To many and many more *~Happy Birthday Sam~*

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Posted: 1 months ago

Once upon a week, 

One fine morning pals without plans meets up to plan their best friend's birthday. 

So they lit a bonfire and sat around it to summon up their creative brains. But creative brain they didn't have. So they decided they could borrow one from the brain bank but they couldn't find it, they walked miles after miles and got lost in the wood. It was dark and night

They had decided to plan their best friend's birthday and they wanted her birthday to be the best in the whole world. But ideas they had none. 

"What is the secret to beautiful birthdays?" They could only but wonder.

"We can't use the 'she wakes up in the dream and goes to Mahabharat world'. We have taken her to that world before."

"So what other series does she watches?"

"She loooooves Lucifer but would it be appropriate for us to take her to hell to meet Luci?" 

The other friend started laughing but to the disappointment of the other nodded a firm No.

"So what are we gonna do?" Now that was a million dollar question but answers they had none.

They had no clue. So they walked farther until they saw a beautiful garden with trees bearing sparkling cards.

"Wow they are so beautiful but what are they and where are we?" Asked one with astonishment and wonder.

"Lets find out" they hurried into the garden.

And in each tree there were different things from ideas to plots and wishes.

"Look this is the plot bunny tree, let's pick some up for our fanfics" suggested one excitedly but the other's mind diverted to the other tree.

"And here look there are different PSD trees." 

"And this is a tree of textures." 

"Do you think there is a birthday plot tree?" One pleaded with eyes.

"We won't know until we see one." 

They kept on looking for them and days turned to night and they found none.

"So what should we do?" They were clueless , they didn't know which way to go but kept moving anyway until they found a small bush.

"And look what is in the bushes?" 

"These are birthday bushes full of birthday plans and wishes" chanted a flower and the two pals were astonished. 

"Are we in some Alice in the wonderland fantasy?"

"Oh if only I had some pearls to clutch!" And of they went towards the birthday bushes.

But as they approached it the bushes started fading away.

"Mou come on wake up, what are you sleeping here for ! aren't we supposed to plan Sam's birthday ?" smiley26

"Yep there was birthday bushes full of birthday plans and wishes but you had to wake me up" smiley7

"Isn't that supposed to be a birthday 'bash' instead of Birthday 'bush' ? but hey you keep dreaming! while you are dreaming we can actually use our brain here." smiley4

"Oh right brain ! You know we couldn't find the brain bank."smiley24

"A Brain bank?smiley29

"Are you out of your mind ?"smiley44

"But believe me we were gonna borrow a more creative brain to plan Sam's birthday.smiley23

"And how are we gonna use that brain? with a USB ?smiley36

"Be productive and let's plan her birthday,  if she knew you were sleeping she would get really mad."smiley36🀫🀫

"So we can bake her a cake. We can add a little confetti shower on top. And we can do some music and we can decorate the room. And dance wild. That means we can have normal birthday like normal people even if we can't be too creative."

 "let's write that down."smiley22

Mou and pro began writing with beautiful colorful Markers. smiley42

Plan for Sam's birthday 

1) A cake

2) confetti shower 

3) Music and dance

"We missed Biriyani , we missed" πŸ€”πŸ€”

"Balloons and B for birthday desert, do you think we should get her flowers?"

"Nope flowers are too formal."smiley12

"And you didn't write the room decoration." 

"Oh yes, but let's find out what others we missed"πŸ€”πŸ€”

"We missed Biriyani , we missed the drinks, we missed screaming SURPRIIIIIIIISEEEEEE"smiley40

"God ! we will remember that even though we don't write it down and stop screaming. Sam might hear us from the other thread in IF."🀫🀫🀫

"We forgot glitters."🧐🧐

"Oh no Mou they take forever to wash it off."😫

"But on my favor If she'll be busy with the glitters and she won't notice our lack of creativity in her thread."smiley16

"Shut up, if it goes anywhere near our food or cake she'll be mad , glitters are messy."πŸ˜‘

"So how about the snow spray ? It's so fuuunnnn, we will scream surpriiiiise and spray I think we will get many bottles"

"Okay first you try to wash her off with glitters to distract her from noticing our lack of creativity and now you are trying to scare her away all together. Nice going"

"What can I say I am a born mastermind. More cake for us that way. Just kiddingsmiley36"

"Right who can't figure out how to plan a birthday thread."

