My Story #1 - Simply Love

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Posted: 1 months ago

Part 1: On the Streets

A beautiful black colour Mercedes Benz car is moving fast on the roads. It crosses everyone within seconds. A guy in blue jeans and red T-shirt is walking on the platform. The car crosses him, he looks at the car with a sad expression. Then he continues walking. He walks into a small lane. He enquires something to an old man. He shows a direction to the guy. The guy thanks him and continues walking towards the shown direction. There were many houses in the area, some were big and some were small. He walks to a medium sized house. It has more than 3 small narrow houses. A lady was sitting there. The guy walks towards the lady. He: I heard that I can get a house for rent here. Lady: yes, you can. How many people? He: Only me Lady: Bachelor? He: yes [he nods] Lady: There is only one room and kitchen. Is that okay? He nods OK. Lady: I have certain conditions, you shouldn't bring anyone home. You should come back home before 11pm, otherwise I will lock the gate. If you are okay with these, tell me, I will give you my house for rent. He: I agree. Lady: Okay, the advance is Rs.8000, rent is Rs. 2500. He takes his wallet, checks for money. There was only Rs. 10000. He: Shall I give only advance now ? Lady: Ya, that's fine. Today is 1st day of month, you should pay the rent within 10th, every month. He agrees and gives Rs.8000 to her. Lady calls a small boy.Lady: Hey Raghu, bring the upper storey's room key. The small boy comes with the room key. The lady asks the guy to follow her. She walks upstairs. He follows her. There was only one small room, near that, a small tank & bathroom. The lady opens the room. The room was full of dust. There were a cot, and 2 chairs in the front room and the small table in the kitchen. The guy looks all around. Lady: As this room was closed for many days, it's in this condition. Do the cleaning works, then bring your luggages and other things. He: I don't have any things aunty. Lady: You can use the things over here, if you need. Otherwise throw it out there. He nods Ok. Lady: Water will coming in the taps, there is bathroom on the outside. If you need things for cleaning now, I can give you those. He: Yes, please give me. Lady: okay, I will give those to Raghu, he will give those to you. The lady goes down. Within few minutes Raghu comes up with broom & mop, bucket & mug. The guy thanks him. He goes from there. The guy cleans the house and arranges everything properly. Now the place looks very neat. He then looks at his wallet, it had only rs.2000. He thinks, “I don't have money, not even clothes or any other household things, or not even grocery things. So I must try for an part time job.[I didn’t give the intro of the guy. The guy's name is Rithik. He is 28 years old. Other details will be revealed later]Next day, after trying job in many places, he finally gets a job in a Pizza shop as a delivery boy, with a salary of Rs.9000. He was satisfied as he got the job. He then buys 3 sets of dress for himself and few things for home. Rithik was a fun-loving and charming guy. Within a month, he became a well-known person for everyone working in Pizza shop and also became friendly with the house owners and few neighbours. He paid the house rent properly every month. Days passed on like this, he was very happy. He learned cooking, but did not become an expert yet. One day, Rithik was going for pizza delivery. He reached the house 5 mins late due to traffic. He rings the doorbell of the house. A lady opens the door. Rithik: ma’am, pizza delivery.Lady looks confused: I didn't order any pizza. Rithik checks the address: but this is the address given in the order. Lady gets angry and starts shouting: I am telling you that I didn't order anything, don't you understand that? Rithik: ok ma’am. Sorry. He turns to go. They hear a voice from inside the house. Voice: Who has come sis in-law? Why are you shouting like this. Lady: It's a pizza delivery. I am telling him that I didn't order, he is not understanding it. The guy rushes towards the door saying: I have ordered it. They are so irresponsible, it's late delivery. Guy reaches the door: Shall I give feedback mentioning late delivery? Rithik: sorry sir. This won't repeat, maybe you can cut down in the bill amount. [he turns and looks at the guy] The guy looks at rithik and gets shocked: hey rithik. Rithik: Hey Ravi, When did you shift here? Ravi: This is my brother's house. We came for a family function. What are you doing here, like this? Rithik looks at watch: sorry dude, I am getting late. We will catch up some other day. Ravi: that’s ok, fine. Ravi pays off the bill, takes the pizza. Rithik bids goodbye from there. Ravi is in deep thoughts: what happened to him ? How did he became a pizza delivery boy ? Rithik reaches back to the shop.Another 2 months passed. Rithik came to the pizza shop as always. Manager calls him. Rithik knocks the door: may I come in, sir? Manager: come in, rithik. Rithik: you called me sir ? Manager: ya, u know suraj? Rithvik: yes sir, the waiter. Manager: mm yes. Suraj met with an accident, his left leg got fractured. So he is on one month medical leave. So I thought of offering you his job, can you do it ? Is that ok for you? Rithvik: sure sir. I will do any job assigned to me sir. Manager: that’s so good of you. Rithvik: is this just for one month sir ? Manager: no rithvik. You will be the waiter till you get any promotion. Rithvik: ok sir, thank you. Manager: you can join the duty from now. All the best. Rithvik: thank you sir. He leaves from there. He joins as a waiter. His co-workers help him in learning and doing everything properly. He learnt everything soon. Now he has increment in his salary.

