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Posted: 1 months ago

Part 22


K-Nothing happened. I left after I made sure you were sleeping ok and wouldn't choke on your vomit


He sighs and rolls over to the side


Now they are lying side by side


Kashish draws in a deep breath ki jaan mei jaan aayi


S- ok…so you didn't do anything…but didn't you at least get tempted?


Kashish grabs a pillow and pounds Sujal ka face with it making sure he chokes a bit for air


Maybe that will clear his head


S-ok ok fine. I get it. You aren't that attracted to me. Stop hitting me


Kashish lies back down feeling utterly exhausted...


This has been a total rollercoaster...


Sujal rises up a little so that he is lying on his side facing Kashish


He is looking intently at her face as if trying to figure out some deep mystery of universe


Kashish subtly looks down to check all clothes are on place and she isn't exposing any unwanted skin


After few mins of staring, he speaks up


S - I really can't say I would have been such a saint if our positions were reversed


K -Good to know. Note to self. Never be intoxicated around [email protected]


Sujal laughs and his deep laugh sends tingle up Kashish's spine


He keeps staring at her with same the expression.


Kashish ko nahi pata what he is thinking is it deep or is about something perverted?


Not able to take it anymore she snaps


K-Stop staring!!


He lies back down again besides her with a sigh


Both looking at the celling


S-Are we good now?


K-How can you ask that after the stunt you pulled just now?


S-Are you feeling ok now?


K-I am afraid if I say yes you will think we are having another moment


S-Stop hiding behind jokes, Kaz. Are you really ok or not?


She is stupefied by his question, but answers after a moment


K - I was always ok


S- You were crying


K -Dust in my eyes


S- You still feel less of a woman because of your condition


He says as if reading her mind


She answers after a pause


K -No!  I have made my peace with it


She lies trying to convince herself more than him


S -Kaz.... Tum nahi manogi?


She tenses up....


K-I am fine really... I don't need your counseling... I know who I am and what I can and cannot have in my life


He turns his head to look at her. His eyes telling her -last chance


Kashish doesn't wanna say she is still insecure... she wants Sujal to think of her as a strong independent woman and not a broken girl who needs his sympathy


She averts eye contact


She can lie to his face but it's difficult with looking straight into his eyes


This time Sujal pulls her towards himself and places her on top of him. So that Kashish is straddling him now.  Her hair falling over him and creating a curtain around for a semi-private world


She immediately tries to roll away….to get up but he is holding her firmly by her waist


She knew this guy was again up to something… she should have rolled away and ran out of the door as soon as she heard him say tum nahi manogi


Kashish puts her hands on his chest to maintain balance and to avoid fall down to lie completely on top of him


K- Sujal! What is wrong with you!! Stop this nonsense this instance!!


S-Kashish, you are one of most beautiful women I know. And not just judging your looks.


K -Sujal, we will not have another moment. We are not going to 'roll in the sheets' and I certainly hope you don't think you are a messiah for my disease and are going to try and have s*x with me. I swear to God, I will chop off your sick and feed it to dogs!!!


Sujal nods hmm  hmm


S-Good. You don't need me or any other man to validate your femininity for you


K-Are you listening to me?


S- As much as you are listening to me


Kashish takes a deep breath to calm down a little


A few deep breaths more and she realizes…Okay. She is on top... so it's not like Sujal is gonna force himself on her from his position...nor is he touching inappropriately... Guess this is his twisted version of shock therapy or something


S - Do you believe me?

Posted: 1 months ago

He is out to get her out of her comfort zone and face her insecurity. She will have no choice but to do it.

Posted: 1 months ago

Part 23

**Mature Content**


S-Good. You don't need me or any other man to validate your femininity for you


K-Are you listening to me?


S- As much as you are listening to me


Kashish takes a deep breath to calm down a little


A few deep breaths more and she realizes…Okay. She is on top... so it's not like Sujal is gonna force himself on her from his position...nor is he touching inappropriately... Guess this is his twisted version of shock therapy or something


S - Do you believe me?


