SidNaaz Unlimited CC64|TedeHaiParHamareHai-Lifelong Hangover 🥰 [IO]

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Posted: 11 months ago

The Kurkure Hangover smiley36

We chatted up a storm last thread thanks to the joy Sidnaaz gave us smiley27smiley31 and so, here am I with a new thread sooner than usual of late like good ol' days. When there's content we chat up a storm and like a member mentioned the other day, it's like childhood days and cousins and friends rolling about in the courtyard and laughing about for no reason- suffice to say Sidnaaz together onscreen makes us happy just like that- it's a celebration smiley9 and it's been so good for us since the live smiley9 Touchwood. 

And meanwhile, just a word for all, can we just not bother about whatever negativities Colors may throw at us from BB13? Can we not allow a media house to use us or Sidnaaz aise? Try and be indifferent to it. Some former contestants may respond for whatever reason, but it would do good for solos and shippers to just avoid it all and focus on SidNaaz alone. Just my two cents smiley31

And let's just remember to value our relationships and friendships. Let's value life and each other shall we? Chota sa life hai yaaro... why not spread love and cheer and help each other survive? 

Live and spread positivity people... and learn to ignore negativity. Evolve for your own sake before the universe forces you to evolve like the pandemic has been teaching us. Stay happy, find joy from within than depending on others for it and Stay blessed.


Back to... 

Tedi Hai Par Meri Hai smiley40

Ye Dono Tede Hai Par Hamare Hai smiley31

Kurkure rules the house smiley36

 Omigod Omigod Omigod! smiley22

Sidharth saying Tedi Hai Par Meri Hai! smiley39smiley27smiley27smiley40

This is the most divinely beautiful thing ever and Kurkure scores with the first Sidnaaz couple ad ever! This is so absolutely cute and the chemistry is so cute and genuine! 

Haaaayeeeeeee! Their laughs are so genuine! Nazar na Lage! Haayeeee! smiley27


Two features on #63's Intro- Human Celebrities & Storms and Silences smiley9 (Ek Like Ki Keematsmiley36)

Human Celebrities

This subject came almost as an afterthought and as much as I am not the kind of person to paint the town red about kindness, I guess in a time when Bollywood is being known for its stark insensitivities, human stories like this reassure the world that hey, not everybody's the same and there are kind ones with a heart out there. Sonu Sood and Akshay Kumar have already set examples, and we were aware Sidharth does too, but this tiny interaction, response and facilitation brought forth the responsible side of him even more and are we thankful that we belong to a fandom where our idol has a heart that is simple and straightforward enough to attend when there's a real issue at hand without any celebrity hangups, coz it's easy to unsee a tweet if you know what I mean. So, here's us proud of our guy and I won’t lessen its charm and truth by elaborating or waxing eloquently any further coz the gesture itself speaks more than any word can 🙏

And here's Sidharth representing all of us wishing the best outcome for the SSR case and the end of callousness. The process is afoot finally.

Storms & Silences

Sidharth can create storms & he can create silences. 
Shehnaaz can create storms & she can create silences

That is the charisma Sidnaaz exudes and it’s amazing the power they wield at the tip of their fingers with their fandoms smiley40Yesterday turned out an eventful day out of nowhere with a single twitter like of our dear man. Ab kya karein. Aapke ek like ki keemat aap kya jaano Sidharth babu? smiley36 
Time he monetized his likes too smiley37

Jokes apart, judging is a part of society. There is no way anyone can escape judging. The more the popularity the greater the extent of judgement. The difference is how one expresses that judgement and what is the essence that emits from it- is it love, it is concern, is it vengeance or more than that or less than that? Sidharth's, Shehnaaz's  and their joint fandoms have fans of all kinds. Some have been exemplary fans and some have been the most rotten of apples. 
People who refuse to see their mistakes- what can be done about them, eh? But Sidharth apologized for their mistakes if any yesterday and bravo is all I can say, since Shehnaaz herself had told her fans who go personal to stop doing that, and Sidharth just raised the bar even further and apologized on their behalf smiley32 He is so worth stanning smiley40

I seriously wish all his solos, every one of them who claim to be fans of Sidharth or Shehnaaz for that matter just look into the mirror and call themselves what they call others online. If you cannot emulate your idol and mimic atleast some of their good qualities, what good are you calling yourself a fan? Pity! 
Anyway, Sidharth has proved once again why we love him and why there are few “men” like him around coz trolls can be “boys“ alone 🤷‍♀️

The Latest Glam 😋

A Sleepy lookin Cutie pie 😭❤️

And that’s a smokin diva there smiley40

Sidnaaz Live 

This Sidnaaz Live is not vanishing from our Intro guys smiley36
Sidharth posted their Live on YouTube smiley40smiley31
And we’re still hungover 🥴 What a strong gesture!


