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Posted: 2 months ago


We had seen RoSid love story throughout our life. But this ff is kind a different. What if Siddant already fell in love with someone , before a meeting with our heroine?

When Siddant comes to know his girl going to marry with someone else ,,,, he felt like he lost his life. Then what will happen to him and his love? Who is going to cure his pain? Who will be the medicine of his life? This is the story line... 

Just yesterday I completed my ss "RETURN OF MY LIFE" so thought of giving this third ff's intro. Which story you want first????




Posted: 2 months ago

Roli will be there to heal out heartbroken hero.

Posted: 2 months ago

Ever charming prince 😁

Posted: 2 months ago

Super concept.... Eagerly waiting for next update... 

Posted: 1 months ago


Sujata Bharadwaj-Wife of Rajender Bharadwaj

Mataji(Nirmala Bharadwaj)-Head of the Bharadwaj Mansion

Rajender Bharadwaj-Assistant Commissioner of Police CID Mumbai

Siddant Bharadwaj- Senior Inspector of CID

Prem Bharadwaj-Senior Inspector of CID

Ishita Sharma-Sub Inspector CID Mumbai

Amar Malhotra-Sub Inspector CID Mumbai

Jamanlal Diwedi-Forensic Expert CID Mumbai and Best Friend of Rajender 

Neha Shindhe- Forensic Doctor of CID and Assistant of Jamanlal

Roli Diwedi-First New Entry of CID Mumbai

Calender-Sub Inspector of CID Mumbai 

Ronit-The Secret Eye(informer) of CID .

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Posted: 1 months ago


Siddant and Prem were Orphans .. Later Rajender and Sujata took care of them like their own children.

Now both become two body one soul, besties... And the pillars of CID... Whole Mumbai knows about the duo... and feel proud about them.

Prem and Ishita , Siddant and Neha love each other respectively... Neha proposed Siddant while ago and he accepted his proposal. They are happily moving together...

Siddant's life suddenly takes a serious turn when and how ? The story begins from here only...

Story plot will be like this only... And  I am going to give details of the chapters here...

Chapter 1:- Journey Begins

Chapter 2:-Happy Birthday

Chapter 3:-The News

Chapter 4:-Clearing the doubts

Chapter 5:-The Betrayer

Chapter 6:-My lonely world

Chapter 7:-Someone is caring

Chapter 8:-My New Friend

Chapter 9:-Back to My life-Birth of Jealous

Chapter 10:-Trouble:-I won't let you go

Chapter 11:-Searching For The real Problem

Chapter 12:-Silence

Chapter 13:-Small Rift

Chapter 14:-Hidden Pain

Chapter 15:-Only For you

Chapter 17:-Friendly Warning?

Chapter 18:-Your Life Your decisions

Chapter 19:-Small Rift 2

Chapter 20:-Cunning Plan

Chapter 21:-Failure:-The Real Success 

Chapter 22:-Rebirth of Friendship

Chapter 23:-Friends Always

Chapter 24:-Friendly Warning 2

Chapter 25:-This Time I hear You

Chapter 26:-Friendship vs Evil Love

Chapter 27:-Friendship or Friend?

Chapter 28:-Forced Marriage?

Chapter 29:-Tit for That

Chapter 30:-The Big Win

Chapter 31:-Made you Smile

Chapter 32:-Rebirth of RoSid

Chapter 33:-Not Friendship anymore, Something Else

Chapter 34:-I am Back

Chapter 35:-You Are Mine, Just Mine

Chapter 36:-Evil vs Good

Chapter 37:-Best Duo-The Most Dangerous in the World

Chapter 38:-Our Friendship Is Permanent

Chapter 39:-The Way Of Killing

Chapter 40:- Don't want promotion

Chapter 41-Finally !!!!!! RoSid ???

Chapter 42:-Birth of love?

Chapter 43:-Whole world realized but not RoSid

Chapter 44:-Always be there for you

Chapter 45:-Marriage Proposal

Chapter 46:-Rejection

Chapter 47:-Realization

Chapter 48:-Just waiting for you

Chapter 49:-Two way Traffic

Chapter 50:-You are My world

Chapter 51:-Strange Encounter

Chapter 52:- Unknown Warning

Chapter 53:-Life at Stake

Chapter 54:-Searching for the solution

Chapter 55:-Magic Chain

Chapter 56:-Stranger Things

Chapter 57:-Not Answerable Questions

Chapter 58:-Searching for Secrets

Chapter 59:-The Book:- [email protected] Angel

Chapter 60:- Secret of The Book

Chapter 61:- Strange but True

Chapter 62:- Struggling for the Hint

Chapter 63:- You have your Own Life

Chapter 64:-The Book Reveals

Chapter 65:-Trying to Hide the Truth

Chapter 66:-Strong Doubt

Chapter 67:-Dangerous Move

Chapter 68:-Rebirth Of the Death

Chapter 69:-Duplicate Chain

Chapter 70:-Roli vs Siddant

Chapter 71:-Thank to the Writer 

Chapter 72:-I can't let you Go

Chapter 73-Who are you to me?

Chapter 74:-Break up

Chapter 75:-Secret Help

Chapter 76:-Shocking Truth

Chapter 77:-Gone through the Book Again

Chapter 78:-Book Of Magic

Chapter 79:-My Savior

Chapter 80:-What is Love? 

Chapter 81:-Realization

Chapter 82-Big Drama

Chapter 83:-Rebirth of Enemies

Chapter 84:-Blessings Goes wrong

Chapter 85:-Stupid Siddant

Chapter 86:-Marry me

Chapter 87:-Sudden Marriage

Chapter 88:-Work Is God

Chapter 89:-Death?? No Love is Immortal

Chapter 90:-Family Matters

Chapter 91:-Sacrificing Love

Chapter 92:-One way Traffic 

Chapter 93:-Try to Win you

Chapter 94:-Finally Got a Chance

Chapter 95:-I am Crazy

Chapter 96:-My Marriage Gift

Chapter 97:-Unknown Ashiq

Chapter 98:-Hypnotize?

Chapter 99:-Love needs only heart

Chapter 100:-Reunion

Chapter 101:-New Entry

Chapter 102:-Final Speech

Chapter 103:-Every End is the New Beginning

Chapter 104:-Final Message

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Posted: 1 months ago

Super concept.... Eagerly waiting for next update.... 

Posted: 1 months ago

CID and rosid  .. yaaay smiley40amazing concept 💙

Eagerly waiting for the next update ✌️

PS : how did you manage to think title for 104 chapters bro smiley29.. a big kudos for that smiley32

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