan bhai Pakhi ki bato ka matlab toh tujhe hi pata hoga” blurted Samrat. 


Everyone noticed the tension and hence focused on their breakfast trying to diffuse the situation and change topic. Sai finished her breakfast and left to her room to get ready for college. Sai was ready and was packing her bag when Virat walked into the room, “Sai aaj tumhe mai chod deta hu college”. 


“Virat iski zaroorat nahi hai Samrat Dada haina who chod denge aap tension mat lo” said a chirpy and exicted Sai. “Aaj tum itni excited ho college jane ke liye kuch special hai kya” a curious Virat asked her and before Sai could answer, Samrat knocked on the door asking Sai if she was ready and if she had taken Jai’s gift with her. “Haan Dada gift toh rakh liya par mai usse pack nahi kar payi” Sai scratched her head a little looking slyly at Samrat. “Sai tu bhi nah idhar la mai karta hu, apne best friend ke birthday ke liye gift tak pack nahi hota iss ladki se, tu doctor toh baan jayegi nah pakka” teased Samrat as he grabbed the gift and gift wrapper from her. Virat was hit with a small tinge of jealousy at the mention of that Jai, he rolled his eyes at mention of that guy every time, he was just way too annoying and chipku to his wife. While Samrat was wrapping the gift, Virat said bye to Sai and Samrat and left for office feeling sad at how the dynamics between the four of them had changed drastically in the past few months. His Jeeva is not even acknowledging him anymore and his wife has time for everything and everyone in the world except him, the person he once called his best friend is a no one to him now.


On the other hand, Pakhi was also very lonely, more than Virat probably because there was no one in this house she could open up to, she only had Virat as her friend but now even he had stopped talking to her. At least Virat had his Aai and Sunny by his side but Pakhi, she was all alone, after Samrat had come back slowly things were getting better between the four of them but her stupidity managed to blow up and change everything. 

Please do leave your comments, if you guys liked it or not. This was my second attempt at writing something so might not be that great.

Posted: 29 days ago

Too good..I like the bonding between samrat and the jealousy of virat also...waiting for next part🤩😍😍

Posted: 29 days ago

It was soo good bro, waiting for next chap!😍

Posted: 29 days ago

Awesome writing. Waiting to see more jealous Virat and the changing dynamics between four.

Please update soon

Posted: 29 days ago

Awesome update.... 

Loved the bonding between jeeva n sai.... 

Waiting for more.... 

Continue soon❤

Posted: 29 days ago

Oh my God I just loveeeeeeeeeed the bond between sai and samrat and jealous virat

Ghum Hai Kisikey Pyaar Meiin 

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