SidNaaz FTW for life smiley40

As an admin of a shipper's club, much is expected by means of an intro, when as critical an event as the first joint live happens. And yet, it's one of those rare moments when I feel stuck for words. The Live was so beautiful that as I wrote on the thread too, I haven't been able to re-watch it. Sometimes something is so beautiful, sometimes the joy you see in others is so legitimate (touchwood) you just want to clasp that joy, bottle it and not look in there again- what if one doesn't feel the same high if one re-visits it? smiley36 Aur phir what if unko meri hi nazar lage? smiley36 And even more, aur kya bolein unke baare mein jo kahi likhi nahi ho without being hyper-intrusive? Yeah, am overthinking smiley36

Lekin, this much I can surely say. One of our major qualms with Sidnaaz had been that they seemed a bit oblivious of our woes smiley36 All of us had been battling tough times due to the pandemic and work situations and more and the world has been slowly and steadily slipping into all sorts of mental health issues. And waiting for them together 🤧. The Sidnaaz fan community is the largest. Amongst that, Sidnaaz with the Live surely did their bit to this community that loves them unconditionally for wherever their happiness lies and has been waiting since October 2019 in fact for a joint Live smiley36. We are a community that never forgets and cherishes little joys- this joy too we shall bottle up and cherish in a positive way and carry in us for life. Their First Joint Live. Touchwood. We had been cribbing of late that we don't seem to get much in return for our love and what bigger gesture could Sidnaaz have done for us. Bravo loves, bravo! smiley27smiley32

Truth be said, it was like watching a newly married couple. There were plenty of in-sync moments, body movement symmetry, gestures, connects, natural mutual flow from thought to thought, anticipated automatic reactions, personal reference points, tone variations, eye and hand gestures, profile angles and so much more that were clear indication of them being totally into each other. Their eyes did such a lot of talking. There was such a lot of beautiful unconscious reactions that so complimented the zone they have been in since months. There was no unfamiliarity, no hesitation, no feeling of personal space invasion, nothing at all and to the experienced eye that most Sidnaazians have smiley36, they are in their happy zone. Touchwood.

Shehnaaz' infectious laughter, Sidharth's blush, his nudges, their much famed leg pulling, their banter, their mischief, their hints, their cover-ups... awwwwww smiley40- such a beautiful couple. Touchwood. Each claimed complete rights on the other and that was beautiful to watch. 

The heart is so full, so unbelievably full that there is nothing to say from every Sidnaazian's heart besides stay happy both of you. 

Meanwhile, solos, that was an important message from both for you guys and I have to say I love it that many Shehnaazians are gripping the fact that their girl is truly happy with this incorrigible guy smiley36 and are moving along in the right direction. I hope and pray that stays so. As for Sidhearts, like Sidharth said for all grumpy folks who assume themselves to be fans, support if you want and if not, move on. Nobody is being handcuffed and held prisoner to support smiley36 Stay happy people. Find the heart to enjoy your idol's happiness than being grumps. Why grudge anyone their happiness? Stop parenting for your own good if not theirs smiley36

Sidharth posted the live on Insta and documented it for life! smiley40May this be the beginning of many more Lives LIFELONG! 🤞SidNaaz FTW for life!smiley40 Thankyou for this live, guys! And am so glad Shehnaaz was asking Sidharth to sing by our requests- such a dear smiley36

Sana posts on Snapchat smiley40


Viralbhayani stalking Sana now smiley36 Absolutely stunning being the next door gal smiley9 Who’s picking her up, hmm? smiley36

Viralbhayani and Rakshabandhan with Sidharth! No offense, but he looks damn fruity 😋😜

Sidharth speaking about change being the only dynamic around 36.40 at the Brahmakumaris Youth Conference 2020 smiley1

Bhula Dunga! 

