~Abhigya/Tisha AT #289~"Enna sona kyun Rab ne banaya"

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1.Refrain from discussing about other characters,unless they're related with Abhi,Pragya or Abhigya.

2.Episodes updates allowed 

3.No bashing,mocking ,name-calling characters,actors or forum members allowed. 

4.New thread made once the current one reaches 140 pages. Posting allowed once 150 pages are complete.

Try to keep a healthy atmosphere for everyone who visits this forum.

Have fun&keep loving Abhigya&Tisha! smiley27

Abhigya related AT's 

1.Sriti/Pragya AT


2.Shabir/Abhi AT


3.Abhigya AT's

#288 "Wife hai meri,Pati hai mera"


#287 "Purana Mausam Lauta"


#286 "Mere raho tum aur tere hum"


#285 "You're mine"


#284 "6 years of Happy Love"


#283 "Rang de tu mohe gerua"


#282 "Mein tumse hamesha pyar karta rahunga"


#281 "Two bodies,one soul"


#280 "Zee Ki Shaan,Fans Ki Jaan"


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-24 april 2014:AbhiGya first meeting

-17 june:engagement

-18 june:first wedding

-23 october:first Karwachauth

-31 october:first Diwali

-25 december:Abhi challenges Pragya to propose him

-7 january 2015:Pragya's fake proposal/Abhi names her Fuggy

-21 january:first Lohri

-25 march:Pragya confesses her love

-22 april:Abhigya commercial shoot,Abhi confesses his love

-29 april:Abhi realizes his love

-5&6 august:Abhigya first confession

-18 august:Pragya returns to Mehra mansion as Lady Mogambo

-20 september:Deva Shree Ganesha 

-21 october:Dussehra celebration

-5 november:second Karwachauth

-11 november:second Diwali

-14 december:Abhigya cheek kiss

-17 december:Pragya gets RaBul married

-17 march 2016:Abhi proposes Pragya at the concert

-20 march:Holi

-8 april:Abhigya sing together in their room

-29 april:Pragya stops Abhi's wedding

-2 may:Abhigya hot romance near the changing room

-11 june:Abhigya dance at Pragya's bday party 

-4 july:Pragya exposes Tanu

-25-30 july:Abhigya at Lonavala bungalow

-12 august:start of memory loss track

-17 august:Abhigya meet at the studio

-23 august:Pragya becomes Abhi's fan number 1

-25 august:Abhi tastes his fav coffee made by Pragya

-1 september:Abhi reads Pragya's poem

-12 september:Ganesha celebration&Abhi's album launch

-27 september:Pragya starts working as Abhi's secretary

-4 october:Abhi proposes Pragya by mistake

-11 october:Abhi takes care of injured Pragya

-12 october:Pragya explains Abhi what is love

-21 october:Abhi saves Pragya at Dussehra celebration

-29 october:kumkum falls over Pragya at mehendi function

-1 november:Abhi ties Pragya's dress dori

-10 november:Pragya leaves town,Abhi misses her at the train station

-18 november:Abhigya leave Palghar

-2 december:Abhigya "3 promises" 

-5 december:cockroach romance

-8 december:Abhi ties mangalsutra around Pragya's neck

-21 december:Abhigya dance at Lonavla hotel

-6 january 2017:Abhi plans a double date

-10 january:Abhigya win "made in heaven jodi" award&dance together

-16 january:Abhigya friendship vows

-31 january:Pragya injured,Abhi starts to take care of her

-3 february:Abhigya gola date

-8 february:Abhigya dance at bachelors party

-9 february:Abhigya get close during the party

-13 february:Abhigya locked in cold storage

-22 february:Abhigya "bat" Valentines

-1 march:Abhigya haldi

-8 march:"Fuggi" album launch party

-15 march:Abhigya bubbles scene in the guest room

-20 march:Abhigya celebrate Holi

-29 march:Abhi halucinates about Pragya 

-23 june:second wedding

-5 july:start of Munni track

-29 september:failed SR

-27 march 2018:first SR

-23 april:7 years leap start

-18 january 2019:Abhigya dance at Neha mehendi party

-19 january:bathroom romance

-23 january:Abhi kisses Pragya during mehendi party

-26 january:Abhi gets to know Kiara is his daughter,DNA results positive

-18 february:third wedding

-19 february:second SR+twins pregnancy news

-18 march:start of 20 years leap 

-21 may:first meeting after 20 years

-15 june:5 years special 

-6 august:Abhigya hit miss at restaurant;Abhi sings

-8 september:Ganesh chaturthi

-7 october:Abhigya face off at the police station

-22-24 october:Abhigya meet at the restaurant,end up at Pragya's place

-2 november:Diwali at Pragya's place

-30 november:Abhigya dance at hotel party

-16 january 2020:Lohri meeting&dance

-14 february:Abhigya fail to meet on Valentines day;Pragya finds rose bouquet from Abhi 

