Mismatched Jodi ( ATBA FF Ch2 on Pg2 )

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Posted: 2 months ago

Chapter- 1

Rani walked aimlessly on the roads of Jaipur with Pinku when her phone went off. It was a private number. She took the call.


" Rani, if you want to know the whole truth about that accident, meet me at Suhagan ka teela in one hour. Come alone." The man’s voice said.


" Who are you?" She asked, desperately.


" You’ll see there. Remember, you just have one hour." The man said before hanging up.


" Who was it didi?" Pinku asked her.


" No one Pinkua.Now walk fast. I’ll drop you off at Radha maasi’s and I have to go somewhere." She replied, getting a grip over herself.


" But sister..." Pinku tried to argue but to no avail. She did not answer his single question. Dropping him off, she started for the temple.


As she reached there, her phone rang again and the man instructed her to enter the temple through the back entrance and so she did. As she waited there, she noticed a presence and turned to see that it was Jai Singh.


" YOU! You will tell me the truth? Why will I believe anything that comes out of your mouth?" She screamed.

He dragged her to an isolated room.


" I am not here for any truth you foolish girl. I am here to avenge my humiliation." He replied and threw her inside the room and locked the door from outside.


" Jai Singh, open the door. What are you doing?" She screamed, banging the door.


“ Aap, aap yahan kyakar rahi hai?” She heard the voice which she had begun to hate the most, Doctorsahab’s.


She closed her eyes to control her anger. She was in no mood to face a killer, a cheat, and a liar.


“ Maante hain kia ap Jaipur ke kuwar saa hain, par iska matlab yeh nahi hai ki aap iss sheher meinjo bhi aate hain ya rehete hain, unka hisab rakkhe. Aap apne kaam se kaam rakhiye.” She replied, without turning to him and started banging the door again.


“ You don’t understand. You cannot be here. This temple has banned the entry of unmarried women. Any unmarried woman who enters in here does not make it out alive.” He replied, exasperated, holding her by her shoulders and turning her towards him.


“ Leave me!” She wiggled free out of his hands.


“ Why don’t you understand? We need to get you out of here.” He whisper yelled.


“ Why are you so concerned doctor sahab? It will work out so smoothly for you if I am dead because only Vijay bhai and I know about what you did. Bauji will not let him do anything about it so that just leaves me. Once I am dead, your secret of being a murderer and a spineless man will be buried with me.” She screamed at him, breaking down.


“ Listen, stop dwelling on the past, and move on. Ramu kaka will be out of the jail in 3-4years.” Veer said, with the burden of a huge stone of his heart. He wanted to tell her that he was innocent, that he didn’t do anything but he loved hisRanisa too much for that, and today when the first time she addressed him as her beta, it became the happiest moment of his life. He couldn’t just let that go.


“ Are you even listening to yourself you jerk?” She screamed as she was crying.


“ Shh. Stop shouting. If the pandits hear you, they’ll kill you!” He whispered, dragging her up and pulled her closer to him as she tried to get out of his hold.


“ Dekhiye, door ho jayiye humse warna accha nahi hota.” She threatened him.


He said nothing, just pulled her to the curtains of the room, and made her hide behind them.


“ Stay here and don move at all.” He said as the door of the room opened.


“ Kunwar sa, who locked this door from outside?” A priest got in and asked.


“ I don’t know panditji, I tried calling for someone to open the door but no one did.” Veer lied smoothly.


“ Oh, but come on now, we need to complete the hawan. Did you wear the sacred thread around yourself?” He asked and Veer nodded and walked out with the priest.


Rani waited till both of them were gone and then came out and started walking out to the back entrance to escape but Jai Singh had closed the backway. She then tried to climb the wall to get out but two priests saw her.


“ Catch her! This girl has entered the temple despite being unmarried and is trying to escape.”One of them shouted. Before she could reach the top of the wall, two temple workers caught her.


“ How dare you enter this temple without being married? There is only one punishment for this heinous crime. Death.” One of the priests shouted. She was trying very hard to escape the clutches of the men but was failing miserably.


“ Let’s take her to the head priest.” The second priest shouted and she was dragged to the head priest in front of Veer who had just performed the havan.


“ Mahapanditji, this girl entered the temple somehow and was trying to escape when we caught her.


“ WHAT! How dare you girl? Now you’ll have to lose your life.” He was shaking with anger.


The priests held her and started trying to drag her.


“ Mahapanditji, please forgive her. She must have not known that she is not allowed to enter.”Veer tried to take the matter into his own hands.


“ Kunwar sa, I'd appreciate if you stay out of the temple matters. We do not tolerate disrespect towards our values and beliefs. This girl will be killed and established as an example so as to what happens if anyone tried to revalue our customs.” He roared and ordered the men to take her so that they could kill her.


Rani was still struggling to get out of the men’s grasp.


“ Leave me! I said leave me!” She screamed and struggled.


“ Girl, do not resist.It will only be painful for you.” The priest ordered her and she looked horrified. Were they really going to kill her?


“ Mahapanditji, you will end up in prison if you kill her.” Veer tried to scare the priest off.


“ I don’t care. I will happily go to jail.” He replied back and walked in the front. As Rani was being dragged, Veer held her hand and tried to pull her towards him.


“ Leave the girl. Leave her!” He shouted and the priests stop.


“ Kunwar sa! This is none of your business. Leave the girl.” The priest shouted again, coming forward.


“ It is my business. I will not let her be killed in front of my eyes. Now leave her. As your Kunwarsa, I order you to leave her.” He said in that typical Veer Pratap Rajawat style.


“ I am sorry Kunwarsa but I will not obey your order.” The priest replied.