So far Bhula Dunga has crossed 86+ Million Views ,2.6K likes & 1.2 Million Comments smiley29smiley40


When SidNaaz Broke Internet with their first exclusive picture with each other post BB13 : smiley9


Mirchi Awards:

29th March saw the much Anticipated First ever Stage performance of SidNaaz and what a show it was- chemistry to the hilt : 

Ve Maahi:

Ve Mahi , Bekhayaali & Slow Motion Combined :


Looking back at BB13 where it all started : 

It all began when Sidharth Shukla in black, looking the quintessential suave and urban bad boy and Shehnaz Gill in white, the quintessential desi and cherubic angel, were destined to meet on the stage of Bigg Boss 13 last week of September 2019. We would have liked to make this sound syrupy sweet 🍭 and say there was no looking back after, but ask us Sidnaazians what they and we have been through smiley44 Boy have they pulled and pushed at each other like none! smiley22 And did it bear the best of outcome! SidNaaz’ journey inside the house was nothing short of a roller coaster ride from the point of view of the viewer. 

Here was Siddharth Shukla, with a commendable body of professional work as an actor, ticking all the boxes of Tall, Dark and Handsome, the macho Alpha man-child with a kind but mischievous smile, a penchant for one-liners and oh so delicious but well concealed  sarcasm but with a contrarian personality that seemed to suggest he was actually a well principled guy.

And then there was Shehnaaz Gill, who had begun to create a name for herself in the Punjabi music and movie industry, a Tik Tok influencer and with a unique voice and a natural sense of humour, a bubbly, effervescent and quirky desi child-woman, the epitome of innocence, who seemed to have absolutely no filter with it came to speaking her mind and who loved to laugh and make others laugh.

Together, they tugged at each other smiley43, confronted themselves and the other smiley44, foiled each other’s designs smiley5, toiled towards and for each other smiley9, hesitated at the unexplainable but inevitable pull they seemed to feel smiley24 and gravitated finally towards the only outcome the universe had planned for them- Being Together! smiley40

One of our biggest moments that followed then of course was Sidharth winning Bigg Boss 13 with a bang and with a huge voting margin. Congratulations again, Sidharth! smiley31

Sidharth not only won the bb13 title but also his ladylove Shehnaaz Kaur Gill smiley9who was a winner among the girls in bb13 & also 2nd runner up overall smiley16

Heres SidNaaz BB13 Finale Performance where Sidharth surprises Shehnaaz by dressing up like a Sardar towards the end of their act which was one of the dream & wish of Shehnaaz for her finale act smiley9

Once outside the house Sidharth has left no stone unturned in letting the public know that Shehnaaz is one of the most important people in his life. Interview after interview, he has been interrogated on his relationship with Shehnaaz and the dear gentleman has blushed and rolled about and stuck to his stance that the relationship status is the same as how it was inside the house and every Sidnaazian knows that the nature of their bond was nothing short of formidable inside the house, building from strength to strength.

Shehnaaz meanwhile, on the show Mujhse Shaadi Karoge had to face the toughest of moments and trying situations with real dating being the format of the show, but she has let the entire nation know that Sidharth is her biggest source of happiness and that she can never think beyond him and nothing else matters to her. It’s curtains came down today.

And so, here we are poised where we hope and pray that Sidharth and Shehnaz can pursue their life ahead as compete masters of their will, with a platter of good work to pick from, knowing that the universe had conspired to bring their chosen one to them sans all probabilities, for Sidharth needn’t have chosen this season to do so BB 13 and Shehnaaz wouldn’t have been in BB this season but for some turns of circumstances. Destiny always wins, so long as we long hard and deep enough! In a positive way ofcourse  smiley2 With that, Adieu for now! 

SidNaaz FTW for life! smiley40



Solo Projects:

Dil Ko Karaar Aaya- 29+ M views already smiley9

Sidharth's solo MV releases and it is a beautiful track and well shot too. Sidharth is literally the hero of the song and his relaxed attitude throughout is as charismatic as only he can execute. This man can romance a rock and make it all feel drooly sexy and cute smiley36 With much elan, he carries off the dance moves too- the dips, the holds.. everything, and I found myself pretty much tearing up  seeing him onscreen. Oh, the power of his presence on the frame! Neha matches him well. The song is a beautiful track and Yasser's rendition does it much justice. Rainy day, a book, a cup of coffee and Dil Ko Karaar Aaya hai toh, aur kya chahiye? smiley40Well done smiley32

