MiNeil Ts- "Dil, Dosti, Yaari....etc." updt last part pg 16 on 25/12/

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MiNeil TS-   Dil, Dosti, Yaari....etc.

Part 1

“Kya Ek Jawan Ladka Aur Ek Jawan Ladki Kabhi Dost Ho Sakte Hain.”

“Prem mujhe yaha se le chalo please”

“Yeh Dekho Jawaan Dosti Ka Ek Nazara, Dosti Ka Khela Hua Ek Achha Natak.”

(gasping sounds, sobbing starts)

“Ek Ladka Ladki Kabhi Dost Nahin Hote.”

(girl shaking her head and ultimately hiding her face in embarrassment, sobbing continues)

“Yeh To Ek Parda Hai Parda… Kap Kapati Rato Main Dhadakte Huye Dilo ki Bhadakti hui……”

“Aa huh! Caught you Neil Oberoi. You failed again…you loser.” Mini Jumped with joy when Neil made mistake in his dialogue delivery.

The movie ‘Maine pyar kiya’ was playing on tv and Neil and Mini were watching it together. They had this game whenever the great bollywood classics will come on tv they will watch it together and when its famous dialogue will come they will mute the tv and instead say the dialogue themselves.This time also when the famous dialogue about ladka-ladki ki dosti came Mini pressed the mute button and challenged Neil to continue the game. She knew she had this victory in her pocket because Neil has never won during this dialogue, he always fumbles.

“Shit yaar! Not again. I always lose it because of this dhadakti bhadakti phadakti aag or whatever.” Neil complained like a kid.

“Huh loser! Learn it from me. Its….Kap Kapati Rato Main Dhadakte Huye Dilo ki Bhadakti Huyi Aagko Bujhaaneka… Chhupaneka.”Mini said the dialogue while giving same expression as that of villain. Then both of them burst out laughing.

“Oberoi, you lost again so tomorrow you will pay canteen’s bill.” Mini reminded him.

“Khurana, I am paying it since last two days so you will pay the bill now.” Neil argued back.

“That’s because day before yesterday you gave party to everyone because your team won the football match. Then yesterday you had to pay the bill because it was your ex girlfriend’s birthday party and she broke up with her current boyfriend and you saw an opportunity there to get laid with her by offering a shoulder to cry.” Mini reminded him while he smiled sheepishly.

“Ok ok Fine! I will pay the bill tomorrow…Ms. Stingy” Neil mocked her earning a punch on nose from Mini. “Don’t you call me that Oberoi.”

“Ok, shant maate shant.” Neil rubbed his nose.

Neil Oberoi and Mini Khurana. They were together since they were toddlers. From walking on their knees to learning to walk on two legs, from uttering gibberish in child like tone to learning to say proper sentences, from school to now college, they literally grew up together, partners in crime, confidant of each other and were best of friends…almost in separable. Their fathers were business partners and mothers also get along really well. So from childhood they grew up in each others house. Whether it was a tough chapter in book or girl friend problems, Neil will come running to Mini and whenever Mini was sad she will be found with Neil, chilling with cold coffee in his bedroom.

“Chal bye Oberoi, I am going. Have to do packing also.” Mini got up from the bed and took her bag. “Wait Khurana, whats the hurry? sit for some more time.” Neil stopped her. “Oh, I forgot to tell you. I am going to Manali for a vacation.” Mini said excitedly. “Waah! Toh aakhir himmat aa hi gayi….good…hope you will have good time with your lover boy Mickey.” Neil teased her. “Hey! I am not a pervert like you. And first of all, Mickey is not yet my lover boy…I am still confused about him. He has proposed me but I have not replied to him yet and secondly I am going there with my mom and dad…paternal uncles- aunts and cousins are also coming…. for a fmaily vacation.” Mini informed.

“Family vacation, so boring. Anyways when you guys leaving?” Neil asked. “Tomorrow morning…and I have not packed anything yet that’s why I am in a hurry.” Mini replied. “What! Tomorrow morning….and you are telling me now…this is not done.” Neil complained. “I said I forgot Oberoi, why creating so much drama?” Mini shrugged her shoulders. “Khurana, I am going to propose Isha tomorrow. I will need my best friend by my side.” Neil shared the real reason of his drama.

“What! Are you out of your mind? I told you that girl is not worthy of you. She is just pretty face and figure but has black heart. I told you to stay away from her and you are proposing her?” Mini questioned with her hands on her waist…all ready to shout on Neil. “Stop it yaar Khurana, I don’t find anything wrong with her. Besides…she is one hot babe.” Neil gave his wicked smile. “Whats with you men thinking with your d**k instead of brain whenever a hot girls comes around.” Mini said in frustration and Neil just smiled sheepishly. “Mark my words Oberoi, you gonna regret it and its good I am going. I will not be there to witness you doing this stupidity.”Mini said and started leaving from his house.