Part 2: Love at First Sight

Sunday, 5:00pm:Rithik was going back to his room by bus. There was traffic jam over the place. The bus stood there for more than 20 minutes. He got down the bus. He walks forward, some people were surrounded around a place. He walks towards the crowd. A girl fell down with her scooty, she couldn’t get up as her scooty was above her legs. She was trying to take her legs out, but in vain. Near that, 2 taxi drivers were fighting between themselves. All the people in the crowd were recording the video of the fight. Rithik comes in between the crowd. He goes to the girl. He takes the scooty above her and then he extends his hands for her to get up. The girl looks at him, holds his hands and gets up. Rithik: are you okay? Girl: I’m fine. Thank you. Rithik: one min I will be back. Sit here. Just relax. He then goes to the taxi drivers and try to stop their fight. But they continue fighting demanding for money. So rithik gives money and settles the fight. Rithik: Can you please clear the traffic now, please ? Taxi drivers takes their taxi and the traffic starts clearing. Rithik goes to the nearby shop and buys a fresh orange juice. He takes the juice and comes to the girl. Rithik: Please have this juice Girl was checking her wounds, she had light fracture in her right leg and hand. She takes the juice in left hand: thank you. She drinks the juice. Rithik: Call someone from your home, how can you go home alone in this situation? Girl: No, my dad's health is not well, mom also won't be able to come. That’s okay. I can manage. Rithik: wait, I will call a taxi.Girl: but scooty. [She hesitates] Rithik: I shall bring your scooty to your home. She looks at him. Rithik: Only if you trust me, otherwise your wish. Girl: I don't wish to give you troubles. Rithik: That’s k. no problem. As a citizen of this place, it’s my duty to help others here. The girl smiles & looks at him with an doubtful expression. Rithik: I can understand why you are looking at me like this. You are thinking that I am helping you only because you are a girl. I will come behind you, ask for your mobile number. This is what you are thinking, right ? The girls nods yes. Rithik: Maybe your thoughts are right. You are beautiful, so your experiences made you think like that. But what shall I do now ? Help you ? Or shall I go ? Girl: ok fine. I will trust you. I will go in taxi, follow the taxi, and bring my scooty to home. Rithik smiles. He calls a taxi. She gets into the taxi. He follows the taxi in her scooty. They reaches her house. He parks her scooty in the parking area. It was an apartment house. He gives the key to her. Girl: thank you. Rithik: that’s okay. She smiles Rithvik: I have the habit of expressing whatever I feel, So now I will do the same. The girl looks at him with curiousness. Rithik: How should I start... [He pauses for a second] I feel attracted to you when I saw you now. I didn't have any belief in Love at first sight. But I think I Love you. She gets extremely shocked. Girl: All men ... [He intervenes]Rithik: please let me finish. She nods Ok with anger. Rithik: thank you. [He continues] but I don’t even know your name. This apartment contains at least 20-30 houses, I don't even know your house. I don't know about your age or any other details. But I Love you. And I love you’ is not a question, so I don’t need your answer. I just wanted to tell you what I felt. That's it. Goodbye. Take care. I won't come and disturb you again. He smiles and goes from there. She stands clueless, speechless, and sees him going. She thinks, “whats this?” She then walks slowly towards her house. She gets restless thinking his words and gets irritated with everyone at home. She couldn’t sleep that night. On the other side, rithik reaches his room. He takes a drawing book. He draws her face in the book. After finishing the pencil sketch of her face, he smiles looking at the drawing and thinks, “After long time, I am drawing. I am doing something I love. I’m very happy” That girl had many sleepless nights. Whenever she remembers his words, she gets restless and irritated. [Sorry, I forgot to introduce her. The girl's name is Asha. She is 23 years old.]