"So for room decorations I will build some beautiful tags." πŸ₯ΊπŸ₯Ί

Write down tags. πŸ˜‡


"But for the plot what are we gonna write?"πŸ€”πŸ€”πŸ€”smiley42

"Christ you plot a story, you plot a murder who the hell plots a birthday?"

"Wierd people with poor vocabulary ? I think that sums me up."

"How about we go about it with something like a talkshow ? The name of our talk show will be pals without plans and we would talk about how to make your friend feel special on her birthday without planning it."

"And she'll think we are lazy and didn't care to plan her birthday. Lazy part will be right but the other part not so much."

"Hmm how about she goes to Biriyani land and everything is made out of Biriyani ?"smiley42

"Nope, it's will be too hot to walk and we shouldn't walk on food if the roads are made of biriyiani as well." 

"Then how about she meets Zayn or Shaheer, like she wins a date with him for."🀭🀭smiley43

"Shah got engaged and Zayn had a baby." smiley19

"Then? Don't we have any plans unique left in this world of plenty?" Mou asked with a lots and lots and lots of despair. 

 "How about we stop beating around the bush and tell her how much awesome she is and how much we love her." 

"It sounds moredecent than the other plans we had, let's wish her happy birthday Like this."

"So here it is our full proof plan."smiley14

"Our full proof plan !"✊✊✊

"Do you think she'll notice our extremely poor creativity?" πŸ₯Ί

"We could always distract her with snow spray." smiley39

"You didn't remove snow spray from the list?"

"What's birthday without some mess?"smiley15

Tags credit : Pro

(Thank you so much ProπŸ’“)

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Posted: 1 months ago

First of all a very very very happy birthday Samsmiley31, are we feeling like 22 yet? smiley40smiley41

I hope your birthday is the bestest birthday in the world and may you always be happy and healthy and even happier and healthier. 🎊πŸ”₯

I can't believe it's been SIX years of knowing you and I am so so lucky to have known you. There are some things that goes without saying but even though we repeat it hundreds of times it remains worth repeating yet again. smiley22

If I am going to write down how amaaaazing a friend you are to me it would take a long time to write it down (and a lots of writing and rewriting as I won't be satisfied with anything i say or write) because it isn't easy to put in to words how blessed and lucky I am to have you always by my side. You have been there for me from day ONE. And six years and nothing changed. you are always there for me even today. Our friendship has gotten better and better like a fine wine and now in retrospect I can proudly say if I hadn't met you I wouldn't meet one of the bestest friend in my life. 

What can I say ! smiley14

You have been like a sister to me and 

confiding in you always makes my worst days better and even when you are busy like hell you always write back that's how amazing you are. smiley10smiley10

You can be this funniest and coolest and craziest person in the room and then this sweetest and sincerest person when time requires.smiley9

 you have no idea how awesome and talented you are , I mean you have some idea but it is much bigger than that.  I hope all your dreams come true may you have the most amazing years ahead. πŸŽ‚πŸŽπŸŽˆπŸŽ‰πŸ•―πŸ°

Love you so much betaaji and look 

Here's the siggy I made for you (I am sorry it might be atrocious. That's why I made two use whichever you find less atrocious.smiley36)



I better conclude this now or I wouldn't have any speech left for your future wedding or next birthday. smiley37

So long story short in a nutshell. smiley22listen very carefully 

Happy birthday 



Love you so much with bow and arrow on top. And will always be there for you. smiley31

You're my starsmiley10

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Posted: 1 months ago

Okay ladies and gentlemen in this thread,  here is another the most important thing that can not go unsaid. Thank you so much Pro for these amazing, breath-taking tags and also for always helping me. A very very very special thank you goes to you. You have been like one text away and it was actually like preparing this thread together.  smiley27

Lots of love 

Mou :)

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Posted: a month ago

Res 😍😍

Posted: a month ago

Happy birthday Sammy..., 

Gift pending hai..

