One week journey with GHKKPM | Personal Review

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Posted: 1 months ago

I would say compared to this Kusum Dola is BORING.

Ghum is a very entertaining show and i am quite enjoying it. The only scene that i avoided or skipped scenes is of that Jagtap. Other than that, i am enjoying every bit of this show.

All the characters are very well written till now. Sai, Pakhi and Virat are the most three well written characters. Sai is a headstrong and ambitious girl whereas Virat is a dutiful police officer but here unlike the bengali version, he is a charming guy. Pakhi aka Patralekha is a very interesting character.

The show is very colorful and pink in terms of execution and cinematography. Every bgm is very pleasing to hear. The sounds, the camera work and the dramatic story's fast moving pace is really commendable. I am quite impressed by the first week and best part was through the entire week all the 6 episodes were of 30 mins long.

Overall i would like to rate this show (7/10). 😄

Posted: 1 months ago

I started watching it for Neil. The female leads seemed very uninteresting to me.

The Good:

1. Neil's acting. Even though it's just been a week, he's shown a range of emotions and pulled off each one convincingly.

2. The casting minus Sai and Pakhi. The whole Maharashtrian backdrop has been done to excellence. I was skeptical because you know how SP is. They completely messed up Tamilian characters and their families' portrayal in YHC and YHM. But Ghum has done this so well. The authentic Marathi spoken by the characters don't seem forced or fake at all. 

3. Virat Chavan, Sai Joshi and Patralekha Mohite Patil : As you said, these three characters are extremely interesting. Sai, I think, has to be the most layered one till now. She's not a one-note character which is great, considering she's so young. Pakhi seems quite headstrong and I hope she remains that way. While Virat seems to be a refreshing change from the egoistic, brash kind of male characters, I think there's the danger of him becoming too good to be true. I hope they make him more realistic.

The Bad:

1. Storyline: They promoted the show in a PYAAR vs FARZ way but the pyaar storyline is looking so weak. Ek din ka pyar pyar nahin hota. I was hoping for a deeper connection between Virat and Pakhi. Moreover, the phone falling out of the car was a bit too ridiculous.

2. Actresses playing Sai and Pakhi: Maybe it's too early but I found them to be weak actresses, especially Sai. She's been given good material but so far hasn't done justice to it. I hope they improve with time.

3. Leads chemistry: Again, may be too early but I don't envisage any crackling chemistry between the two pairs. Neil is a superior actor and they have to work a lot to match up to him.

I hope the show remains sane and doesn't go down the usual SP route.

Posted: 1 months ago

I am back to Hindi shows after a long hiatus and show looks promising if executed well . Loving Neil as Virat already . FLs are okayish . I liked the story of pakhi and Virat but it was very fast . Like in just a day how can someone develop such a deep bond?  Looked more like an attraction phase . So if Virat decides to not have any feelings for his wife for this reason it will be too superficial . I wonder if in the Bengali version was also the same ? 

Overall I liked the story in sai’s home town more because it had less joint family drama unlike Virat’s house . Virat’s kakhi is very annoying character and I don’t understand why so much screen space is devoted to her .

overall the story has lot of potential . I hope they keep the focus on Virat’s life as ACP, Virat and sai ‘s feelings for each other more than family drama . I hope Virat and Sai stay in sai’s hometown more than Virat’s house 

Overall first week was impressive and had a good pace . 


Ghum Hai Kisikey Pyaar Meiin 

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