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Posted: 11 months ago

Hello everyone smiley31... I'm here with a new story on Rosid is a short story only few chapters will be there ...well one special thing of this story is there is no villain in the story it's only about Rosid with full comedy ( I am trying to make it a comedy one let's see how it comes smiley39 ) .. hope you would like this concept smiley9...

So concept goes like Sid is a billionaire , on the way to home he came across a girl that's our Roli and fell in love with her at first sight .. when he was going to have a conversation with her till that time she went missing and as he doesn't know anything about her so this whole story is how Sid will find Roli and will confess his love ...❀️❀️

Will give character sketch in a while...........smiley41smiley40

Keep waiting smiley42 and till then give your reviews on the concept smiley2 ..

Posted: 11 months ago


RAJENDRA BHARADWAJ : King of business world ,works in different fields constructions , hotels , schools , health ministry and also a hand in fashion world .. number one business man of India and also known overseas too ..he is billionaire but doesn't have any type of ego , no attitude of Rich kind...he believes in simplicity and to spread love and happiness..most lovable person in the whole country , he had opened many schools for children in free and had given shelters to needy ..he is like a God for citizens , he is a respected personality all over the world....

He is a single parent of a boy and it's Siddhant ..his wife Sujatha Bharadwaj left this world after giving birth to Siddhant due to some complications and health issues..his whole world lies in his son Siddhant , he was both mother and father for him , he can do anything for Sid's smile ...he and Sid both are most likely as best friends , always plays around ....and both are naughty too...

SUJATHA BHARADWAJ : mother of Siddhant and loving wife of Rajendra..she was very sweet hearted woman and was orphan ... she couldn't get any education and proper shelter in her childhood so she wanted to give all those to others if possible so now after her Rajendra is fulfilling all her wishes by doing Charity work..she got complications while Sid's delivery and the situation was like only one can be saved and she choosed Siddhant over her ...she went leaving Sid but to console Sid Rajendra used to say that she is watching him from sun in the morning and by moon in the night so Sid always used to feel her in the brightness of sun and calmness of moon...

SIDDHANT BHARADWAJ : handsome young man , always with smile and cheerful , he wanted to be like his father ..he loves his father alot , his father is everything for him , without him he can't do anything.. he misses his mother but never told it openly to rajendra thinking he already is doing this much for him so he should not trouble more.. for everything he needs his father's guidance , his support ..a kind of Papa's boy can say..

RAKSHIT KHURANA : he is secretary of Rajendra .. everyone calls him RK , he is very punctual to his work and is very efficient too , he is rajendra's favorite employee but is disliked by Sid sometimes as he is extra sharp in his work ... always have a data of Sid's mischief or when, what he does so it's obvious for Sid to dislike him ...

ROLI : she's MD of construction company owned by her father ...very sweet and lovely .. she's an orphan , her family died in an accident so she's handling the company but her interest is not in it...she had opened her own NGO for the orphan kids which she wanted to and she too lives in it after her family's death leaving her empire ...she loves to be simple and find happiness in small silly things which others think Rich people won't do..

Ok so here's the CS tell me how is it till then let me write first chapter " HER FIRST LOOK " ...will give it by evening ... hopefully 🀞🏻🀞🏻

Posted: 11 months ago

Interesting concept... Character sketch was super.... Eagerly waiting for rosid meet.... 

Posted: 11 months ago

Originally posted by Soujanya_ROSID

Interesting concept... Character sketch was super.... Eagerly waiting for rosid meet.... 

Writing di... will give by tomorrow evening pakka ✌🏻✌🏻

Posted: 11 months ago

Interesting concept πŸ˜€πŸ˜€and CS was also awesome eagerly waiting for updates smiley42smiley42smiley42

Posted: 11 months ago

I loved your surprise β™₯️..

Amazing Concept and CS πŸ‘ŒπŸ‘Œ

β€œso Sid always used to feel her in the brightness of sun and calmness of moon...” I loved this line😍

All the best πŸ‘

Eagerly waiting for the story smiley42....

Posted: 11 months ago

Loved it eagerly waiting for the next 

Posted: 11 months ago

This is amazing waiting for it.

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