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Posted: 2 months ago

Poor roli caught so soon and here I am thinking that they will have a hide and seek game😅😅 anyways love sidhant Mamuu and ambu scene 🥰🥰smiley1Sid is spoiled because of his step mom why do I feel that she is doing this on purpose 🤔🤔🤔Eagerly waiting for next update 

Posted: 2 months ago

Eagerly waiting for the next update

Posted: 2 months ago


Sid-Looking for something? I am here

Roli-Devil, don't come near me, I'll kill you

Sid-That's my job Roli, you not only ruined my prestige but also ruined my life. How dare you burned my answer sheets? This was my hat trick chance, I came first in these two years, but you

Roli stopped and replied with a sharp tone.. "Huh, by copying notes even kids can come first Mr. Egoistic man, you are nothing but a cheat, just equal to dust, so get lost. I won't afraid of you

Sid-I know you just like a psycho, because no people have guts to face me...

Roli-Ohoho, Mr. Poor guy don't dream this is not your night this is a day time got it, now leave me otherwise

Sid-Just look around , no one is ready to help you because

Roli-Because they know you are nothing but an evil witch....

Sid-You talk too much , now

Roli-You are going to rap...

Sid-Shh shh shh, do you think you are that much beautiful? Don't dream madam, I am not interested in girls like you.. Just go back to your home


Sid-Just go and look at the mirror , you will get these points..

Roli-You you, you said I am ugly, how dare you?

Sid-Hello Roli, just stop these dramas, look I can't leave you now just tell me why did you burn my papers?

Roli-Because I did so many hard works which was ruined by you in these two years... Hard work mera aur credits tumhara , not possible Mr.

Sid-Who told you that I copied those answers from the notes...

Roli-No one, rich people like you always do this thing only... So

Sid-Hang on a second, why I am wasting this time , well listen  I never did such a thing. I came first just  because I studied well not because of copy or any influences.. I never bother whether you believe or not... But what you did is wrong utter non sense, that too to this great Siddant

Roli-Mr. Siddant, you may  be rich .. But not cultural. You don't have any manners, just stopping a girl like this unknown place? If you have guts then meet me tomorrow at our college

Sid-Wiat, first of all that is not your college , that is my college just mine

Roli-Sorry , not yours in fact your father's college

Sid-Means next it will be mine only and wait , I am not finished yet. Tomorrow be ready because you can't forget that day ever ...

Roli-Same here tomorrow you will see my another face Siddant

Sid-Hey girl first I am not your friend so call me with some respect, call me Mr. Siddant

Roli-Badmash like you


Sid about slap her but stopped...

Sid-I never touched any girl then how can I? That to arrogant girl like you get lost , will meet you tomorrow get ready

Roli-I am not any kiddo like ....okay if you dare to slap again then I will ....

She showed him her sandals... Sid felt like ashamed and angrily went...

Roli-Kuch zyada toh nahi boldiya maine huh kyaa farq padta hai chalo Roli, kal aisa sabak sikhao ki kabhi voh tumhare saamney aane se dar jaaye...

Next day Roli went straight in front Siddant..

Sid-You again....

Roli gave a tight slap to him... All college students, staffs shocked... Siddant got angry..

Sid-Don't cross your limits and don't tempt me to cross my anger and my limits, you really don't know who I am... I thought you are little middle class girl so left you just like that but you dare to touch my face with your cheap hands...?

Roli got angry and tried to slap but Sid stepped back..

Sid-As I said I never touched any girls, I won't repeat if your hands raised a bit then I'll show you the real hell in front of all, you want that to happen?

He said and started taking forward steps....All eyes are on them now.. Roli slowly started going backward..

Sid-You bitch , you slapped me now, so get ready to face the consequences okay... See you tomorrow again ..Bye 

Before Roli could say something Sid left...

Prem-How dare she slapped you..

Sid-If I wish I can made her life hell but no she deserves even more.. Prem tell Pandu .. Tomorrow will be our sports day and ...

Prem--And special is Girls will be against boys this time..

Sid-And girls captain will be that moron Roli.

Amar-Ab aayegaa asli mazaa

Sid-I'll show her what this Siddant is.. Just a middle class girl dared to touch this lion with her filthy hands shit...

Sid banged his hand to his bike...

Next day RoSid again stand in front of each other,,,

Roli-So Mr. Overattitude, want another slap?

Sid-If you have real guts then just try to touch me then you can't imagine what I will do, I promise girl don't try to wake up a lion...

Roli didn't answer...

Sid-That's more like it, what you said and what you did? Ha ruined my life right.. Now just turn that side and listen....

Roli with some attitudy smile turned..

Principal- Today is our sports day students.,. But this time sports will be different this year... Girls will be against our boys.... And captains will be Roli and Siddant...

Roli-What? No way this is cheating...

Sid-Girl, I already warned you, get ready because this is one way traffic... You already entered my kingdom, okay that's your wish but without my permission you can't go out even an inch... Tough luck because we won't leave you this time... Okay all girls get ready to face us .. See you tomorrow

Roli-If you have guts then participate against each other and win it

Sid-I can't change my life style Roli, I did and already won so many trophies but just because of you now all schedules changed very good, now you can't hide anywhere because you are my shikaar, you should pay for this remember my words...

Girls al looked angrily at Roli..

Roli-Yaar, humare logonko hi dushman banaa diya iss ladke ne.. Teri toh gadhe tujhe baad mein dekh lungi , pehle tujhe haraane ke tarike dund ne honge..

She decided firmly... So Girls have only one day left for preparations.. That too against boys,..

Prem-What are you up to?

Sid-I never hurt anyone without any reasons but this girl touched my ego so she must pay for this she really do.. I mean it Prem, she can't escape



Posted: 2 months ago

chapter 1

Sid is totally spoiled child. Mamu is hilarious. The parents are so nice so why don't they control his behavior?

Posted: 2 months ago

Why is his mom blindly supporting him in his fight? No concern about his actions.

Posted: 2 months ago

chapter 2

She got caught. She underestimated him.

Posted: 2 months ago

chapter 3

Girls against the boys. Can she find a way to cheat and win? That will show him.

Posted: 2 months ago

I loved this update... Rosid encounter was superrr...smiley36

Roli slapped Siddhant in front of everyone ...had to appreciate her guts smiley32 she's not afraid of him even a bit...

Siddhant too is determined to punish now waiting for his next move...

So girls vs boys eagerly waiting for it ...

And I loved roli's line where she said ..Yaar, humare logonko hi dushman banaa diya iss ladke ne smiley37smiley37

Update next soonnnnnnnnn ....

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