CC Recruitment 2020 - Join the Craziness! New Deadline for T1

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Posted: 1 months ago


In a room undisclosed coz somehow even the inhabitants have no idea where it is...or do they...:

Nabz: Funny how everything is so silent. Like there’s no one on the streets. 🧐

Appy: It’s because there’s no one on the streets. SINCE  months. 🤷‍♀️

Nabz: So everyone is now equally rich?🤩

Appy: …..🤦‍♀️🤦‍♀️🤦‍♀️🤦‍♀️🤦‍♀️

Yuvi: We are living through a pandemic Nabz , we’ve been in lockdowns and isolations to tackle it. 😩

Nabz: Oh! I wouldn’t know you see coz I’m-

Appy: A self proclaimed recluse.😒

Yuvi: Better being a recluse than fueling the already raging spread of the virus. Next you know it’ll be a zombie apocalypse. After all who knows what that virus is or ISN’T.🥱

Nabz: DUDE 😧😧😧😧😧

Appy: don’t scare the children.😵😵😵😵

Yuvi: Surely it’ll be sudden like this was, unknown like this has been….

Appy: And now you are being creepy like never before.😥

Yuvi: Just preparing you all for what's to come.

Nabz: Err, I thought we were gonna get some recruits in for CC. Didn’t know this is called hunger games now😬

Appy: More like Endgame.🤭

Yuvi: let’s then get down with some PLANNING out since this is a fight for survival.


Before we proceed towards the first round, let us just summarise what the crazy creative team is all about:


This subteam is responsible for covering most events and festivals or what’s remaining of them. Certain contests included so as to give members a head start at self protection.


This subteam is responsible for all serious discussions and light hearted threads. Kidding, it's all serious now. If you’re still taking it lightly this team is gonna make an example out of you.



The application process consists of three rounds: 

1) Basic information about yourself (name, country and age), why you want to join CC and any commitments on IF and/or outside of IF.
2) Individual task on one of the chosen themes provided by the CC team.
3) Team task, where you'll be allocated to a team and will need to produce a thread with your co-team members.


Appy: And while you’re pulling your socks and masks down to take a calming breath here are some ground....


[+] You must NOT be a newbie or a groupbie.

[+] Applications from DT are accepted ONLY if you can dedicate time to CC. Please do not apply if you cannot commit. 

[+] You must not have an active warning level.

[+] You must have a strong grasp of the English language to create comprehensible threads.

[+] Before applying, please ensure you are confident you can manage the workload at CC as well as any personal priorities. If you are successful in joining the team, you must remain in the team for at least THREE months before you decide to quit. And you have to serve a ONE month notice period before you quit.

[+] If you have any questions please contact ONE of the following:



Do NOT PM both of us. Wait at least 72 hours for a response before PMing another one of us.

Nabz: Now if you are still feeling good and have no symptoms of confusion carry on to the next post for TASK ONE...


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Posted: 1 months ago


Send in your answers to the following questions to CrazyCreatives by 8th January 2021
1) Your name.
2) Your age.

3) Your Country and Time Zone.

4) Your IF commitments.
(example: coolbie to a forum, have a fanfiction, do a newsletter for a forum, a signature gallery, DT to a forum etc.)

5) How much time can you dedicate per week to the team?
6) Do you have any links to your work you'd like to share?
(example: signature gallery, writing gallery, previously done birthday threads, game threads, contests threads, festival threads, video mixes, etc.)

7) Please mention if you can do both, writing as well as graphics.
8) In 200 words, explain why you want to join the CC team.

9) In 200 words, discuss menstrual.


PLEASE NOTE: Those successful will be contacted via PM for TASK TWO. If you do not make it to the second round, we will not be entertaining any PMs asking for an explanation due to the volume of applications we receive. Any such PMs will be deleted as soon as they are received.




Graphics: Koeli

Write up: 18Shabbo & Yuvika_15

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Posted: a month ago

all the best everyone

Posted: a month ago

All the best to the applicants! <3

Posted: a month ago

All the best everyone! 

Posted: a month ago

Can't wait for new people! Hop on the CC train! best of luck to all the participants.

Posted: a month ago

Waiting for the new people

Posted: a month ago

Good luck to everyone applying! :D

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