IF Development Team and The Chamber of Secrets..

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Posted: 2 months ago

**Backstage murmurs**

Host 1 : I am asking the first question and its final.

Host 2 : Why you? I'm the senior and I should get the chance. 

Host 1 : That's so unfair...

Host 2 : Yeah so was drinking my bubble tea smiley7

Host 1 : Huh smiley3 I knew you would bring this up! smiley22

Speakers : We will be up in 5! 

Host 2 : I will see you after the show.smiley24

Up in 4 

Host 1 : Fine with me smiley24





Tanu : Hello and a warm welcome to all the members of IF! You all must be confused on what this is about, to all members who clicked on the thread thinking it was some Harry Potter thing I'm sorry, it's not. It's something much more different and interesting. 

Sam : We IF members are part of a big diverse community. We sometimes are known as part of a particular fandom, a particular show viewer, as writers, as graphicers and much more.. However at the end, we together are a big family of IF. Amongst all the members of different groups are the members of a non lader group also known as the Development Team (DT) of IF. 

Tanu : You all know us, have seen us around. Some of you like us, some of you don't. 🤷‍♀️ Sometimes you ping us for help, sometimes refer to us for advice while sometimes you come with complaints to us. Whatever it might be, many believe that DTs of IF are entirely different community and different part of IF. And even if you want to, you don't get to know your DTs. Maybe cause you were a little apprehensive to ask them or maybe cause you've never bothered. 

Sam : Keeping that in mind, we have brought to a golden chance to you where you can get to know your DT! 

Tanu : Every week, we will interview one DT member of IF. The questions will be about their work on IF, their interests and much more. 

Sam : And not only that, at the end, all members will have the chance to ask questions to the DT in spotlight and get to know them better. 

Tanu : So without futher adieu, let's unleash the 


Sam (whispering) : Did we introduce ourselves?

Tanu (whispering back) : No

Tanu : I am Tanu popularly known as BilliCat in IF. I am channel moderator and one of the host for the evening.

Sam : And I am MsChanadlerBong, a Viewbie and am called Sam. 

I would now like to invite our first guest of the show. She is a Viewbie and part of a very active forum. She is a big IPKKND fan and is an admirer of Barun Sobti and Hritik Roshan.

She is none other than, 


Tanu : Hello and welcome to the show Dushtkanya ji. 

Dushtkanya: Thank you for having me here.

Tanu : I would like to jump to the introduction first and ask the question we all are curious about, how did you land on IF? 

Dushtkanya: I landed here thanks to the  I P K K N D smiley16 There actually was the beginning of this fanfiction that had been posted on Facebook and on trying to read the next part, I was being directed to some random india-forums site 💁‍♀️ So I went through the fateful link and then saw that it was a Members Only post, but then my curious ass wanted to know what happens next so I made an account. And then the rest is rich history smiley41 Had the time of my life here.

Tanu : And the first forum you moderated? 

Dushtkanya: Bollywood Forum.smiley16

Sam : Wow. Right into the war zone. *coughs* Moving ahead, I'm very curious about your username which seems very unique, is a there a story behind it?

Dushtkanya: Okay so "Dusht Kanya" is actually how Barun Sobti jokingly calls Shahana Goswami in Tu Hai Mera Sunday in a very quirky and interesting scene, aaaand it so happens that I'm a Virgo (and a girl lmao), hence Kanya is pretty much appropriate, so I adopted that as username smiley9

Tanu : That's very creative of you. smiley14 Which is most crazy forum you've moderated and one adjective to describe it. 

Dushtkanya: Bollywood Forum for sure. I mean the answer's in the question - crazy smiley36 But I'd say "fun"! 

Sam : Interesting, Very Interesting. 🤔 🤣 What would be the one thing that is popular among the masses that annoyed you? 

Dushtkanya : Honestly, Ishqbaaaz *avoid chappals* 🤭

Tanu : What about your weekends, how do you like to spend your weekends beyond IF? 

Dushtkanya: Under the blankets, watching a horror movie with my mom/group of homies over popcorn! smiley41

Sam : Sounds like a good plan! smiley16 Let's move onto the next segment of the interview. The "WHAT IFs?" 


What IF?? 

Tanu : What if you wake up as your co DT Shreya,  also known as Minionite one day, what would be the first thing you would do? 

