IF Development Team and the Chamber of Secrets #4

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Posted: 1 months ago


Tanu: Yellowww Yellow smiley41

Sam:  dirty fellowsmiley22 * mumbles*

Tanu: Haaaw Thod diyaaaa dil  smiley38 kidney thod deti.. at least I have two kidneys smiley38




control Tanu Controllll

Tanu:  okay using both of the controls in my keyboard right now. smiley41


Sam: Can someone save me from this torture? 


Tanu: You make it sound like you are Anastasia Steele from 50 shades of greysmiley37



I wanna write a book on everything Tanu did to me . 


Tanu: Maybe you should just publish our chatsmiley24

Sam: ....

Uhhh stop distracting me.. We have to introduce our guest. 

Our guest is a very talented DT

Tanu: Yes 

Sam: Our guest is dancer, singer, artist 

Tanu: Yes 

Sam: Our guest plays ukulele 

Tanu: Yes 

Sam: smiley22 I knew it you stopped paying attention the moment I started introducing our guest. 

Tanu: Yes .. Uh what? 

Sam: .. I am gonna ignore Tanu for my own sanity.. so our guest is a DT loved by so many members. She is quite famous for ..

Tanu: Akash bhai 


Sam: She is famous for Akash bhai too but I was gonna say she is famous for her FFs. 

Wait what sort of dance is that.. NVM ignore I ever asked...

Tanu: I can explain

Sam: NOOO I dont wanna know. 

Tanu: Okay I wont tell you its the sea dance done by sea shells when she sells sea shells on a sea shore. 


Sam: Thank you for not telling mesmiley22

Tanu: you are welcome. 💁🏻‍♀️ We have Happy here with us today. 

Sam: Its APPY. Who is Happy?.. 

Tanu: Happy Appy is Happy and sad Appy is Sapp..


Appy: Hey guys.. I am done waiting outside.. so I am here smiley22

Sam: HEYYY APPYYY smiley31smiley31

Tanu: Akash bhai smiley31smiley31

Appy: A-a-kash Bhai.. Not here too Oh god. smiley22

Tanu: Lets ask her questions now smiley41

Sam: So Appy, How did you land on IF? The first forum you moderated? 

Appy: I was searching something on ipkknd.. then suddenly the forum showed up on google... I happened to crash land then. A/S was my first forum smiley27

Tanu: Did you break any bones while you crash landed or no? 

Sam: Control Sam control. Dont kill the cat. 


Next question: Who was Anurag married to? Prerna or Komalika? Or both or none. Please justify your answer with reference.

Appy: Ekta Kapoor is not married baki mujhe nahi pata baba!

Tanu: The correct answer is Anurag and bajaj were married. They went behind Prerna and got married. Everyone saw the love triangle but no one saw the gay-angle. 


Appy: now that I think about it.. smiley24

Sam: Whom are you closer to, Geet of JWM or Rani or movie Queen? 

Tanu: WAIT is this distance wise or relation wise smiley24

Sam: Ignore Appy ignore. 


None actually coz they are all Fictional Characters agar behen hote to pyaar aata shayad par that to depends kaun mera ghar ka kaam mein haath batata.

(I am closer to Appy from IF I guess)

Tanu: Appy is close to Appysmiley24




Appy: I am going to smack you both. smiley22

Tanu: Chana she is a S..Shooter too. Lets not take her threats lightly. 

Sam: Yes* shudders*

Tanu: How would you respond to a person who you are not fond of, if they try to interact with you?

Appy: I would try to know them more to not like them further maybe...

Sam: If given a chance to change one thing about you, what would it be? 


Nothing... meye to khud ki favourite hoon...

(Tbh, I would rather not be so compassionate. People take advantage of that)

Sam: Now you have to answer in One word/One phrase.

Tanu: Okay 

Appy: not you, me smiley22

Tanu: Yes yousmiley37

Sam: If you're made GM for a day, what rule would you make or change? 

Appy: Waah! Mera question mereko chepa? I would make admin ji grant all our DT demands. 

Tanu: If you wake up in Barun's house, what would your reaction be? 

Appy: I would play with his daughter ❤️

Tanu: kidnapping case me barun will sent you to jail smiley37

Appy: smiley22

Sam: If you had power to shrink anything and keep it with you all the time, what would it be and why? 

Appy: Nothing actually coz I store everything in my memory. They all have the right place to be.

Sam: If you could speak only one word for the entire day, which word would it be? 

Appy: “Kuch bhi?”

Tanu: Wahi kuch bhi smiley22smiley37

Sam: Lets play Would you rather game

Tanu:Would you rather work alone or as a team? 

Appy:Depends on type of work. I am comfortable with both.

Sam: Would you rather age neck up or neck down? 

Appy: Would rather remain young at heart.

Sam: Would you rather create history or delete some part of the history? 

Appy: Create one. Past is past and I prefer living in present.

Sam: Would you rather live in the past or predict the future? 

Appy: Live in present.

Sam: You have been part of different groups in IF, from CC to FFG to FFE to Coolbie and ultimately Viewbie, how was your journey? Please share a  memory of your journey as part of each group.

