16 Years Of Kunal Karan Kapoor

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Posted: 5 months ago

16 Years of Kunal Karan Kapoor. An inspirational and beautiful journey of a very talented, humble and versatile artist.

We often hear fans sharing their love and admiration for Kunal Karan Kapoor. Writers describing his talent in the most beautiful way and poet connecting with his passion for his craft. Creative people being inspired by his incredible ability to express which bring out the best in them.
Kunal Karan Kapoor has made a lasting impact on many of his fans’ lives. Inspired and motivated them, one way or another. He brought some happiness, peace and contentment in their lives. Many fans connect with him on a much deeper level which can’t be expressed just in words. It’s an emotion, respect, admiration, care and love for him.

Have you ever wondered what people who Kunal Karan Kapoor has worked with, has to say about him? People who spend 14-16 hectic hours with him?
To mention a few, then they describe him as: A very intelligent, brilliant and a versatile actor. Who improvise and is passionate, Humourist, sensitive, fun-loving, down to earth, humble, dedicated, genuine, enthusiastic, soft spoken and extremely hard-working.


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Posted: 5 months ago

2004- 2008 Kunal Karan Kapoor appeared in two cult, very popular youth Tv shows, “Remix” and “Left Right Left”. As Varun a stammering young man and Yudi as an enthusiastic cadet.
Here what co-actors Sourabh Raaj Jain, Lalit Partimoo and Gazal Rai, director Iqbaal Rizzvi and Anshuman Kishore Singh has to say about their experience working with Kunal Karan Kapoor.






2008-2009 Kunal Karan Kapoor appeared in some popular shows. Monty a character with grey shades in “Meet Mila De Rabba”, Sukhi as a Robin Hood kind of character in “Maayka Zindagi Bhar Ka” and as Angad, a goon in “Mann Ki Awaaz Pratigya”. 

Kunal Karan Kapoor was nominated for Star Parivaar Awards in the category of “Favourite Dushman” in year 2010 for his villain character Angad Yadav.

Dubey Aamrapali and Kunal Madhiwalla has this to say about Kunal K Kapoor and Vinay Rajput has a very sweet message for him.




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2009-2013 Kunal Karan Kapoor did a cameo in “Rishton Se Badi Pratha” as Sukhi Singh. A modern and happy-go-lucky punjabi guy.

After a break Kunal Karan Kapoor was back as the lead character Mohan Bhatnagar in “Na Bole Tum Na Maine Kuch Kaha”. 

A Tv-Show which is timeless and still to date is loved and watched. Kunal K Kapoor Solely took the show’s responsibility and made it extraordinarily successful. He set the benchmark with his remarkable performance which is unparalleled till date. 

Kunal Karan Kapoor has himself attributed the ‘Arrey yaar’, 'Yeh Chawanni’ and 'Sun na’ which he used while portraying the character Mohan Bhatnagar. These phrases became very popular and many fans started using them in their conversations.




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2013 Kunal Karan Kapoor recorded a nazm for his tv show "Na bole tum na maine kuch kaha".
January 2013 “Na bole tum na maine kuch kaha” season 2 first promo was shoot by Kunal Karan Kapoor from his trip in Ladakh.

Kunal Karan Kapoor was featured in a leading magazine India Today Travel Plus in March 2013 edition. In which he tried his hand on writing. 

2014 Kunal Karan Kapoor went to Khyber in Gulmarg to review a spa for the popular magazine. 



“Travel is not about escaping life, but for life not to escape you. You find a part of yourself and leave a part of yourself there.” Kunal Karan Kapoor


If you visit Kunal K Kapoor’s instagram you will get inspired by his passion for traveling and photography. As followers you visit places along with him, and see places and things through his artistic eyes, through his camera’s lens. Kunal Karan Kapoor is a brilliant photographer. He sees the beauty and knows how to capture the unforgettable moments. 

“The name Kunal actually means; One who sees beauty in everything. Photography is something that; let me see beauty in everything. Everywhere I go.” - Kunal Karan Kapoor



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2013-2016 In “Na Bole Tum Na Maine Kuch Kaha” you saw Kunal Karan Kapoor transforming phenomenal from Mohan to Vasu. He created Vasu, moulding him from scene to scene. Vasu was a raw and a power-packed character with a completely distinctive story and relationships. The entry of Vasu gain the Tv Show a whole new fan following. 