Dushtkanya: I'd make a stickied topic on Bollywood Forum, admitting that DushtKanya is the better mod smiley16


Sam : Ladki hamari smart hai smiley2smiley36 Next one, what if you get stuck in a zombie apocalypse, what would be three things you would take with yourself.

Dushtkanya : My parents, some kind of gear to fight and a water purifier I guess 😗

Tanu : IF your autobiography is written what would be its title? 

Dushtkanya :  I feel like a celebrity being grilled on KWK smiley23smiley36

Sam : Should we take it as a compliment? smiley24 Never mind. Please continue.

Dushtkanya : With all the turns of events in my life, I would say "Serendipity" :-) 

Tanu : Beautiful. Let's move onto the last segment of our interview, the rapid fire round 🔥🔥🔥 

please give one word answer


🔥 Rapid Fire Round 🔥

A) A DT you would like to work with

Dushtkanya: I don't really have a preference tbh (sorry that's more than one word) 

B) One forum you would want to moderate 

Dushtkanya: Iss Pyaar Ko Kya Naam Doon forum, back then smiley27

C) If you got chance to swipe place with one DT who would it be 

Dushtkanya: Chat Club Forum DT 

D) If you get to be GM for one day, one rule you would like to make or one rule you would like go change 

Dushtkanya: I'd allow access to the Removed Content Vault and the Trash Bin for the Viewbies smiley15


Sam : Thank you Dushtkanya ji for taking out of your busy schedule and giving us the chance to get to know. We really appreciate it smiley31 

Tanu : Before ending the program any words you would like to say for your co DTs or senior DTs? 

Dushtkanya :  I haven't really interacted with most DT members because of how hectic life has been post Covid and I apologize if ever I seem super anti-social but I'd like to tell them that it's good to be a part of another community and that they're very helpful smiley31

Sam : Thank you once again! Here is a little something for us as token of our love. 



I hope you all enjoyed this and would be looking forward to more such interviews every week. 

Tanu : All members are free to ask any questions to the DT in spotlight aka Dushtkanya. 

Note : Please refrain from asking or discussing personal or forum issues in this thread. For such issues or complaints please contact the respective DT through PM. 

Sam : That's it for tonight! We will be back again next week, with a fresh new interview. 

Tanu : Until then, 


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Posted: 2 months ago

Helloooo ji smiley40

Okay so firstly, I love this idea, it's a great opportunity to bridge the gap between the DT and forum members (who deserve to know how actually cool we are, behind the khadoos police image we may display 💁‍♀️) - I'm looking forward to reading the interviews and knowing more about our DT, and secondly thank you so much, honoured to be your first guest smiley31 

All the best smiley27

Edited by DushtKanya - 2 months ago
Posted: 2 months ago

I just love the interview smiley31

Nirvana please be ready for more questions and loads of funsmiley41smiley40

Awesome thread Samsmiley32

Posted: 2 months ago

I love this idea ❤

It was great knowing you DushtKanya smiley4

Posted: 2 months ago

Amazing interview Samsmiley31

The three thing I& DushtKanya have in  common: IPKKND fan, HR deewani and both Virgo!smiley36

Tags are a fab, NabzNani and beautiful sig by Sans!smiley27

Posted: 2 months ago

First of all amazing work Sam and Tanu!smiley27

Its such an awesome idea of making the members know more about the DT members

Nirvana I hope you enjoy a lot during this whole week! Would love to know you more!!smiley31

Awesome tags yaar Nabila!!

And such a breathtaking signature Kalyani!!

Posted: 2 months ago

Hello Dushtkanya aka Nirvana ...

Both are nice names ... .. are you a student or working ?? 

What is your stream ?? 

I know you are a virgo like me because we recently celebrated your birthday smiley40

How long have you been a viewbie ??

Have you been part of crazy creatives??

What is your fav snack and fav food ??

What is your favourite sweet .. or do you like ice creams ?? .

Which device is your most favored one ?? Lappy /iPad/Android?? 

Do you have any pets ?? 

Edited by Sutapasima - 2 months ago
Posted: 2 months ago

Such a cool idea. Was a really fun interview guys. smiley41

Nice to know more about you Nirvana. smiley9

Beautiful thread Tanu & Samsmiley31

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