Kashish looks away not responding


S-I really didn't know about what happened with Piyush and any stuff before you told me today; and at the wedding….what happened…that’s my fault …I had set it up before I made up my mind to stop bothering you. And after that….I really thought you were feeling me up when I was drunk... And I thought that we can……well, never mind that…


He sighs


S-I honestly don't want to hurt you or take any revenge on you.


K -Fine-fine. I believe you.  Jeez!


S- And that you are one of the most beautiful women on this planet


Kashish’s eyes widen with surprise


K- You are beauty pageant judge now?


S- Is it harder to believe in yourself than believe I have changed and turned over new leaf?


K -I have mirror…I won't believe stupid nonsense


S - Do you wanna sit on me whole day? Or just agree with me and be done with it?


Kashish realizes ki she was getting pretty comfy there for a moment


K-.. ahemm.. yeah so fine…ok I am beautiful


Sujal laughs... and Kashish could feel vibrations in places...she hasn't felt much before and blushes hard


S- You don't have to make peace with anything and compromise with anything. You can have whatever you want.


K- I am medically incapable of having it


S- You don't need to c*ck to get and org*sm or a man to have a baby. So what is it that your medical condition is stopping you from?


K – You…you!!! Talk properly!!!


Kashish shuts his mouth with her hand


He raises his eyebrows . Akhon akhon mei ishara for her to reply to her question


K- Don't act obtuse ok.... Even though I don't need a man for those things... but to have a normal relationship the guy wants what I can’t-


S- Then don't have a normal relationship…or a relationship with a normal guy. Choose whatever suits you... but don't put yourself down


K- it's not that easy as you think it is...


S- I don't see what's so hard, if you know what you want


K – It’s not easy to get even if I know


S - It's not right science


K- Huh?


S- You know helping yourself...


K- To do?


S -To do whatever brings you... Pleasure...




He sighs


S- Why are you dumb in this department?


K - I am not dumb about anything


S - I am talking about you mast*****ing


Kashish blushes so hard she didn't even have words for a comeback


This totally wasn't what she thought they were talking about.


But she can't back down


She tries to put up a brave front


K-You can't live your life like that... just doing that...You need a .... Ewwwww!!! Sujal!!!!


He smiles at her reaction


K - Aisa nahi hota hai... To have a healthy can't deny each other's needs and just pleasure yourself...


Kashish is trying to come up with civilized words to argue


But it is getting harder to do that


S - Hmmmm….but you are so hot...and frankly the thought of you....hmmm......Pretty hot


Sujal holds her waist a little tighter and closes his eyes as if imagining something


Kashish is getting shivers and tingles from their position and their talk alone.


Seeing that bliss full expression on his face, feeling the heat of his hands on her skin.


She knows he is up to no good and when she feels something nice under her butt.


She grabs the pillow to suffocate Sujal


As soon as Sujal let's go off her to move the pillow away, Kashish scrambles away and opens the door to her apartment


K-Get. The. F*ck. Out!!


He takes the pillow down from his face and puts it's on his lap while sitting up


S - I uh... need few minutes...


He says feeling embarrassed himself at his body’s reaction to her closeness


Her ears are getting warm with embarrassment in his presence, but she can't even insist he leave right now

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Posted: 1 months ago

Part 21

Absolutely amazing part i loved it. Loving the small moments of romance. Sujal makes me laugh he is so persistent and trying to find any one reason. was he dreaming of Kashish haha loved it and Kashish's reactions are priceless!!

Posted: 1 months ago

Part 22

Again an amazing part absolutely loved it. Sujal his trying his best to make her feel better and Kashish does feel for him its obvious shes attracted to him but doesn't want to admit it to herself. Waiting to see how their relationship progresses

Posted: 1 months ago

Part 23

smiley37smiley37smiley37 that was hilarious, the conversations between these 2 made me laugh honestly Sujal is a unique piece. And Kashish just admit you are attracted to the poor guy, now her body is reacting to him. Ab aur kya baaki reh gaya hai. Waiting to see how Kashish gets over her fears and how Sujal helps her. Waiting for more. Do update soon dear. This story is getting so interesting

Posted: 1 months ago

Sujal is saying all the right things. But would he be prepared to the guy for her when it comes to it?

Rajeev Khandelwal Aamna Shariff Kahiin To Hoga 

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