And for the first time in her life, Rani felt hopeless. She stopped resisting. She didn’t feel like living. What difference would it make? She will never be able to prove her bauji’s innocence and her Pinkua will be so disappointed. She had promised him that their father would be out of jail soon but she failed. The girl who always got out of numbers in the school and diploma exams failed in the test that life threw at her.


“ Rehene dijiye doctorsaab, jaane dijiye.” These were the words that came out of her mouth. Out of habit, she still addressed Veer as doctor saab.


“ Aap paagal ho gayihain? Chup rahiye.” He shouted at her, giving her a deadly look.


“ Kya fark padta hai,jiyu yaa maru? Budbak sab ek jaisa hi toh hai.” She replied, closing her eyes.


Veer paid no heed to her and started fighting off the priests but soon got massively outnumbered and injured. The priests held him too.


As they started dragging Rani again, this time with no resistance from her side, Veer got angrier. With one last massive push left in him, he freed himself and ran towards Rani, filling her maang with his blood that dripped from his hands.


“ Ab yeh kunwari nahi, meri suhaagan patni hai, Rani Veer Pratap Rajawat.” He announced and Rani looked at him, giving him a blank look for a while.


“ Meri patni ko haath bhi nahi lagayiga.” He roared and the priests left Rani and he dragged her behind him.


Rani now realized the gravity of what had happened and angrily, freed herself from Veer.


“ How dare you? How dare you do what you did!? When I told you that it does not matter anymore tome, living or dying, who gave you the right to save me? Do this?” She screamed at Veer, pointing towards her forehead.


“ I did what I had to.” Was Veer’s answer. The priests gave them both a nasty look and walked away.


“ Rani, come with me.” Veer instructed her. Both of them were bleeding.


“ I will go nowhere with you! Aap ki patni banne se toh accha budbak hum mar hi jate!” She shouted and started walking away from him.


He caught her in no time.


“ Dekhiye, hosh mein aayiye aur chaliye mere saath.” He said, shaking her shoulders.


“ Aaj se pehele itne hosh mein hum kabhi bhi nahi the doctor saab. Aaj jab poora hosh sambhala haitoh jis duniya ko chauchak samajhte the, budbak ussi se aaj nafrat ho rahi hai.Jaane dijiye hume, humari jaan bach gayi, aap mahan ban gaye ab jaa ke Kiara jise shaadi kar lijiye.” She started walking away again.


This time, she didn’t find Veer next to her and was thankful. She will never be her wife. Never.


As she would have walked not more than 10 steps, she felt herself being picked up and shrieked a little. Veer had picked her up in bridal style.


“ Aapki himmat kaisehui? Aapko samajh nahi aa rha hai? Nafrat karte hain hum aapse. Nafrat. Put medown. RIGHT NOW!” Rani ordered him.


“ Aapko jitni nafrat karni hai, kar lijiye par ab aap meri patni hain, Rani Veer Pratap Rajawat aur ussi ke saath, zimmedari bhi.” He replied to her and continued walking without looking at her.


She started hitting him on his chest but he didn’t filch. Getting too much for her, not having a bite of food from the past two days and all the events that happened today, she slipped into darkness.


“ Hum aapki koi nahi lagti. Hume jaane dijiye.” She kept on muttering even while unconscious toVeer. He lied her down in the car’s backseat and did her first aid. Post that, he sprinkled a few water droplets on her face as she woke up again.


“ Enough is enough. I am leaving and you will not come after me. Go back to your home and marry Kiara. No one will know what happened here today and everything will go back to normal for you. Just leave me alone.” She screamed.


“ I know what has happened here today and that is enough. You are married to me and as far as Kiara is concerned, marrying her will be polygamy which is a crime for Hindus. Moreover, I have some principles in life.” Veer said, not realizing what he added in the end.


“ Doctor saab, do not talk about principles. It does not suit you. Killing people and then framing bauji is something a man of principle will never do.” She shouted at his double-faced approach.


“ Aap ko jitna chillana hai, aap chilla lijiye par ab hum ghar jaa rahe hain.” He said.


“ Nahi. Raj mahal aapja rahe hain, mai aapke saath kahi nahi jar ahi hoon.” She announced and walked out of the car and started walking to the bus stand.  Veer ran behind her because he could see how dizzy she was and as predicted, she fainted again, thankfully, hitting his chest and not the road.


He sighed, carrying her to the car, and instructed the driver to get home.


“ I wish I could tell you the truth, Rani.” He muttered to himself as Rani’s head rested on his thigh and he slowly and gently ran his fingers through her hair to soothe her pain.

Hey guys! This is the first chapter. I hope you like it. I will update the next chapter when I get 5 honest reviews on this one. Hope you see you soon. Bye!smiley27









Posted: 2 months ago

Very nice. but didn't  understand Hindi parts as I cannot understand Hindi. Pls continue. It's really nice. If possible add a translation  too. 

Posted: 2 months ago

Loveddd itt!!! 

Amazing chapter😍😍😍! 

Update soon! 

Posted: 2 months ago

Originally posted by caller123

Very nice. but didn't  understand Hindi parts as I cannot understand Hindi. Pls continue. It's really nice. If possible add a translation  too. 

Thanks! I'll edit it real soon and add translations!

Posted: 2 months ago

Originally posted by mahiii12

Thanks! I'll edit it real soon and add translations!

Thank you so muchsmiley31

Posted: 2 months ago

Originally posted by TunesOfHeart

Loveddd itt!!! 

Amazing chapter😍😍😍! 

Update soon! 

Thank you so much! As soon as I get 3 more reviews from 3 people, I'll update the next part the very next day!

Posted: 2 months ago

wow you're amazing loved itsmiley20smiley10smiley32

eagerly waiting for the next part

pls do continued soon and pls pm if possible 

Posted: 1 months ago

Nice part.pls continue soon

Apna Time Bhi Aayega 

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