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Posted: 1 months ago

These two... ❤🤣🤣🤣🤣 hilarious part it was.. i was thoroughly enjoying that.... i wish anything could happened  🤐🤣🤣🤣 waiting for next part... you always come up with great thoughts Nilu........ 

Posted: 1 months ago

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Part 24


He takes the pillow down from his face and puts it's on his lap while sitting up


S - I uh... need few minutes...


He says feeling embarrassed himself at his body’s reaction to her closeness


Her ears are getting warm with embarrassment in his presence, but she can't even insist he leave right now


S- Don’t be angry…it’s a natural reaction... I wasn't gonna do anything....


K - Huh. You have been manhandling me ever since you came here


S- ok I am sorry; I didn't know you hate it that much…we won't do this again we can just talk-


K- We are not doing anything ever again. You leave my house, and my life


S- We can't be even friends?


Kashish ko nahi lag raha Sujal will leave till he gets his way and frankly she feels electrified and terrified of these new feelings… she is not afraid that he will force himself on her


But she is afraid of what he can make her feel so easily


This all is so very new to her


This all is so so sooo new to her


She does feel like an attractive woman standing there at door all because of Sujal


She didn't feel like this even when she decked up in her sexiest clothes


He makes her feel beautiful , sexy, attractive and all the things in the world that she read in romantic books


Sujal ko laga tha Kashish Geet took first step when he was drunk... Now that can proceed further.... So what if she has a condition… she is still hot...


But now since he realized that she may not have taken the first step, he feels that's ok he can take it...


But despite his openness... His compliments... him laying his feeling bare... his willingness to take first step... she keeps cutting him off in every way...


Kashish finally answers his question after coming out if her thoughts


K - We aren't suited to be friends


S- Okay look…let’s call a truce ok? No more embarrassing or harassing each other or manhandling each other


K- Fine. Ok


S- How about we go out for dinner and celebrate our truce?


K - I can't. I have to get ready for work


S - How about movie tomorrow then?


K - I can't I uh... Have a double shift


S -Well …then how about dinner , whenever you get your next night free?


K- Sujal,  I don't think we should do this dinner and movie stuff…it all feels too much like going on a date


S - Oh…so you don't wanna do all that stuff.... That's cool ok....I am having a party next weekend... come to that at least…bring along your friends too


K - I'll think about it…you should go now


Sujal gets up to leave


But pauses for a moment in front of Kashish


He wants to say


Why can't we date?


But then leaves without saying anything


He thinks, he should have known she is out of his league…why would an Intelligent strong sexy woman like her waste time on him?


He feels he isn't the kind of guy, girls wanna bring home to their parents....somehow, they never do

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Posted: 1 months ago

Superb update. Waiting for the next pm.

Posted: 1 months ago

Nice update... loved it..

Posted: 1 months ago

Part 25


He wants to say


Why can't we date?


But then leaves without saying anything


He thinks, he should have known she is out of his league…why would an Intelligent strong sexy woman like her waste time on him?


He feels he isn't the kind, girls wanna bring home to their parents....somehow, they never do




Two weeks passes by


Kashish was immersed in her work and she was taking up more work to not entertain the thought of Sujal Grewal


Her logic was, its vain and illogical


She will just be inviting a heartbreak by entertaining her thoughts


Their worlds are too different


She is a middle-class girl who paved her way through frugality, hard work and struggle


He is a typical upper-class rich guy born with a silver spoon with privileges she can’t even think about


Their value systems are too different


Even if they pursue each other, they will end up bad and she can’t bear another heart break


She is just protecting her heart by consciously distancing herself from Sujal


But Sujal was regularly messaging her about his house party details


Kashish thinks that even if she decided to stay away from him, but not once going over the party will be outright rude


So on her free day, she decides to go to his house party


She thinks bass thodi der rahungi, Maan ko hi hello karungi chali aungi


She wears a knee length flary floral dress




The party is wild with Sujal’s uber rich college friends


Kashish realizes yeh to ameero wali rave party hai and she is overtly over-dressed for the party as it’s a pool party


She is mildly intimated by the wackiness and wildness of the party


Kashish thehri padi likhi doctor


Kashish ko aur laga ki high society ke chonchle


Nope not fitting. Acha kia Sujal ko date nahi kia


She locates Sujal after quite a struggle of navigating around the crowd of half-naked people in bikinis and swim wear


Pata nahi group mein sab kya kar rahe the...she stood there for few minutes too.


Sujal was also bare chested in his knee length swim wear shorts


Sujal is very happy to see her


He offers her a drink


She refuses


S- Wait. I’ll bring some lime soda


He again goes to get her some soda




Sujal jab tak bana kar lata hai


Kashish looks very put off and was walking out of party bitterly


Sujal stops her


S- Wait! Abhi toh tum aayi ho, stay.  Let me introduce you…


K - Not needed. They all already know that I am a bi*ch


Some guy had tried to hit on Kashish ne par Kashish ne bhao nahi diya toh he called her that


K-I don't want to be here. Enjoy your party, Maan


S - No wait Kashish... Did someone say that to you? Who was it tell me? Did someone misbehave with you…trust me I will-


K- You will do nothing. They are your friends. You know how they are... Fighting with one of them over me is useless... I 'll see you some other time... Bye


Keh kar Kashish bhag leti hai udhar se


She was also feeling out of the place, coz she wore a nice floral dress and it turned out to be pool party with people in bikini and confirmed her thoughts ki Sujal toh upper class hai and she is middle class


More than that it was just people logging around looking so bored and blank... As if they haven't done a single day of hard work in their life... Aise logo se kya baat karo?


There is no common point of discussion


Sab loafer type dikh rahe


Bade baap ki bigdi aulaad...uske upar these wild rave parties were not cup of tea...she was too sophisticated


Kashish could feel ki Sujal jaisa bhi hai, par aisa nahi hai. so why is he with them?


And yaha she feels uska ek free night after working hard for 2 weeks… and it's wasted on these people


She felt extremely uncomfortable in those 15 minutes that she spent there in total





Sujal needed her to be with him....somehow in those people too he felt alone...wished ki Kashish aagai toh I have a companion


Sujal wanted to say to Kashish ki you look beautiful , wo bhi kehna reh gaya




Kashish realized ki this is not just alcohol...there is drugs involved and what all craziness they are doing is also beyond her or maybe even Sujal


But Sujal is part of it now…Daldal mein phas raha hai Sujal

Posted: 1 months ago

part 24

He is trying his best to get her on friendly terms but she is not budging.

Posted: 1 months ago

A little bout of insecurity from Sujal. He wants to be the guy that can be respected.

Posted: 1 months ago

part 25

Did he ever tell her what type of party it was going to be. She had no idea.

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