IF Development Team and the Chamber of Secrets #3

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Tanu : Namaste and Welcome Dostoon! 

Sam : Yeah, its us again, you should get used to seeing us every week. 

Tanu : We have beautiful faces Sam, they don't mind. 🀭🀣

Sam : Couldn't agree more, for the first time *coughs* πŸ™„πŸ€­

We are back with our 


Tanu : Tonight we have someone with us, who has been part of the DT for a good amount of years. She is well experienced and is known to handle toughest to toughest forums easily. 

Sam : She is none other than 


Tanu : Welcome Shreya to the show! 

Shreya : Thank you for having me as your guest. Swagat nahi karoge hamara. smiley16

Sam : Sorry nopes. Phool ka budget nahi hai smiley22

Tanu : Also clearing this up before we move ahead, you got to pay for your own drink πŸ€·β€β™€οΈ

Sam : Yeah we have some big budget issues. 

Shreya : That's fine I guess πŸ™„ 

Whispering : Siri remind me to inform other DT about the hosts' kanjoosi. smiley23


Tanu : Starting with our favourite sadaa huwa, copy pasted question, how did you land on IF? 

Shreya : I had been searching for a WU for Rakht Sambandh and found out about IF.

Tanu : And which was the first forum you moderated? 

Shreya : My first 2 forums were CID and IPK.

Sam : I remember those days when you used to moderate IPKKND. smiley42 Moving on, you have been part of this journey since a very long time. How has it been? Any good memories to share with us? 

Shreya : It's been a good journey so far. Nothing specific. The forums I moderate currently all have many hilarious memories and I can't choose one over the other.

Tanu : Come on, you should have a memory or two.. backstage batana phir.smiley2

Shreya : Phele mere mojito k paise dedo..smiley23

Tanu : Never mind. smiley24  What would you rather be, powerful or popular? 

Shreya : Powerful. If you're powerful you can get a lot more done than if you're famous. Instead, if you're famous, every move of yours is scrutinized to death.

Sam : That's a smart answer. Also Tanu, this question wasn't in the script smiley24 

Tanu : I was bored of the same old questions πŸ€·β€β™€οΈπŸ™„

Sam : Coming back to the script and sticking to it, You are one of the senior members in the DT and have shared forum responsibilities with lot of new DTs. As a senior what steps do you take to ensure new DTs learn and grow? 

Shreya : Any time a newer DT is added, I try to step back and let them take the forefront. People will learn when they get their hands dirty and ask a lot of questions. Additionally, if the DT is completely new to moderation, then I will also share the tools and tricks available to DTs through screenshots.

Tanu : That's amazing. We seniors are such amazing people and are so helpful.. (looking at Sam) if only some junior knew that. smiley22smiley36

Sam : Moving on...

Tanu : You know how MIDs have increased in IF. Shreya, you deal with such IDs on daily basis, what are your thoughts about the same? 

Shreya : MIDs have increased drastically over the past many years and somewhere it has to do with the rise in trolls online in general. But the problem is that nowadays any newbie is considered a MID and that isn't right.

Sam : That is true. Not every ID out there is a MID. 

Tanu : These questions are kinda boring me, so I'm gonna get to entertainment. Which is your favourite ITV show and favourite Bollywood movie? 

Shreya : Oh favourite ITV show....there are so many. Mostly all comedies or thrillers. But if I choose my top favourite it would have to be a close tie between Sarabhai, Hum Paanch, and Dekh Bhai Dekh. My favourite Bollywood movie of all time is Andaz Apna Apna!


Sam : Let's get onto our next segment, where you would be given choices and you would have to.. well choose.. 

Shreya : I'm in 😎

Sam : Would you rather have your own talk show or make a movie? 

Shreya : I can't choose. I do want to make a movie and a talk show both! 

Sam : That's fair I guess. Sharbat with Shreya smiley43smiley37

Tanu : Shut up Sam. I'm gonna ask a better one, a date with Salman Khan or a day in the life of an millionaire? 

Shreya : A date with Salman Khan...I'm already powerful, so I'll assume I'm richer than a millionaire.

Tanu : Waah. Assumption meh toh waise duniya kayam hai. 

Sam : πŸ€¦β€β™€οΈ Umeed pe bro. 🀣🀣

Tanu : Ek hi baat hai. Neitherless we have come to the end, our final segment. 

πŸ”₯The rapid fire round πŸ”₯ 

Sam : Which questions were framed by Tanu ji.

Do not relate me with them. 😐

Tanu : Cause they are too cool.smiley16smiley37


1. Why is it saap and seedi and not beedi and seedi? 

Shreya : Because you would end up setting fire to the seedi and hurting yourself.

2. If pyaar ek hi baar hota hai then who does Rahul love actually: Tina ya Anjali

Shreya: Himself - he never loved either. Actually maybe his daughter Anjali as well.

3. If aadha Ishq aadha hai, aadha jo jayega does that mean that 1/8th of ishq will remain? 

Shreya : It means your brain is working in overtime. Stop thinking about ishq so much. smiley37

4. The song behne de mujhe behne de from Ravan, why is Abhishek asking for more sisters? 

Shreya : Because Aish needs more nanads to fight with. smiley36

5. Which soap will you use to clean your eyes? TV soap or Santoor soap?

Shreya : TV soaps would just make me cry cause that's all they do, so I'll take Santoor soap I guess. smiley24


Tanu : This is it! Thank you for being here Shreya! We appreciate it and we appreciate the bill you gonna pay even more smiley37

Sam : Members are free to grill her now smiley15smiley37 Ab yeh tumhare hawale smiley37

Tanu : Before ending this, we would like to add that no animals (Billi) and no food (Chana) were harmed in the process. smiley16smiley37

Sam : We will be back again, next week. 

Tanu : Tab Tak k liye, kabhi alvida na kehna smiley14


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Congratulations Bosssmiley40

Get ready to be roastedsmiley14.. Errr toastedsmiley3

Wonderfully entertaining interview Tanu & Samsmiley31

Posted: 18 days ago

Congrats Shreya smiley31

great to see you in the hot seat smiley40smiley41

thanks for the entertaining witty replies  smiley32


great Post by Billi and Sam smiley20


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Posted: 18 days ago

Absolutely loved rapid fire round... smiley37

congratulations Shreya smiley4

Posted: 18 days ago

Shreya ... I am curious to know so much about YOU smiley42...

Which  city you have spent majority of your childhood ?? 

Which  city  did you do your schooling ??

What was your stream in higher education ?? 

Do you have any siblings ?? 
Do you have any pets ??

What is your fav cuisine ??

What is your fav sweet dish ??

What’s your fav midnight snacks ?? 

What kind of music do you love to hear when you relax ... and when you do long distance driving ?? 

which vehicle do you drive to reach your work place  ?? I mean when you are not working from home ?? 
Whats your dream car ?? Do you already possess it ?? 
What are your hobbies ?? 

Do you like shopping at the Mall/ market place or online shopping ?. 

Are you as strict at your work place as you are in IF ?? 

I want to know much more about you but I guess for the time being I will stop here. smiley44

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Posted: 18 days ago

Congrats Senior!

If Junior can she will surely come up with some good questionssmiley36

Posted: 18 days ago

Congrats Shreya for being on the hotseat 

Just loved the rapid fire roundsmiley36smiley37

Tanu and Sam are rocking smiley36

Posted: 18 days ago

Congratulations Shreya! smiley31

Enjoy your time on Hot seat! smiley4

Absolutely loved the rapid fire round! smiley9

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