Message bhi πŸ™ˆ


Hello Sammy...

Even thought we had worked together in CC i came to know you more when we started moderating FF and after that it was hallelujah fun together... i just love your straightforwardness.... and you are one of the rare people who calls a spade a spade :) you have been an amazing Co DT, Co FFE and a great FFG editor.... the best part about you is, you have always value added wherever you are... A superbly talented person and a great human being.... <3 love you loads... stay blessed... bas bday return gift de dena.... itni jo tareef ki... smiley37

Happy Birthday Once again....


Edited by Koeli - 29 days ago
Posted: a month ago

Hey Sam

Here's wishing you many many happy returns of the day!!!

I hope all your wishes come true and you achieve all that you deserve in your life.

Enjoy this day and make sure you make it a memorable one Smile

Once again, Happy Birthday!!!


Had a gala time in the Mahabharat forum thanks to yousmiley40

Posted: a month ago

wedding-bouquet-png-transparent - Yandilla Rose

Sam dear, I am looking forward to many more years of friendship and birthdays with you.smiley31 Have a fantastic birthdaysmiley27I want to wish you all the love and happiness in the world, all of which you deserve. Happy birthday my dear friend! 

wedding-bouquet-png-transparent - Yandilla Rose

Happy Bday Image [sam] | Happy birthday cake photo, Happy birthday cake  images, Birthday wishes cake 

Small Flower Bouquet Craft Stencil Sam dear Small Flower Bouquet Craft Stencil

Here’s the birthday verse for you,smiley27

Wishing you joy more than the eyes can see!Small Flower Bouquet Craft Stencil

Happiness, deeper than the depths of the sea.Small Flower Bouquet Craft Stencil

The vibe which is gentle like a song that is so sweet.Small Flower Bouquet Craft Stencil

Blow out as many candles as possible with a smile!Small Flower Bouquet Craft Stencil

Be active like a symphony of Music. Small Flower Bouquet Craft Stencil

Captivating the heart with rhythms. Small Flower Bouquet Craft Stencil

Like a song, sway between verses and creations.Small Flower Bouquet Craft Stencil

Glide higher, like the colorful kite in the sky,Small Flower Bouquet Craft Stencil

Take the lead, the new heights are yours! Small Flower Bouquet Craft Stencil

You’re a unique friend that I treasure,Small Flower Bouquet Craft Stencil

We’ve been through thick and thin,Small Flower Bouquet Craft Stencil

But we’ve thrust through with trust Small Flower Bouquet Craft Stencil

You earned it,  worth the admiration,Small Flower Bouquet Craft Stencil

And much more, you are to be commended.Small Flower Bouquet Craft Stencil

Beautiful times, we always share. Small Flower Bouquet Craft Stencil

Happiness and joy are common lines, Small Flower Bouquet Craft Stencil

Since you’ve been a wonderful person as a friend,Small Flower Bouquet Craft Stencil

Make the most of every love that comes with your day..Small Flower Bouquet Craft Stencil

Happy birthday to our ever adorable Writer/ Graphicer/ CC/ DT Samrajya Lakshmi. !Small Flower Bouquet Craft Stencil

wedding-bouquet-png-transparent - Yandilla Rose

Happy Birthday Flowers Gif Pictures, Photos, and Images for Facebook,  Tumblr, Pinterest, and Twitter

wedding-bouquet-png-transparent - Yandilla Rose

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Posted: a month ago

Happy birthdayyyy, sarcastic bam. Stay witty, smart n healthy smiley40

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