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**HOTW: participate now - pg 1 w/ rules*

Posted: 2007-01-13T15:53:43Z

Hey FriendsHug

How is everyone doing? We hope everyone had a good vacation. Happy new year to each and everyone of you! We are sorry for the late wishes! May all of you have the best year ahead of you!!


Now, are you surprised to read the subject? Shocked Dont be, coz the CFC dev team is making our FC's incharge each week!! Yes, you get to decide what contests we have here, what games we play, what discussions take place!! But, lets just give you the fun stuff, and the lectures and warnings will stay with us. now dont be sad, we promise not to give many lectures!! LOLLOL 


Presenting....CFC's newest event...


Now who will be the host of the week?
3 FC's will be our hosts every week. 3 different FC's will be incharge each week. What will you be incharge of? Well, one FC is incharge of contest of the week, the other of game of the week and the last one of either a celebrity quiz or a discussion of the week!!!


Now, don't think you wont get prizes.Wink The host, with the maximum participation and the most creative contest/game/discussion (for quizes we will only count participation...dont worry) will win each week and...the prize is NOT just a siggi. You will get a prize that you are bound to love.


So, do you want your FC to be our host, to take charge, to make this section more fun??? Then here is your chance!!!

This post is for SIGN UP of FC's. Please sign up for your FC here if you want to be our host. I will randomly assign duties to three different FC's as hosts with different duties. Also members that are part of multiple FC's, you will get to make posts for one FC...and then after a week or two any other FC that you are part of. This is just to ensure everyone gets an equal chance of hosting for cfc!!Embarrassed


Are you ready to be our host? Then sign up here my dost!!

CFC Dev Team


PS- please use the siggi to promote HOTW on IF. Thanks!Embarrassed

adding from the other post...HOTW participants please note the following:

Hi Friends,

Just to clarify few things. In order to win HOTW, you not only need to have a good game/quiz/contest, you also need a lot of participation!!! You need to advertise your contest/quiz/game to get maximum participation. You can do it in any way (siggi's, carrying links, pm's..etc).

All FC members can participate as long as you are not the one that is getting entries for the contest or who made the contest (in this week's case the pictures for the contest) or the quiz.

As you can see the PM's are being sent to me/lovly_angel as well as the FC member, this is only to ensure that the results are fair, in a situation where member thinks that it isn't...the dev team members can keep a check.

So, good luck to everyone. Remember the results of contest/quiz need to be up next wednesday (US time). Have fun!! We hope to see CFCians participate and enjoy in these events.Embarrassed

CFC Dev team.

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Posted: 2007-01-13T16:08:08Z
hehe khair i would participat ebut i cant. lolzzzzzzz aweosmeocntestt.. ehe i wnana see how ppl rule dis stuff
Posted: 2007-01-13T16:32:14Z
haiiiiiiii, how can i get khushi fc backUnhappy you can participate on behalf of Sunidhi FC thoughWink hehe... thanks anyways, pujiiiHug Edited by sweet_kp - Saturday, January 13, 2007 at 4:35 PM
Posted: 2007-01-13T16:58:50Z
Big smile I would love to participate...lemme check with my associates first tho LOL
Posted: 2007-01-13T19:25:09Z
@niya: that sounds great! are you talking about the SRK FC? Embarrassed

@Fairy jii: arre, you don't need to own the FC, just be a part of it. you can sign up any FC you want! Big smile
Posted: 2007-01-13T19:26:14Z
Can I recommend someone from my fc
Posted: 2007-01-13T19:45:22Z
awesomeeeeeeeeeeeee khair di...i will see...need to thinkk LOL
Posted: 2007-01-13T20:09:25Z

Originally posted by sammie12

Can I recommend someone from my fc

umm, you can just sign up your FC to be the host of the week, then you discuss it with your fellow FC members and come up with the activity of the week that you are assigned to (contest, game, or discussion) and one of you will make the post. you can form groups within your FC. try posting in your FC and getting ppl involved.

i hope that answered your question. if not feel free to clear your doubts here. :)

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