“Say whatever you want Khurana but I am gonna propose her and I am serious this time. I am thinking of settling down. Its our last year of MBA and I have had my fair share of flings, night stands, non serious types of relationship….I am kind of tired now.” Neil shared his views. “Then you are settling down with one of the most wrong kind of girl Oberoi. But I know you wont listen to me like always and once she kicks you out you will come crying to me. Like always I will take you out for long drive and beer party and next day will punch the shit out that girl for being mean to you, my bestie.” Mini replied as she rolled her eyes at him. She has been quite habitual about his almost jet speeds hook ups and break ups and its aftermath and consequences. While Neil was impulsive, straightforward and spontaneous person, Mini was calm, emotional and somewhat introvert. They balanced out each other perfectly.

“Ok, this is not going to end so just leave it. By the way, when you will return?” Neil asked changing the topic. “It’s a long trip…may be after two weeks.” Mini replied. “Two weeks! Khurana, how will I manage without you?” Neil asked getting tensed. “Kyu tumhare sath hogi na wo Isha…tumhara last and forever wala hook up.” Mini mocked him. Neil glared at her ran behind her to catch her but Mini was fast she quickly sat in her car and drove off. “No one can take your place…..will miss you Khurana.” Neil shouted swaying his hand in goodbye. “Will miss you too Oberoi.” Mini replied as she looked at Neil for one last time before disappearing from his view.


A week later Neil was sitting with his family. They were having breakfast when Yash Oberoi, Neil’s father switched on the tv.

“Just now our correspondent has reported that a fatal accident has taken place in Manali in which a traveller van full of 14 people was collided with a truck and fell in the ditch resulting in death of most of the people instantly, those who were still alive have been taken to hospital. As of now the identification of the family couldn’t be established. It seems that they were from Delhi and came here for vacation.”

A plate slipped from Seema, Neil’s mother’s hand as she pointed to the tv horrified by the news. “Seema, what happened?” Yash asked. “That….that…body of the lady….Babita was wearing that same saree when they left from here.” Seema said somehow and everyone was shocked. Babita and Hanuman were Mini's parents that means the news was about Khurana family.

Neil was the first one to come out of this shock. “Dad, I have to go. Khurana…she needs me.” Neil said and Yash said he will come too.


Neil brought a very shattered Mini back home. Yash arranged for the cremation of all the bodies with proper rites and rituals. Mini was under shock. She was still finding it difficult to believe that her whole family…mom, dad, uncles, aunts, cousins…all died in that accident….how could this happen? Only she survived….was she the lucky one or unlucky one to be left alone by them. Now she had no one in the name of family. She was an orphan.

Yash and Seema could see her condition and they took care of her. Mini was living with them since she came. They had not allowed her to move into her house all alone. They had always considered her as their daughter. How could they leave her like that? Neil was there with Mini, giving her much needed support and assurance of a friend. He had not left her even for a second. Mini would spend most of her time in his room, sitting at one corner. She refused to eat, drink or even come out to meet the people who were coming to give condolences. Neil was the only person whom she listened to and only he could make her eat or ask her to do something. It was not odd for Yash and Seema as they were seeing their children from childhood. They knew their friendship. But this behavior of Mini soon started pricking the relatives, family, friends of Oberois as well as Khuranas and gave them the masala for gossip.

Mini’s aunt Saroj even blamed Oberois for ruining Mini’s image like this. She also accused them of having ill intentions of doing so. As Yash and Hanuman were 50-50% partners and now after Hanuman’s death his share solely belonged to Mini, Oberois were trying to brainwash Mini to give them the rest of the shares. But actually it was Saroj who wanted to take Mini to her house so that she can do the same and take Mini’s shares in her name. Yash and Seema knew her true intentions so instead of reacting impulsively and asking Mini to leave the house they had given Saroj a straight forward reply and said that Mini is like their daughter. She can live there forever. But they knew people have just started. They cant shut their mouths every time. They have to do something about it soon.


After a month or so Mini finally came out of depression with Neil’s support. She was still living with Oberois. She didn’t have the courage to go alone to her house where the memories of her family will haunt her. But Yash and Seema couldn’t avoid this topic anymore so they called Mini and Neil both to talk to them.

“Mini, we know that you were sad, already dealing with your loss so we didn’t tell this to you but now we don’t have any choice so….” Yash tried to tell them what rumours doing rounds in society but hesitated a bit. He looked Seema for help and she shared everything with Mini and Neil.

“What the hell? Just because Khurana is staying with us all these days they are saying all sorts of things about us? What kind of people they are? And what is meant by wo Neil ke sath jyada samay kyu spend kar rahi hai…we are friends…we have been doing this since childhood.” Neil said in frustration.

“They are just vultures. Waiting for an opportunity to have Mini alone so that they can attack her.” Seema replied. “What do you mean mom?” Neil asked. “50% share in our business! Who wouldn’t want that?They know Mini is innocent and right now in depression so they just want to take advantage of her fragile emotional condition. Either they will make her transfer all her properties in their names or they will get her married to someone of their choice to control her. Specially that Saroj is particularly interested in taking Mini to her home.” Seema explained.

Mini was silent all this while. She never thought she would have to face such situation in her life. “Uncle, aunty, more than Saroj mami or any other relatives left, I trust you people the most. This is always have been my second home. I don’t want to go from here.” Mini finally said whats in her heart. “I wont let you go anywhere Khurana…even if you want to. To hell with everyone and their gossips.” Neil declared.