Kurta Pajama- 74+ M views already smiley9

Kurta Pajama released! smiley40 Peppy number that has me on my feet! 💃 Shehnaaz is looking sexy adorable and the hook step is too cute and Tony’s voice is as smooth as ever! Loving the track smiley41  smiley9 The only complaint? It’s too short smiley36

Now to wait for a Sidnaaz project smiley9

Sidnaaz FTW for Life smiley40 Stay blessed and happy people

Signing off ❤️ 

Chat Club 101:

The rules of the chat club are quite simple. If you criticize either of our stars beyond democratic limits, you shall be shown the virtual doors. Also, as is common knowledge, the chat club is Invites Only and regular positive posters from the BB thread have been added in. Anyone who wishes to contribute by way of commenting (and not just stalking/liking for which you are most welcome) may inform us to the effect by PM and you shall be added in after common consideration. All other Chat Club rules apply.

Chat Club Member names after vetting and consultation with others have been inserted below (in alphabetical order). 

  1. -bleeeh-
  2. Achelvi
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  16. Divaprincess 
  17. EtherealRati
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  19. ghsp2fan
  20. hav123
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For non-members:

This is a Chat Club and not the forum. So opinions and discussions on everybody under the sun is allowed so long as all members are on the same page. Bashing alone is not permitted. So, reporting does no good if you get what we mean, unless you have a solid case. 


Chat Club Admin : Uma2010 & Jyoti06 (PM either of us for any queries)

CC 63 link:

Stop everyone

Whatever you are doing stop
And put Kaala teeka on our Khushiyan right now


Nimbu mirchi bhi

— Jiya 🥀🦋 (@Ohudeadppl) April 1, 2020smiley9
Posted: 11 months ago


From Soro Trader to Slice to BNatural to Pepsi to Dawat Rice to  Oppo Mobile -- SidNaaz is Everywhere.. 


And Kirukure broke all expectations! Nazar na lage!

And a beautiful Sana here... Mama Earth. I wouldn’t mind trying out the product myself 🤔

Darr Ke Aage Jeet Hai 👍

Sidnaaz have come up with a really vivacious endorsement for Mountain Dew and Shehnaaz outdid herself with totally the right attitude on her moves smiley32while Sidharth has been totally cute with his bountiful energy as only he can with his hair flying about smiley9 This endorsement from the duo had the Sidnaazian community quite thrilled yesterday with fun memes and VMs already off the oven smiley36

Bandish Bandits endorsement from Sana! I saw it out of Sidharth's Reel Story endorsement prior to Sana's and my Saturday was spent binge watching it. It's truly a landscape of Hindustani classical and a strong story line that sweeps us off our feet. No lesser than a good movie.

But Sana looks so cute endorsing this here! Oyy Hoii... Desi Sana smiley9

This man indeed has a unique personality! And boy does he look good smiley42 OPPO! smiley16

Wanna play Housi Quiz? Girl next door smiley40

For Indie this! And Sidharth's is showing off his biceps smiley36 Now if only he would hum for real too smiley42

Shehnaaz with Mama Earth Bhring Amla Hair Care line! Champi times smiley9 smiley42

Mountain Dew and Shehnaaz singing! This is something else now! smiley40

Pepsi Time! It’s a Save Our Restaurants Campaign! Glad to see them on major endorsements.

Shehnaaz showcase her beautiful singing talent as she supports the tribute called "Yeh Heartwork kehlata hai" by Lays India who collaborated with Smile Foundation to provide hygiene kits to our Labourers from different works of life smiley20..

Sidharth looks Dapper in Black Suit as he announces the launch of new Oppo Series Mobile with a inspirational message on Fame & Appreciation smiley32 :

Here's Sidharth again being the epitome of hospitality with Dawat Rice. This man can sell anything alright and make it look convincing toosmiley9!

And now its Shehnaaz turn endorsing the Dhani app. I am so game for our girl going Hindi- her product selling skills just leaps with the language shift. Loving it.

While Shehnaaz busy with Dhani App , heres Sidharth is promoting virtual gaming again, this time with poker! Somebody's looking too cool and brings back memories of BB with that jacket.. awww.