Appy: I was damn excited when I was chosen as a cc. That is the team I love and always wanted to be a part of it. It was really tough that time to get through cc. FFG was again very special because I always kinda followed Nabila (18shabbo) when it comes to creativity. So I wanted to work with her and learn so I applied FFG but then the year I joined she left :( FFE was a different ball game. I was offered directly to lead FFE because I really wanted the admin to develop FF site. I would be honestly that I joined coolbie because I aspired to become a DT finally. But that never happened and eventually I left it after 3 years because of other personal commitment. Uske baad Ekdom Jyoti06 contacted me and asked me whether I am interested to join DT. I told her that it is possible only on one conduction that I get to keep CC. Because during our time but CC and DT position was not possible. Yup so that’s it.

Sam: Your thought on friendship on IF.

Appy: Oh I have got so many great friends on IF. Unlike other social media platform IF has few genuine members. GoGreen (sumu) Blackparadise (pari) used to be my very first friends. Sumu became a good friend later and we are still in touch. Nabz, Zoah, D came next... they are absolutely amazing. Nidhi is my jaan and I know I am hers too even though she doesn’t give me patta. Manisha, I fail to describe her as she always leaves me spell bound with that compassion and love. Not many of you know but Ankita (WZ) has become a great friend of mine. I absolutely cherish our friendship. We became friends in the most odd time. Such an unconditional friend she is. Kank, Jot, Tanu, Leena, Erum...all has been great. 

Tanu: Appy 10 points pura ka pura for the essay smiley37

Sam: Lets move on to Rapid fire questions

does vampires say tum mujhe khoon do mai tumhe azadi dunga? 

Appy:  Rephrase: tum mujhe khoon do mai tumhe fang dunga? 

Tanu: if we give khan already phir fang kyu dega .. badi immoral vampire hai smiley22

Sam: in song ghum hai kisi k pyaar me which gum are they referring to, Fevicol or superglue 

Appy:  Tanu ka popat yaad ata hai... one day I had called her and she is like woh jo serial aa raha hai gaam hai kisike pyar mein... I am like it’s Gaun hai kisike pyaar mein.

They are referring to chewing gum... you can do lot of stuffs with that.

Tanu: ye sabko batana zaroori tha kya gum hai bola tha maine smiley37smiley37 

Sam: why are neembu mirchi used to nazar utharna and not bamboo and neembu 

Appy:  Because bamboo is costlier than Mirchi. 

Sam: if I feed eggs to hen would it be cannibalism? 

Appy:  why would you feed murgi an anda? There are so many other things to feed. Btw... I read caramelisation first... I am like yeh kaisa question hai?

Tanu: Caramélisationsmiley37


Tanu: in Devdas, dev says “ kaun kambakht hai jo bardash karne k lye peeta hai, mai toh peeta hoon ke bas saans le sakoon.” Is SRK referring to drinking cough syrup or his asthma medicines?

Appy:  I think he is talking about drinking piss... apparently it increases ones longevity. 



Tanu:In ulta chor kotwal ko daate; why is the chor ulta?

Appy:  coz chor is yoga freak. He loves shirshashana

Tanu: Nahi chor insaan hi galat hai isliye hes ulta not seedha smiley37smiley37 

Appy: It is my rapid fire round so my answer is the final answer 😤

Tanu: Okay 😤



We will be back next week with another guest. Please roast Appy till then smiley37smiley37


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Posted: 1 months ago

Ab aayega maza smiley15

Tanu n Sam what a hilarious threadsmiley37smiley37

Posted: 1 months ago

Tha k you guys for roasting my *beep*

Pata nahi kya sakoon milta hai tumlog ko waise roast karne mein... smiley22

Tanu I am disappointed you didn’t add Akash Bhai ka surname... 😭
@sam never mind she calls her lappy, Appy and sometimes Pappu... 

Waise chor Thor kabse ban gaya? smiley23

Posted: 1 months ago

Originally posted by braveheartdoc

Ab aayega maza smiley15

Tanu n Sam what a hilarious threadsmiley37smiley37

roast her well Moneysmiley37smiley37

Posted: 1 months ago

Originally posted by Koeli

Tha k you guys for roasting my *beep*

Pata nahi kya sakoon milta hai tumlog ko waise roast karne mein... smiley22

Tanu I am disappointed you didn’t add Akash Bhai ka surname... 😭
@sam never mind she calls her lappy, Appy and sometimes Pappu... 

Waise chor Thor kabse ban gaya? smiley23

maza ajata hai smiley37

Akash das Gupta ji smiley16smiley37


Posted: 1 months ago

Originally posted by BilliCat.

maza ajata hai smiley37

Akash das Gupta ji smiley16smiley37


finally you took the right name smiley23

Posted: 1 months ago


Ankie is now getting emotional she will reply later

Thanks for your constant support in every thing ❤️❤️❤️

Posted: 1 months ago

Oho its Appy, smiley31, Congratulations dear on the hot seat, enjoy getting grilled...smiley37

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