“Neil, it doesn’t work in this way. Mini is a girl. It will tarnish her image.” Seema tried to make him understand. “Uncle, aunty. I trust your decision. You tell me what should I do?” Mini asked.

Yash took a deep breath and shared his views, “Seema and I were thinking about the solution from some days now and…. And we have come to the conclusion that you have two options with you.”

Mini and also Neil listened to him attentively. “First is, you take the reins of your life in your hands. Its your last year in college and after that you were supposed to join us in business so why not sooner? I am there to guide you. And as much as we want to you to live with us but beta…you have to move in your house again. You are free to come here whenever you want but you have to live separately…at least till the gossips died down.This way you can become independent and wont need anybody’s help.” Yash shared the first option and Mini was horrified with the idea of living alone in her house and moreover she wanted to complete her education. She didn’t know anything about business and she was terrified of taking that step.

“Whats the second option?” Mini asked nervously. Yash looked at Seema for help and she explained Mini, “The second option is you can live here all your life. Neil will be by your side always. I will take care of you like my daughter as I have done till now. Yash will take care of business until you are ready to join him…..”

“Perfect…this option was perfect. She wanted this only but whats the catch? Why uncle and aunty were hesitating to say anything further?” Mini wondered and so does Neil.

Seema took a deep breath and continued, “….but for all this to happen, you two have to get married as we cant allow anyone to point a finger on your character so…”

Both Mini and Neil were shocked. They looked at each other not knowing what to do? They were chaddi buddies. They knew each other like a back of their hand. They have spent their most happy and sad days together….they are best friends…but marriage! Wont it ruin their friendship? How will they deal with this new relationship? They haven’t seen each other in that way. Both of them were silent.

“We know these kinds of decisions are not easy. So you both take your time and let us know.” Yash said and left them to think over their future.



to be continued...

link for next parts-

Part 2 on pg 3


Part 3 (last part) on pg 16


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One moresmiley42  catchy and interesting it lookssmiley2

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Mujhe Anjali Rahul yaad aagaye .Pyaar dosti hai 

I always lose it because of this dhadakti bhadakti phadakti aag or whatever.” Neil complained like a kid.

 Koi nahi beta end mein pura dialogue dil se bye heart hoga smiley14aur ek ek word samajh mein bhi aayega aur feel bhi karoge smiley43smiley37  ye dheemi dheemi aag hai 

Anjali accha khela iss line    ke saath smiley2smiley14

“Its….Kap Kapati Rato Main Dhadakte Huye Dilo ki Bhadakti Huyi Aagko Bujhaaneka… Chhupaneka 

Haan ..haan....bholi mini smiley37thoda wait karosmiley37pratical feel b hoga 

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You gave Anjali Rahul kind of story smiley40smiley41  suits MiNeil . 

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Originally posted by sub_94

One moresmiley42  catchy and interesting it lookssmiley2


Will post next part today...its completed already

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Originally posted by zalima

Mujhe Anjali Rahul yaad aagaye .Pyaar dosti hai 

I always lose it because of this dhadakti bhadakti phadakti aag or whatever.” Neil complained like a kid.

 Koi nahi beta end mein pura dialogue dil se bye heart hoga smiley14aur ek ek word samajh mein bhi aayega aur feel bhi karoge smiley43smiley37  ye dheemi dheemi aag hai 

Anjali accha khela iss line    ke saath smiley2smiley14

“Its….Kap Kapati Rato Main Dhadakte Huye Dilo ki Bhadakti Huyi Aagko Bujhaaneka… Chhupaneka 

Haan ..haan....bholi mini smiley37thoda wait karosmiley37pratical feel b hoga 

Yes wanted to explore the idea what if teena never came in between rahul and anjali....how their relationship would turn outsmiley36

Posted: 1 years ago

Originally posted by Krithzz

You gave Anjali Rahul kind of story smiley40smiley41  suits MiNeil . 

Everything suita on mineilsmiley36

Its our imagination we want them in different rolessmiley36

Posted: 1 years ago

Originally posted by anjali0111

Yes wanted to explore the idea what if teena never came in between rahul and anjali....how their relationship would turn outsmiley36

Haan...main bhi sochti thi agar Tina ki bacchi nahi hoti toh Anjali Rahul ka relation kya hota ? Kya turn leta ?

Anjali humesha bolti thi ..tumse kaun shaadi karega ?

Rahul : tum toh ho smiley42tumse koi shaadi nahi karega . Maine tumse shaadi kar leta.

Kahi na kahi ye inner unknown feeling tha shayad aisa humesha lagta tha 

aur woh phir se repeat bhi karta hai leap ke baad ..tum nahi mili nahi toh tumse shaadi kar leta 

Aur yahan bhi mujhe woh train scene yaad aagaya . Jab Anjali chali jaati hai ..

Yahan par jab mini chali jaati hai car mein bye bol ke smiley42

SouNoor toh har characters mein suit hote hai

Patiala Babes 

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