Why Kavita kaushik was unnecessarily rude with Eijaz Yesterday?

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Posted: 2 years ago

Yesterday found this so much weird . The way kavita was talking with eijaz it was super rude. when kavita came eijaz was so excited to see him..he told- mere do kidney bapas ayee hain. but after coming Kavita is now demotivating him continuously . like pavjaz ka jhanda garna unnecessarily .. chalo i understand makers bol dia .. yesterday eijaz was simply suggesting bathroom and bartan ek sath heavy duty but the way she reacted badly and also told mujhe kisi aur ko bahar nikal na tha but mein kam kay bajase apko nikala.. iske baad eijaz told ok i wont repeat again. .phirbhi she was unnecessarily screaming again n continuing to be  rude with him.

then after the bathroom products fiasco eijaz was completely right abou wasting things. but captain madam wash room pe jakee was demoralizing eijaz why he told this ..bla bla.. also told him grow up..kyu ? being a captain you should support eijaz strongly cos this was necessary to stop wasting bathroom product..ulta jake eijaz pe dictating .. 

Kavita is playing her game no problem , she has full right..but iska matlab yeah nehi apne dost ko iss tarase demotivate karo when someone stood for right. the way she was behaving , iske baad eijaz agar give it back bhi karee toh bhi i wont wonder..

no dosto here, high time eijaz should understand now.. 

and after watching 2 days i have found Kavita is simply overrated...

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Posted: 2 years ago

Madam Ji Footage ki Bhukhi h smiley36

Posted: 2 years ago

I find Kavitha pretty harsh in general. She's rude to Shardul , Eijaz for no good reason. Matlab let people talk , she just keeps speaking over other people until they eventually shut up. 

Posted: 2 years ago

I don't like her much yet but I didn't think she was wrong with Eijaz. He did the stuff there was no need to broadcast. And they're all celebrities, saying the free thing was unnecessary.  She was right, he needs to grow up. 

Posted: 2 years ago

I think her telling Eijaz to grow up was right. He was talking about something else something to do with asking seeking approval these are the flaws inhis personality he needs to work on at his big age he should be doing that 

Posted: 2 years ago

She is attention seeker. She was rude to Shardul and Eijaz without any reason. 

Posted: 2 years ago

I also posted the same topic yesterday regarding ejaz .. kavita was screaming and abhinav rubina were watching now today there will be fight between rubinav n kavita..

Its true the way she is ordering is tooo rude

Posted: 2 years ago

She was cashing on her favour too early & even BB didn’t like it. She told Eijaz “I didn’t save you bcoz you are my friend, I saved you Bcoz you can do extra work” how mean was that.

Then she resorted to an antique act against Shardul & was behaving as if she already won the trophy, she was flying so high.

But moments later, when she found out that her captaincy is about to go; she went up to Eijaz to give up captaincy on her favour bcoz she’s his friend bla bla.

That was an idea from fertile brain (Due to excess Gobar) of Rubina. “You can convince Eijaz, if he gives up then you have no competition & red zone can’t do anything”. But that attempt actually destroyed whatever Kavita earned in two days smiley36

Kavita Kaushik Bigg Boss 14 

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