Part 3: Getting Hitched

After few weeks:Asha comes to the pizza shop with her friends. She is unaware that rithik is working there. They sits in the last table. Rithik was in-charge of the table. He sees Asha. He asks his friend [another waiter] to attend the table. He hides, so that she won’t see him. But he keeps on looking at her. She doesn't see him, She enjoys with her friends and leave the shop after paying the bill.On returning his home, Rithik draws the pencil sketch of her again.After 2 months...Rithik was walking towards his house. Asha sees him walking. She was buying something in a shop over there. She wanted to talk to him. Rithik walks into his house. He is unaware that Asha saw him. She follows him. He gets into his room and locks it, he relaxes by laying on the cot. She comes to his house. She knocks the door. Rithik opens the door. Asha is standing in front of him. He gets shocked as well as very happy. Rithik: Come in.Asha is still standing out: Do you think I’m idiot? Rithvik couldn't stop his smile, he nods NO for her question. Asha gets irritated: why are smiling ? Rithvik: Please come in. We will talk.Asha comes in. She didn't even bother to look around or sit. She started venting out all of her stress.Asha: you came by yourself, helped me, told that you love me, then left. You were kidding, right ? Don't you feel ashamed of playing with other's feelings ? Aren't you feeling guilty for doing like this? Can you imagine the level of my anger ? I don't even know, with how many girls, you pranked like this. I don’t even know if you still remember me or not.Rithik: first thing, I never forgot you, so no need to remind me, who you are. Second thing, I didn't play or prank. I really love you. And I have told like this, only to you, because I love only you. Third thing, you came to my house for the first time, so please sit down, relax, I will bring something for you to drink. He goes inside. Somehow her stress level has been minimized on venting out, so She sits in the chair. He comes back with lemon juice. He gives one glass to asha and keeps one for himself.Asha: thank you.Rithik: now tell me.Asha was sitting silent.Rithik: fine. I will introduce myself first. I’m Rithvik. I am working in pizza shop. Currently I am staying here. For now, nothing more to tell about me. And about that day, I loved you, so I told you immediately. I don't know the tricks of going behind a girl, impressing her, then conveying my love. And I don't even like to do that kinda things. I am not even interested in making someone as friend and then conveying my love. That's the main reason I told you directly. Maybe my way of expressing my love was blunt. Sorry.Asha: what do you know about me ? Rithik nods Nothing: I don't know anything about you.Asha: Then how did you say that you love me ? That's just an attraction.Rithik: No. Does loving someone needs reasons? And you know that attraction is temporary. But I love you now and forever.Asha: forever? [smirks] It will be nice to say and hear. But the truth, 'Forever' doesn't exist. Rithik: Why don't you have belief in that ? Asha: Wait, I will introduce myself first. I’m asha. I have completed my bachelor's degree, and unemployed. I am the only child of my house. Currently, I am not interested in love and I don't even believe in something called Forever. [He looks at her] The reason is my best friend, Surbhi. We are best friends from childhood. We were studying in same college and same department, so we will be roaming together always. When we were studying 1st year, our senior Karan proposed her. They became lovers, soon became talk of the college. They were the best couple, that so called perfect couple everyone dreams of. I also believed they were the Perfect couple, because she was so happy with him, than she was with me. Everything went so well for 2 years. During our 5th semester, Karan broke up with surbhi. I don't know the reason still. She was so hurt and literally broken. I know how strong she was, but she couldn't handle this breakup. I have never seen her like that, I was always with her, so she won't feel lonely. It took her one year to get back to normal. She returned to her normal mode, that's what we thought. At that time, Karan got engaged to her cousin. [Tears started flowing from Asha’s eyes] She couldn't take that, so she left the world.Rithik was shocked, and was worried seeing her crying. Asha wipes her tears.Asha: She was the one who promised to be with me forever, but broke her promise and left me alone. After those incidents, I realised there's nothing called Forever, neither in friendship nor in relationship. And Sorry I don’t believe in Love.Rithik: I’m sorry for you and your friend. But I am so sure that I love you forever. Asha shouts: you can’t love me forever. Rithik talks patiently: I can & I will.Asha: you can’t.Rithik: Okay, let's bet. I love you forever. You will realize it.Asha: what if you can't love me forever ?Rithik: If I can't, I will do whatever you say.Asha: fine. But I don’t love you now.Rithik: that's okay. I still love you. I don't expect you to love me back. Asha: if so, come to my house, talk to my parents, if they agree, I will marry you. But don't forget about our bet. If you fail, you should do whatever I say. If I fail, I will do whatever you say.Rithik nods ok.Asha: bye.He says Bye, and she goes from there.Next day, he goes to her house & talks to her parents. They agree to get her married to him. They fix the marriage date.... 

to be continued ☺️

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What really happened to Rithik? Looks like he is capable of a lot more than working at a pizza place.

Posted: 1 months ago

They will get married. Lets see how their bet pans out.