-13-16 march:Holi

-28-31 july:Abhigya meet in 1 elevator at the mall

-27 october:Abhigya know the twins names

-31 october:Abhi saves Pragya's life

-7 november:Abhigya meet at Dussehra party

-14 november:Diwali special  

-8&9 december:Abhigya meet&fight at the hotel

-11 december:Abhigya meet at the Gold shop

-23 december:Abhigya meet at engagement party

-8 january 2021:Abhigya haldi

Season break:24 march-5 july

Lockdown special:6-12 july

Fresh episodes starting 13 july

AT resume

-ep 1736/14.12:Abhigya in the mall washroom/Pragya calls Abhi mr Mehra

(pics page 7-8;gifs page 126 creation gallery #4)

-ep 1737/15.12:Abhi helps Pragya take her ring off

(pics page 6&9-10;gifs page 126 cg #4)

-ep 1738/16.12 (pics page 13)

-ep 1739/17.12 (pics page 18)

-ep 1740/18.12 (pics page 22)

-ep 1741/21.12:Abhigya cry for each other in their rooms/Cookie doll returns/Abhi gives Pragya his wedding card (pics page 32&33;gifs page 127 cg #4 

-ep 1742/22.12:Pragya burns Abhi's wedding card/Abhigya pain (pics page 37)

-ep 1743/23.12:Pragya comes to MM for Abhi's engagement party/Abhigya fight in the room/cute fight in the hall (pics page 44;gifs page 127 cg #4)

-ep 1744/24.12 (pics page 50)

-ep 1745/25.12:Abhigya flashback-fight about second wedding idea (pics page 55;gifs page 128 cg #4)

-ep 1746/28.12:Abhigya dance on "Aakhri baar"/Pragya imagines her engagement with Abhi (pics pages 57-59,61-62,68-69;gifs page 128 cg #4)

-ep 1747/29.12 (pics page 76)

-ep 1748/30.12:Abhigya fight with the goons/call each other Fuggi-Rockstar again/Abhi gets engaged (pics page 82;gifs pages 129-130 cg #4)

-ep 1749/31.12:Abhigya eat sweets at engagement party/Pragya cries in her room/Purab returns and confronts Abhi about his upcoming wedding (pics pages 86-87;gifs page 130 cg #4)

-ep 1750/01.01.2021:Purab visits Pragya at her home (pics page 91)

-ep 1751/04.01 (pics page 103)

-ep 1752/05.01:Abhi invites Pragya for his haldi ceremony,Abhigya phone fight/Abhi denies stopping the wedding (pics page 110;gifs page 131 cg #4)

-ep 1753/06.01:Abhigya pani-puri nok jhok/Jealous Fuggi/Abhi takes Pragya to her house (pics page 118;gifs page 132 cg #4)

-ep 1754/07.01:Pragya imagines confessing her love to Abhi (pics pages 121-122 ;gifs pages 132-133 cg #4)

-ep 1755/08.01:Abhigya meet for haldi ceremony/Abhigya apply haldi on each other cheeks (pics pages 124&126;gifs page 133 cg #4)

-ep 1756/11.01:Abhigya pillar romance/Abhi kisses Pragya (pics pages 128-129,134-135)

-ep 1757/12.01:Pragya leaves from haldi/Denies attending the wedding (pics page 138)

-ep 1758/13.01:Abhi wants Pragya to stop his wedding/Pragya decides to get her love back (pics page 142)

-ep 1759/14.01:Pragya receives Abhi's wedding card/Abhi reveals his plan to Purab (pics page 110 picture gallery #2;gifs page 134 cg #4)

-ep 1760/15.01:Abhi reveals his plan to Dadi/Pragya on her way to the wedding venue/Abhi waiting for her entry while wedding rituals start (pics page 110-111 pg #2)

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-Guyana december 2015

-New York october 2016

-Jaipur february 2017

-Indonesia april&may 2017,june&november 2018

ZRA performances






Special appearances

-Aaj likhenge kal Blockbuster mahasangam-october 2017

-Kumkum Bhagya Saawaan Mahotsav-july 2018

-Kundali Bhagya Ganesh Utsav Maha episode-17 september 2018

-Jeet aur Jashn Wali Diwali-20 october 2019

-Salaam e Ishq-29 february&1 march 2020

-Zee Holi Rang Malang-7 march 2020

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Shabbir Ahluwalia Sriti Jha Kumkum Bhagya 

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