Enough time to deal with it

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Posted: 2 months ago

Family drama make things more spicy

But enough we some light moments 

Emotional moment like veer and vikram talk

Somes scenes between rani and veer

As much as i like him but since his.marriage he become depressing

Come on man deal with it

Your not the only victim here rani also is a victim

Posted: 2 months ago

I think both Rani and Veer are dazed or traumatized at what happened in the temple

Both almost lost their lives,  first rani then him  was the sequence,   to stop it the marriage maang bharoing was the option out to live again

Rani in normal circumstance would know Veer is hiding something and took the blame, 

she is dazed to understand or equate Veer behaviour pattern to her dad's behaviour pattern.  

Rani is almost  a  scared startled kitten,  jumps at a small shout of Veer or  the thundering sound of Ranisa,  

Normally she solves her own problems, now being too dazed she pleads to Veer to sort it out   ""jeevan sulja dijye hamare, doctor saab"

Same goes with Veer,  in most of the time he is either dazed or in deep thoughts,     that Rani had to almost call a frozen Veer to remind him  doctor saab kuch kariye   to get Kaira from her behosh state

Veer got a nudge from Vikram,  while Rani has noone to nudge her  so she pleads the only one she can still rely on.  Now with bauji back  he has nudged her 

Rani and Veer  are extremes on the same side,  so they understand each ones point of view but still do not understand or agree on it

Posted: 2 months ago

Agree with you both.Though for us it like so many days have gone, for them it's the next day after the marriage . 

Truly once they both learn that one's imperfection can become perfect due to other, they can really move on with life.

Still both are cling to their loved ones. Rani to her bauji and Veer to Rani Sa.

Rani has understood Veer's love for Rani Sa . Now Veer too should understand her love for her bauji which he fail to see because of what happened after marriage .

After marriage Veee was ok with Rani. He called her tum instead of aap but the humiliation Rani Sa gave him made him so frustrated and still renting out on Rani because she is the worst one compared to all in the house.

Another thing I noticed. Veer never let Rani fall down, he never let her hit the floor but Kiara he didn't hold her when falling down and he was numb till Rani calls out to him.

Jay has come to take revenge on both ,which means at the endof Jay's track they both will unite.


Apna Time Bhi Aayega 

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