SidNaaz going places because they are Swag se Solo but not so Solo this Summer which has suddenly become all Cool : smiley15smiley16..SidNaaz hv become a huge brand in the world of Commercials today during Lockdown as their popularity continues to  sky rocketsmiley9..Kurkure is old now ..Welcome the New Swag smiley16

So lets start with the Swag Se Solo(but not so solosmiley17) challenge thrown by Salman for the Pepsi Brand smiley16..

Shehnaaz nailed the swag se solo challenge with her cool steps and proved to b the best after Salman smiley9

But then came Sidharth who just loves winning when it comes to some healthy competition and teasing game with his Moti smiley17..So heres Sid with his Swag se Solo challenge which he not only nails it to perfection but even tags his better half Shehnaaz to tease her with --See, I did better smiley36smiley9..Well we do agree with him that he was better here and mayb the best among all so far smiley16..Even Shehnaaz & Baaz agrees with him and puts a like on his video smiley17

And heres our Three Rockstars SalSidNaaz together nailing the Swag se Solo act to perfection smiley41smiley16..

After Pepsi with SidNaaz , we hv Sid and Naaz selling some thanda thanda cool cool drinks like Slice and BNaturals smiley16...

And then comes Sid asking all to stay cool by helping your Parents & Biwi at home by hving some delicious ice cream smiley17..We wonder whats this new fascination of Sid's Biwi chants off late smiley24smiley15..Sana liked this one too along with Baaz smiley17..

We wonder whats Next ..Mayb something meetha like Cadburysmiley17

If Rice ,Drinks and Desserts were not enough , then heres SidNaaz even promoting the Soro Trader Insta Page in their own solo yet not so solo way smiley16..


Shehnaaz talks with Raj Baddhan and pretty much makes things clear- fans, stay off personal life and stay with her too! smiley27

Shehnaaz with Faridoon

Part 1 of Sana's interview is out & as usual she is at her best when it comes to honesty smiley32..She speaks her heart out regarding the sad demise of Sushant and how she wish she was a friend to him & could stop him from taking such drastic step ..She also spoke about how one should never stay alone & surround themselves with people who give u positive vibes ..smiley9


Part 2 is all about her favourites ..She will love to playback for sara ali khan ..Kartik Aryan is her fav actor ..And she loves her solo fans ..smiley4

Part 3 finally gives us the SidNaaz content we were eagerly waiting for smiley42..She talks about her bond with Sidharth and how its same like it was in BB house & she wishes it remains the same in future too smiley9..Also she says she dont miss him much bec they regularly talk on phone & even met few times during lockdown & will meet again once lockdown is over ..ahemm we all know in reality why she dont miss him much smiley15smiley2..And no prizes fr guessing that her dream man is Sidharth Shukla & she dont mind fans discussing about her relationship on Social Media smiley16...Lastly loved when she confessed that Sid was her everything in BB house & also was honest enough to rate herself 7 out of 10 inside bb house as she admits doing few mistakes which could hv been avoidedsmiley32...

Part 4 sees another honest & cute side of Shehnaaz as she talks about her struggling days that made her strong & how she expects nothing but just loyalty in love smiley9..Also there comes a disappointment for her fanboys when asked about whether she will like to date one of her fanboys to which quick comes her reply as she says "pehle shayad date kar bhi leti lekin ab possible nahi hai" smiley15..Hmm we wonder why smiley2..

Last Part which is a Rapid Fire Round was the best out of the lot as Shehnaaz was honest, blunt and completely her real self smiley32..Most of the questions were related to Sidharth and she passed out with flying colors as she described him as protective in one word and when asked 3 qualities about her future husband , she said-Protective , Caring & Loyal*ahem* smiley15..Well we all know who was she indirectly hinting at here smiley9..Also she loves everything about Sid & gives him a perfect 10 & also will want to ask him ki " tu itna achha kyun hai" ..aww smiley9..She was also brutally honest when she was asked to comment on the controversial statement about whether Asim was deserving bb winner over Sid to which she snapped in style saying " yeh statement hee bilkul wrong hai bec Sid is deserving winner which I always knew from 2nd week itself way he ruled the bb house " smiley16..Can I just say Shehnaaz is biggesf Sidheart here bec she hypes and defends Sid better than anyone else including Sid himself smiley36smiley9..Last but not the least she shaded rest of the bb gang in style when she said "thank u fr giving me so much love as well as hate" smiley36smiley32


Sidharth's Much Awaited Interview with Faridoon :

