IF Development Team & their Chamber of Secrets #5

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Posted: 17 days ago


Sam: And and and, welcome back everyone in the....

*ruffles up sheets*

Tanu *eyeroll* : Haaye rabba, isiliye I’d told, pagli, prepare karle prepare karle. Be a little organized and you know, have a strong prep game, the best example being the newest DT on the garam seat.

Sam (waiting for Tanu to end her glorious speech): Haa ab bolu main? I was checking Parm's full...

Tanu: Eeeeeesh, kudiye aise nahi bolna tha! I’d prepared an intro flow. SCRIPT naam ki koi cheez hai ke nahi!

Sam: Don’t kudiye me! You mailed me the wrong script version

Tanu: Did I? Or Bilka did?

Sam (faints imagining a cat at work)

Parm, meanwhile, getting bored at the backstage peeps out to check if things are alright.

Tanu: So ladies and gentlemen, welcoming the DT in Spotlight, PARM aka WildestDreams!

Parm, stunned by her name being announced, trips over the mic cable and is about to fall when two strong arms catch her.

Parm, with her eyes closed was dreaming of who must’ve caught her. Maybe it’s...

*Kiska hai yeh tumko intezaar Main Hoon Na*

Parm opened her eyes and was a little disappointed to see SRK.

Parm: Uh, okay. 

Straightened her dress.

Sam (meanwhile getting up after coconut water was splashed on her face but still dizzy): Aasmaan se nikalke khajoor mein kyu atakte hain?

Parm: Kyuki you want something hard to land on after falling from sky!🤷🏼‍♀‍😂

After getting dirty looks by Tanu for not sticking to the script,

Sam: Abhi season hai Big Boss ka, so next question hai glam and gloss ka! If locked in Big Boss house, which characters would you like as your inmates? Except Lucifer

Parm: Not fair! Luci would be such a cool inmate!🤩 He will play the role of the host!

From book’s world Jesse Ward, Joe Callahan and Ian Taggart!😍

Felicity Meghan Smoak, Meenamma , Maya Mehrotra and Khushi Kumari Gupta as my crazy lady gang!

Tanu: We all know what a hot mix of desi and videsi are you. So, are you a Punjaban or Italian at heart?

Parm: Haye...such a tough Q!🥺 

Italian by heart, Punjaban by soul!

Sam: Talking of Italian, the only thing I can imagine is food.

Bilka claps from the audience and appreciates Sam who winks back.

Sam: Which cuisine do you prefer? 

Parm: Indian and Italian!

Sam: Yo bro! So Parm, we know how oily Indian food is, so ways to cope up with extra calories like butter?

Parm: There is a God given way which is been intolerant to butter. Otherwise avoid as much as possible extra calories like butter! Not healthy for you and your veins to spread a big dose of butter on your bread daily! 🙂 Choose margarine, ghee or olive oil for cooking!

Tanu: Now that we are done with basic stuff, including food, let’s get on with the moderation section

Experience of handling BWF?

Parm: Puch mat pagli, yeh toh bas shuruaat hai.. Ab aagey aagey dekhte hai kya kya hota hai.

Sam: Do you mean, bass kar pagle itna bhi rota hai kya...

Tanu *coughs*

Tanu: Dream co DT?

Parm: First stint mein Aahaana and now Koeli and Billi.Cat. The best mentors ever when you start moderating.

Sam (getting emotional on having Tanu as her mentor too. Bilka tossing up tissues from the audience)

Sam: What changes do you find between your first n second stint as a DT member.

Parm: Feels like two different eras! I was so young back then.🤧 Now I am more mature! 

Tanu: One forum you've dreamt to moderate (can be old also)


Sam: What would you prefer? Gaining access to Appy's account or the Admins account for a day? 

Parm: Admins account all the way!🙈😂

Sam: What would you do if you get the access to both accounts for a day each?

Parm: From Appy’s account, I’d only one thing: check FFE place😜

From Admin’s account, I’d like to do improve many features but you can’t do much in one day!

Tanu: Why do you call Appy as M?

Parm: It’s a long story that started years back. with Shifs, Ravz, Gur, Mango, Rosh and others. We addressed each other with silly nicknames, a family tree was made and voila...Appy was my Mommy and I her Beti!