After one and a half years break Kunal K Kapoor was back in the skin of Shaurya Urmi Sinha an ideal son, and then came his Music Video “Adda”. 

“I would want to do a good story which connects with the audiences.” - Kunal Karan Kapoor  

Kunal K Kapoor chooses stories that gives you a slice of life. He is an artist who lends soul to his performances. The way he give varied dimensions to the characters he portrays is indescribable. 

Kunal K Kapoor never leave you with feeling hollow – he always fills you up with the most intense and real emotions, and his performance leave a lasting impact for hours and days.

A very beautiful message from Bharati Patil and get to know a little more about Kunal K Kapoor through Rajesh Balwani video message.






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2018-2020 Kunal Karan Kapoor did a beautiful ad which went viral. The beautiful way he portrayed a mute and deaf, first time-father was a treat to watch. He totally nailed the emotions, fear and happiness, which is involved as first time parents. 

Around same time Kunal Karan Kapoor’s short movie “Bhindi” in which he lend his voice also saw the light. Honestly speaking I did not recognize his voice first hand. Amazing the way he match his voice with the character on screen.

Then came Inspector Krishna. It was refreshing to watch Kunal K Kapoor portray a tough and intense inspector with an attitude and grey shades. Hat of to him for in short period of time, with conviction, take his character through a roller coaster of emotions. No other artist would have been able to pull that off so convincely. 


The way Kunal Karan Kapoor sees life is something that has inspired many of his fans. Where many of us was just existing, same routines, worrying about the future and what people may and may not think about us. We learned to relax a little, live in the now, make traveling to different places a part of our bucket list. We start living….

Kunal K Kapoor may not have any idea but his travel photography and captions inspires us. We look forward to them and I am sure he has tons of great pictures, which we haven’t seen yet. Hope he will be posting throwback travel pictures soon ❤️ 

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February 2020 Kunal Karan Kapoor shoot and edited videos for Sisterhood Soiree Edition 2 - Goa 2020. Kunal Karan Kapoor has worked with Submerge in the past and shoot and edited videos for them.

April 2020 Kunal Karan Kapoor entered web space with Vootselect "The Raikar Case" as Mohit Naik Raikar. A layered and very complex character. 

The way Kunal Karan Kapoor told Mohit’s story, even though he had very limited screen time, through his eyes and body language, is commendable. Kunal Karan Kapoor once again, left a huge impact.  

It unbelievable the variety of expressions and emotions he bring out in one single shot. He takes you by surprise. The control he has over his performance. Admirable and awe-inspiring! 

He is beautiful and art in motion!

Here what Kunal Karan Kapoor’s co-stars and content Creator On Voot Select Anup Kadam and director Aditya Sarpotdar has to say.






Diyar Kunal Karan Kapoor sar dhanyavaad aapaka, aapake saath kaam karake bahut achchha laga yah anubhav mere lie hamesha yaadagaar rahega . Aapake vyaktitv ne mujhe behad prabhaavit kiya hai main aabhaar vyakt karata hoon aapaka aur aapake ujjval bhavishy ke lie ishvar se praathana karata hoon dheron shubhakaamanaen meree aur se . ❤ - Ravi Singh
Dear @kunalkarankapoor Sir Thank you, very nice working with you, this experience will always be memorable for me.
Your personality has impressed me. I express my gratitude to you and God for your bright future. Many best wishes to me.

Kunal K Kapoor happy 16th anniversary and many many more to come. It’s just the beginning. Many more milestone to achieve and so much more to explore. 

THANK YOU for being an inspiration in so many ways. Thank you…for being you. We love you a lot and we will always be here supporting you in every step of the way. Sending you lots of love, best wishes and a big tight hug. May God bless you and keep you and your love ones safe, happy and in peace. May you achieve everything which you aim for ❤️

PS: Waiting for your autobiography ❤️


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Kunal Karan Kapoor Web Series 

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