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Posted: 1 years ago

First of all, my heartfelt thanks to Admin of India Forums and Moderators of this forum.

I said, I will post character analysis on other characters when I posted my views on Anjali.  I think the time has come to talk about Arnav.

That was my first ever full pledged topic on IF and I promise this will not be my last.

Please keep in mind, this format and title may change as per guidance we receive.

Episode 1:

You can watch all episodes  Here

Arnav arrived on the scene in a helicopter, just like a Rajkumar.  As soon as he arrived, he did not waste any time in small talk with press or checking the fashion show arrangements.  He went straight to business. To show his Chacha (uncle) his place.

He patiently waited like a Cheetah.  He waited until his uncle missed enough loan payments so, the lender has no other choice but to sell the property to retrieve his principal amount.  He was morally and ethically within his boundaries.  

As soon as his Chacha missed the last payment he went for the jugular.

When he opened the fashion show he was calm and composed.  When he heard Anjali from the back ground, he turned his microphone off to speak with his sister in a soft tone.  That wasn’t a conversation for public.  After initial answers, when she further questioned his interest in buying the sheesh mahal, he put his foot down and stopped the conversation.  Once the introductions were made and Anjali left, he felt exhausted.  He needed a moment for himself.  He needed to close his eyes.

That was a victorious moment as well as emotionally draining.  His mother shot herself and his sister was abandoned at the altar.  In that vulnerable moment, disaster struck.  After he became a businessman no one ever dared to interfere in his well organised matters and here a chit of a girl not only entered his fashion show in wrong coloured clothes but also stood frozen and slipped and fell in his arms.  How will he feel?  How will he react?

My thoughts – Arnav is a ruthless businessman.  When he strikes his enemies, he tells them the reason.  He loves his sister.  Though as a brother he will do anything for her, he won't let her question him any more than required.

What do you think?

Please leave your thoughts.

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Posted: 1 years ago


Episode 1 -  Fashion Show Fiasco Day 1 - 4/09/2020

Episode 2 - Fashion Show Fiasco Day 2- 22/09/2020

Episodes 3 - 5 - Darga Confrontation and aftermath - 05/10/2020

Episodes 6 - 9 - Khushi arrives in Delhi  - 12/10/2020

Episodes 10 - 13 - Who is Arnav? - 05/11/2020

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Posted: 1 years ago
Nice analysis and yes he never answered anjali's questions many time even though he loves her so much . and I like his straight personality though he is rude and arrogant but he didn't betrays people. You know in love hate story concept serials there is hero first hates her and betrays her then after she leaves his life only he realizes heroine worth .I can give example for many serials but our arnav he didn't use love game to hurt her .ipkknd is very close to my heart and arnav's character also.I wish the moderater don't close this forum.
Posted: 1 years ago

That entry was one of the best entry scenes I had ever witnessed in Indian tv shows. Ipk was the only show that I followed and fell in love with .I started watching the show after Lavanya' s entry in shantivan  but later on when I watched the first episode arnav's entry scene really impressed me a lotsmiley9

The first episode arnav appeared to be a typical angry young man with a painful past which had turned him into a ruthless monster who can go to any extent to teach his perpetrators a well deserved lesson but at the same time he also had a soft heart as shown from his interactions with his sister.

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Posted: 1 years ago

Great post Savera <3


Arnav Singh Raizada....Naam hi Kafi hai

The famous landing.

A  helicopter flew in slowly and started circling an old mansion more of a  haveli. Domes and minarets like hollow spaces holding many voices. The music picked up the tempo to remind this stillness that someone you knew is here...

 The chopper landed. An armed man opened the door, a group of media was waiting with mikes and questions... and his guards were holding them back.

The propeller continued circling with a constant beat.

music mixed with the humming propelling. A nice low angle shot to get the taller image of him. Here he descends, a suave looked face with a grim and stillness on his face.

He walks in a circular angle and stands in a slow-motion, in a three-piece suit, took off his aviators, and here is the man, the lead with flaws and frowns yet full of strength and hope.

 Looking toward the Mansion, ASR tune walks in...  tempo lof music picks up the speed as he walks with power and authority. The whole frame just holds his picture, declaring a presence to those dead domes, and minarets. 

He is here and no one can throw him out from here anymore. No one can dare.

Yes, Pigeons flew around with happiness, Pigeons flew over him with love and affection, the guards of love were welcoming him with their own his own home.


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Posted: 1 years ago

Arnav had his reasons for being a tough business person with a scarred past. But I could never like the way he looked down on the middle class. Yes he had a terrible past. But that did not give him a license to insult people for not being rich.

Posted: 1 years ago

Absolutely agree with u but then arnav had his reasons of being what he was. The atrocities he had to endure at an early and impressionable age had made him judgemental of people based on their aukats.Thats why entry of sanka devi was inevitable in his life to teach him the ways of life smiley42

Posted: 1 years ago

This is such a great post Raji! I love the creative topic that you have come up with... infact, it is making me get some ideas too smiley4.

I watched this episode much later so maybe it didn't create the same impact for me, as it must have for those who saw this as his entry. But I agree, Hero's entry in a Helicopter was a thing reserved for KJo movies and not something seen before in Hindi TV world. And everyone thinks Khushi is the filmy and dramatic one smiley17.

@ sanotiti, you are right. I hate that track in serials / movies (not that I watch many smiley36) where they use love to take revenge. I agree fiction is not all about rosy love with no obstacles but surely they can come up with something better than such cheap tricks.

P.S. Be around and active. We will save the forum together don't worry smiley1

@ Navi36 Hi Five! ✋🏼 I too watched this later.

@ Mysticaldivine I wonder how you do this everytime. Weave such a spell with your wordssmiley42.

@ coderlady I wonder whether his Dadi or someone drilled it in his head that the other woman was middle class and trapped his father for money. 🤔 

Also, have we really seen him being rude to any other middle class person apart from Khushi? If so, please remind me since I don't seem to recollect any other person or incident currently. With Khushi, he had issues of a very different kind that he hid behind baseless accusations, assumptions and insults.

Love smiley27

Iss Pyaar Ko Kya Naam Doon 

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