Sidharth is at his candid best as he talks about some serious issues like mental health , nepotism & Sushant's untimely demise in Part 1

Part 2 & 3 is Sidharth at his candid best again as he replies to some tricky fan questions on his BB13 win , future projects , trolling , rumours etc etc ..He does a real good job with all the questions as he rightly deals with them all in his own smart way without giving out much smiley16 ..Also he admits that its wonderful how fans felt connected to us when asked about the record 3M SidNaazShines Worldwide trend smiley10

Part 4 also has interesting fan questions asking Sidharth about his opinion on dominating fans ,his views on finding true love, choosing between love or career , his reaction on fan gifts & his message for fans where he asks all to stay united , happy & together smiley20..Also he gives interesting reply about how he his life choices are well thought of & so his fans should support it when asked about dominating fans ..Last but not the least his views on how his true love should have a beautiful heart & should bring smile just by her mere presense perfectly describes Shehnaaz smiley9..

And finally the last part of Sid's interview comes in the form of a fun Rapid Fire where Mr.Sneaky Shukla says he wil not want his picture gallery to b checked if his phone is ever hacked ..hmm interestingsmiley15..Apart fm that he calls his BB journey a success & also says BB never harms your image unless u harm your own image inside house smiley20..


Posted: 11 months ago

Media Buzz on SidNaaz smiley40


Bhula Dunga Posters/Promotions/Trends/Media:

When Darshan Rawal announced Bhula Dunga with SidNaaz :

1st Poster Release of SidNaaz revealing their first look for Bhula Dunga :

2nd Poster Release of SidNaaz revealing the release date of Bhula Dunga :

3rd Poster release of SidNaaz for the countdown to the release date of Bhula Dunga :

SidNaaz Boomerang for the countdown to the release date of Bhula Dunga :

SidNaaz together promoting the release of bhula dunga exclusively on IndieLabel channel on Youtube :

SidNaaz's Bhula Dunga finally releases on 24th March :

Bhula Dunga started trending at no1 on Youtube within 3hrs after its release for record 3 days in a row :

Bhula Dunga BTS posted by Shehnaaz on Insta :

Bhula Dunga BTS on Sidharth's Channel :

SidNaaz asking fans to make Tik Toks on Bhula Dunga :

One of the Tik Toks on Bhula Dunga made by our cutie Shehnaaz :

Some Photoshoot pictures/video of SidNaaz for Bhula Dunga :

Posted: 11 months ago

Uma please rehamsmiley36

Keep first page sol for admin work only and let us begin from 2nd pagesmiley36

Will comment later on introsmiley40

Posted: 11 months ago

Originally posted by CatcherInTheRye

Uma please rehamsmiley36

Keep first page sol for admin work only and let us begin from 2nd pagesmiley36

Will comment later on introsmiley40

smiley36 Try kar sakte hai smiley20 Have been trying to edit out a lot... still everything of Sidnaaz feels too beautiful to take out smiley18

Edited by Uma2010 - 11 months ago
Posted: 11 months ago

Uma lots of love for you and thank you for thread 

I loved this para👇

And let's just remember to value our relationships and friendships. Let's value life and each other shall we? Chota sa life hai yaaro... why not spread love and cheer and help each other survive? 

Nazar ka tika for sidnaaz 🥺❤

@Jyoti ji miss you lots of love and positivity for you 🧡

Posted: 11 months ago

Originally posted by AngelsDevil

Uma lots of love for you and thank you for thread 

I loved this para👇

And let's just remember to value our relationships and friendships. Let's value life and each other shall we? Chota sa life hai yaaro... why not spread love and cheer and help each other survive? 

Nazar ka tika for sidnaaz 🥺❤

@Jyoti ji miss you lots of love and positivity for you 🧡

smiley27  Pooooooo... Thankyou smiley31

Posted: 11 months ago

Thanks Uma for new thread and for lovely write up as always

As far as ur complaining about members missing here, me being one of them will try to post though I read comments

Mayu is busy with housework office kids cooking plus drafts for trend etc so missing 

Indi is busy with streaming, she is doing it diligently, comes to GC also less

Even I'm busy with WFH, streaming, GC, saving drafts, trying to make sidnaaz post 1 M in IG, then unplanned trends smiley36 bahut kaam hota hai

Many are in same boat

Please convey our regards and love to Jyoti

Sidharth Shukla Shehnaaz Gill

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