|~|Have a Thrilling (Advanced) Birthday Anushka and Deba|~|

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Posted: 1 months ago

ImageA guy in a pale yellow shirt, three buttons down, tiptoed into the kitchen and stole cakes from the fridge. A girl came from behind and stumbled on his shoulders. She was about to shout, when he switched on the flashlight and signed her to stop.

“Don’t shout. It’s me!”

“OMG! What are you doing here?” she asked

“Just being drop dead gorgeous,” he winked.

He killed the cake with his secret weapon and dropped it on the table. At first she was shocked, then she decorated the crime scene with beautiful mango juice.

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Darshi jumped into Anushka's cabin, who was wrapping up at the end of the day. She just wanted to rest, watch ‘You’, drink some frooti and chill.

"What is it?" 

"You should see, it's horrible, the crime, it's making me cry," and she shed a few tears.

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Darshi was a softie, it was kind of a routine to see her cry. They all were in the "Food Crime Branch", and seeing food being wretched was always a heartbreaking sight, especially if you were a foodie. 

But seeing Moumi too cry was a shock. She was a foodie, sure, but usually food did not control her emotions.

One birthday, she asked for one birthday without drama! Was it too much to ask for?

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"So, there is some juice lying on the cake, but our Food Forensic team said that wasn't used to destroy the cake. They are guessing it’s Mango frooti." Sana told the three as they entered the room.

“Mango frooti, fresh and juicy,” Deba giggled and all turned to her. Ayushi burst out laughing. The other two raised their eyebrows.

"Juice, get it?" Tia rolled her eyes, a small smile on her face. 

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"Sexual innuendos for another day, baby girl, can we focus on the situation at hand?" Sana asked her junior.

"Ok, please joote mat maarna, but I can't really tell the weapon," Shibani muttered under her breath.

"Isn't that your job?" Moumi rolled her eyes

"Unfortunately yes,” Shibani smiled.

Anushka studied the scene of crime, Shibani was right, whoever did this was very clever in their execution. They had to notice all the details to track them down.

The cuts were way too irregular to even understand what kind of knife it could be. The team of food forensics was working on it, when Darshi's phone rang, and another cake was destroyed in another bakery.


Posted: 1 months ago


Aashiq hoon mai, kaatil bhi hoon,

Sabke dilon mein, shaamil bhi hoon,

Dil ko churana, neendein udana

Bus yahi mera kusoor.

"You can't keep doing that, we might get caught," Deba yelled as she entered the room while a hooded guy in pale yellow shirt simply smirked.

"Hello future Radha, it's so nice to see you too." 

"You can't go on a killing spree when I am at work. How am I to make sure that you escape yet do my work with honesty?"

"But I am doing this for you, I want you to have the best cake for your birthday!"

Deba went all doe eyed. 

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She smiled and thanked him, still the fear of him ending in a food jail where they only served pizza with pineapple toppings for all three meals rattled her.

"You got to trust him. Besides, my weapons are practically untraceable." Tiara said.

"You are using a knife, that is like in every kitchen." Prashasti deadpanned.

“A sharp knife would only be traced by a sharp eye,” Tiara smiled at the hooded guy. 

"Isse dialogues bulwa lo bas," Tannu facepalmed.

Deba and Prashasti who were confused at first giggled.


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"How is the planning going? We gopis are having a crazy time planning Deba's." Tannu asked the girl detectives who were hauled around Ankita's laptop, after a long day of seeing wrecked cakes.

“We also had much fun. Just the right amount of chills and thrills.” Tia said as she recalled the cases of cakes.

"Wouldn't it be fun if did their birthdays together?" Shibani asked.

"That would be super lazy," Shruti rolled her eyes, "but super convenient... and super fun," she continued.

“There is an idea..”  The girls made a closed circle.

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"So that's decided," Ankita clapped her hands in glee.

"Waise, doesn't the cake serial killer remind you guys of Maya," Moumi asked.

"I know right, if she was real, I would arrest her only, irrespective of evidence," Darshi nodded.


Posted: 1 months ago


It was the birthday eve, 70 cakes had already been murdered. The bakeries were on curfew, everyone had decided to light diyas at 9 pm for 5 minutes to pray for the soul of the cakes. Anushka was going through the flowchart over and over to nab the real murderer. There was an interesting pattern in this serial cake killer.

“Do you see, each cake murdered in either strawberry or vannila. But never chocolate.”

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“Maybe because it’s a chocolate boy, I mean maybe they like chocolate.” Tia shrugged.

“I have an idea,” Ayushi said, “We should trap the murderer by keeping a chocolate cake.”

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And as decided, they kept a chocolate cake and they waited. They waited for hours, and Deba felt restless because there was no way she could warn him about the trap.

When the clock struck twelve, they heard footsteps and followed it. But before they caught him, he stole the cake, so they continued to follow, and finally reached a strange place.

“”We are going to die, we are going to die,” Anushka whispered to her two partners.

Finally, the lights went on and all the girls squealed.

“Happy birthday Anushka!” “Happy birthday Deba!”

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In between all the drama, the birthday girls had almost forgotten their birthday. The cake murder was all a plan to distract their attention away from all the secret birthday planning.


Posted: 1 months ago


They were then surrounded by all the bakers who told them that there was no such thing as “case” and Anushka felt betrayed by her own team, but let it go, seeing the amazing cakes that were prepared for her and Deba. And the food! The Food Crime Branch that had only witnessed destruction of food was now delighted to see Shivin order the best food in the town.


Posted: 1 months ago


And the two officers may not get some award in real life for witnessing the horrible things people do to food, but they sure received many gifts from their team mates and Shivin 

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Thread Idea: Moumi, Tiara, Shibani

Thread Write up: Tiara, Shibani

Pictures and Gifs for Thread: Darshi, Tiara


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