Posted: 1 months ago

Simply Love (continues)

Part 4: Revelation

They both gets engaged. Rithik got promoted as manager of the pizza shop. He gets shifted to a 1BHK apartment. He became close with her parents. They take him everywhere they go, for shopping, for family functions etc. He became the part of their family even before marriage.

On the marriage day:

Rithik was so excited on marrying the love of his life. Asha’s father is standing at the entrance welcoming everyone. Suddenly a series of 3 Benz car comes there. A Gentleman and Lady comes out of the car. A boy comes out of other car. A few security comes out from another car. The aged couple and boy comes into the marriage hall. Security guards stands outside the hall.

Asha’s family is clueless about who are they, but welcomes them. Other guest discuss
between themselves about them.

Guest 1: He is the owner of the Sharma Companies, right ?

Guest 2: yes, but what are they doing here now ?

They walk towards the mandap. Rithik gets shocked seeing them. He comes to them.
On hearing the commotion, Asha comes out of the bride’s room with other family members.

Gentleman: Are you gonna marry without letting us know, rithik ? Will you leave us so easily, just because I asked you to leave the house ?

Ladies: In this one year, didn't you think of us atleast once ? Do you have so much anger towards us?

Rithik nods NO: Why will I get angry on you ?

[Guests discuss: Is rithik owner of sharma company?]

Rithik to his mom: But what do you want me to do maa ? Dad restricted me from coming home and talking with you all. He told if I did so, it's like I consider that he's dead. After those words, How can I do that ? 

Gentleman: I said that in anger, because of your doings, will you leave us forever for that ? That wouldn't have happened if you hadn't helped your friend in eloping from home, did you know how much his father insulted me for that? 

Rithik: I’m sorry pa. I was clueless that he is gonna elope. He told me that he is gonna convince his parents for the marriage. I just helped him with money for starting a business.

Gentleman: you should have told me this earlier.

Rithik: I’m sorry pa.

The boy (who came with them) tries to light down the situation.

Boy: Hey bro, where's my sis in-law?

Lady: yes, tell me. Where's my daughter in-law?

Rithik turns to Asha. Everyone were watching all the drama. But Asha is standing shocked. Rithvik goes to Asha.

Asha: What's happening here Rithik ? Who are they ?

Rithik: They are my Family. My Father, Raqesh Sharma, founder of Sharma companies. Mother, Sheela Sharma, co-founder. And that's my younger Brother, Ritiesh sharma.

Asha: Where were they in these days ?

Rithik: I will explain everything properly, asha.

Asha heart starts beating faster seeing all that; and thinking that she is going to be the daughter-in-law of a rich family, she gets more restless.

Rithik sees her: are you fine, asha?

Asha nods NO; her eyes fills with tears, but she controls from flowing down: I’m not
fine. I’m not ready for all this rithvik.

Everyone is shocked. Asha turns and runs into the bride’s room. Her family members
tries to go behind her. But rithvik stops them & he goes behind her. Asha sits in the bed, she starts panicking and many thoughts runs through her mind, ‘Rithik is rich, I am middle-class. He will leave me soon. Many problems will arise, I can’t do anything. I can't be a good daughter in-law for such a rich family.

Rithik walks in slowly.

Asha looks at him & stands up: Why did you hide the truth from me ? Why did I meet you rithik ? What should I do now ? Today is our Marriage, my family, relatives, guests are waiting outside, Can you imagine how much insults my family will face if I stop this marriage now?

Before she complete her sentence, she gets collapsed, and falls unsciousness. Rithik
runs to her, shouting Asha. He holds her, and he makes her lie in bed. He sees the water jug on the table. He takes it and tries to wake her up. After few efforts, she gains consciousness. She gets up and sits. Rithik gives water for her to drink.

Rithik: fine?

Asha nods: From the day I decided to marry you till now, I was happy, [nods No] I was extremely happy with you. I am not sure, what will happen in future from now. But I promise you now, I will be with you through your ups and downs. I’m ready to marry you rithik, if you wish.

Rithik becomes happy: I’m very happy to marry you, asha.

Asha smiles. Rithik hugs her and she hugs him back; rithik thinks, ‘and I promise that I will keep you happy forever asha’. Asha thinks, ‘god, please be with me, please give me strength, I am so scared, but I should do this for my family'

Finally Rithik and Asha’s marriage takes place with the blessings and prayers of all
the elders.

Rithik comes back home with his things. So Asha enters as a bride in Sharma Mansion.
Reception takes place in a grand manner in Sharma Mansion. Dance, Singing, Drama
everything takes place. The evening was filled with more fun.

.... To be continued


Love Story 

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