Sam: When you joined KZK2 forum,  one thing that shocked you the most?

Parm: Baarish ki report that happened daily!

Sam (in dreamland): Iss dard-e-dil ki sifaarish

Ab kar de koi yahaan

Ke mil jaaye ise woh baarish

Jo bhiga de poori tarah....

Tanu shooting arrows at her aankhon hi aankhon mein.

Sam (sweet anger): Who is the strictest DT out of the two Tanu or Appy?

Parm: 😶😶😶😶 Both! *runs away*

Tanu: Are ruk meri jaan, what bribe you would take to name Appy as the strictest DT

Parm: First tell me who will pay the bribe!😈

Sam: Now coming to my favorite segment, hum aapke hai woh! Aka, yeh ya woh rapid fire!

Coffee or Tea 

Coffee of course

Pasta or Butter chicken 

Pasta. Because I don’t like Butter Chicken🤣 Chicken Tikka thou🤤🤤

Sleeping or Reading book  

Reading a book all the way! Who needs sleep?😂

KZK2 or  BWF 


 Cat or Dog 

I am Dog person definitely!

If kuch kuch hota has a remake will it be called bohat kuch hota hai?  

Nope! Makers will add 2 in the end! Lazyness zindabad!🤣

Do you think if the wright brothers did not invent airplane, they would have been called wrong brothers? 

Wrong! They’d have been the Forgotten brothers!

If Apple a day keeps doctor away, does the spouses of doctors never eat apple? 

Not likely. All ailments cannot be cured by an apple alone!

Why is the song lyrics crazy Kia re and not crazy toyota re 

Awww...Why this bias? Crazy Nissan Re kyu nahi!😢😂

If Ranjha’s sister has a son would he name him bhanja

Yes technically. Ranjha mama can call his sister’s son Bhanja😂😂

Sam (out of breath)

Tanu: Thanks for being such a great sport Parm! We’ve a surprise for you.

SRK appears again and Parm is disappointed cum not so impressed. 

Tries her best to smile cordially.

SRK scratches his face weirdly and then pulls off the mask.

It’s none other than....


HR: Le liya na Don 2 ka badla! Hahaha!

Parm with watery eyes runs to hug him and makes sure not to trip this time. Not that she would mind the trip fall catch. But she had to get there before Sam did.


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Posted: 12 days ago

hilarious write up

Congrats parmesan cheese on the hot seat. may u get grilled like a cheese sandwich

ermm parm, there is nothing interesting in FFE sectionsmiley37

what bribe you would take to name Appy as the strictest DT

haww tanu u do realize u r offering bribe to parm to call her mom strict?!smiley3smiley37

Edited by Leenaaa - 12 days ago
Posted: 12 days ago

congratulations B....

Loved your answers....

Thanks for the mention <3

Edited by Koeli - 7 days ago
Posted: 12 days ago

Congratulations Parmsmiley40smiley40smiley41smiley41

Wonderfully funny write upsmiley36

Posted: 12 days ago

This was fun smiley36.

Especially Bilka sitting in the audience smiley37

And Bilka at work sending script


I feel so good seeing DTs who want to come over and moderate IPK forum despite the terror it was back in those days smiley36.

Par ab sudhar gaya hai. It's a peaceful place now... maybe you can visit it ainvai, if not as a Mod smiley2.

Thank you for bringing the Chamber of Secrets back after a bit of gap. smiley10



Edited by ssttuuttii - 12 days ago
Posted: 12 days ago

Parm Di 😍😍smiley31

Amazing write up guys 🤣🤣

Felicity Smoak, Maya Mehrotra and Khushi Kumari Gupta all together is just 🤓🤓

Will be back with my sets of questions soon 😎😎

Posted: 12 days ago

Congratulations Parm. Wintertime, enjoy the hot seat most, be cozy and comfortable! smiley31

Hmn... Tanu and Sam are in tandem every time they were on the verge of making a person sit on a hot seat! Happy seeing Bilka too associated with them this time!  

Wonderful write up friends.  smiley27smiley27

Posted: 12 days ago


Is here to wish


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