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Posted: 8 months ago

                                               *** Kunal Karan Kapoor***

A versatile actor, and one of the most talented actors around.

They say a good actor is one who gives hundred percent to their character and pull you into their world. Kunal Karan Kapoor is one such actor who not only has played many characters but also  performed it with sheer brilliance, honesty and conviction. From the stammering nerd in Remix to the recent character of a goon with a golden heart Vasu in Na Bole Tum Na Maine Kuch Kahaa he has played variety of roles with perfection. With each passing day he has managed to strengthen his performance. Look at his eyes and expressions and you know that what he wants to convey and its because of his acting, that when he cries we cry with him and when he laughs it brings a smile on our face.

Born on 22nd August in Mumbai, Kunal has done his schooling and graduation in English literature from Mumbai University. Kunal wanted to be an actor since the age of 13 and started as a child artist in the popular show Rajini. In his own words, Kunal is a very moody person and when it comes to his liking he loves travelling, reading books, watching movies and playing games on his X- Box. He has also started taking a keen interest on photography and already made some few video edits. In his free time, Kunal likes discovering all kind of music and loves house music.

Dearest Kunal,its your birthday and on this auspicious day we all want to wish you happiness,good health,success and companionship in your life ...hope whatever you want you get it...may you travel a lot a passion you follow religiously...may you find the best in everything that comes on your way and

 of course you are the best of best so you deserve superlative...may you excel in your field of work and whatever you touch turns into gold...always keep smiling..keep spreading love and joy and above all keep rocking our rock star...

many many returns of the day Kunal Karan Kapoor...stay blessed...



The important thing to show your love and support for Kunal please join and comment on his IF profile


Posted: 8 months ago


Dear kunal it is my greatest pleasure to wish you happy birthday. ...my prayers always with you. ..may this year come with countless blessings of God and bring happiness good luck peace joy good health more honour and lots lots of travel in your life...may this birthday brings you happiness prosperity and joy...wishing you a birthday that is filled with fun joy and party...I wish to celebrate all the wonderful things that makes you so special..not just on your special day but everyday of the year...wish you all the success,happiness,joy,good health and lots lots lots of travel...enjoy your day with your loved ones...stay blessed. ..keep shining and smiling. ...


A wish for your Birthday

whatever you seek,

may you find

whatever  you wish,

may it be fulfilled in your birthday and always

may you be gifted with life's biggest joys

aftre all,you are a gift to earth

so you deserve the best

happy birthday


 It is 22nd Aug ...this year again  and we kunalians wait every yearfor this day which is like a festifal for us.I wish you all the luck and happiness for you.Cheers to the versatile actorof tellywood who has make a permanent mark in our heartsfrom a sick child in Rajani ti Mohit Naikar.cheers to this amazing journey,I pray you achive many many more milestones.WISHING YOU A HAPPY HAPPY HAPPY BIRTHDAY.


to Kunal Karan kapoor

I want to say that you are very special person

when I saw you first time ans now you are my inspiration

I learn from you polliteness how to be happy always and my love for you & your photography has increased

when i saw your clicks and superb photos

first most important thing is you are very nice and beautiful nature person

I love ,likeand respect you alot

the way you stay like that because you are awesome

Happy birthday KunalKarankapoor



Happy birthday to the most talented, hard working and enthusiastic actor of the industry.

Kunal sir, you are an inspiration of many young hearts..New generation will love to your style..

Kunalji, you have touched our hearts through your superb acting; your every work is a master piece of art..

ROCKSTAR! Is the correct word to define in a single work..you just rock the screen through your lively magnificent performances...

All the best for your rising career..

Keep entertaining and inspiring us..


K- for Kind hearted, from within;

U- for Upstanding,admired by all;

N- for Naive, your eyes behold innocence;

A- for Adventurous, the way you explore life;

L- for leader, a caring one;

K- for keen,an ever curious mind;

A- for Awesome, you do what you enjoy;

R- for Radiant, enlightening with your spark;

A- for Adorable, so you are;

N- for nurturing, the way you are;

K- for Kind, for your empathize;

A- for Amazing, an actor you are;

P- for pretty, that pretty smile!

O- for Outstanding, the person you are;

O- for optimistic, always;

R- for Refined, in your performance, manner's and style you carry;

Kunal Karan Kapoor, one in a million who is dear to All..

Keep Smiling sir

Wishing you a fabulous year ahead..

With best wishes,

Suchismita Mishra


When u buy something from an artist ... you are buying more than an object .you are buying hundreds of hours n experimentation . You are buying years of frustration n moments of pure joy. You are not buying just one thing.. ur buying a piece of heart .. a piece of a soul.. a small piece of someone else's life.Kunal karan Kapoor has played a variety of roles. Mohan bhatnagar, cadet yudhi, shaurya, inspector Krishna , varun, monty, angad yadav, sukhi singh, amrik Singh .If the artist has outer n inner eyes for nature .. nature rewards him by giving him inspiration- wassily kandinsky..Among the plethora of characters played by kunal... I have loved each and every role. My favorite being mohan bhatnagar (na bole tum na Maine kuch kaha) n cadet yadhuvansh sahni (left right left).Reams and reams has been written about mohan bhatnagar and kunal's portrayal as the upright news reporter. Today I would like to shed some light on cadet yudhi. Kunal is such a gifted actor and with his jaw dropping talent.. he gets into the skin of the character and lives us agape. No1 can get into the character like he does.As cadet yudi I was in awe of his depth of voice in an emotional scene. It was heartwrenching. Cadet yadhuvansh sahni.. a boy who wanted to prove his parents wrong n wanted 2 become someone in life without his parents help.Yudi was a confused boy who was on his way to find his destiny.. and this journey which makes him strong n determined.Many of left right left fans would have seen that cadet yudi didn't have much lines to speak... his expressions did all the talking. The characteristics of kunal was either annoyed, confused, scared, excited or angry.


Dear Kunal Beta

You are the one I turn to when I need to lift my mood. You are the one I treasure as a God given gift in my life. You are the one I who fills my life with beauty, joy and grace. You make my world I live a better and happier place. Having you in my life completes and fulfills every part of me.

I love and admire you not only as a talented and versatile actor but as a person also. Because for me you are an affectionate, caring, always cheerful, easy going, funny, naughty like a kid, gentle, honest and humorous person.

August 22nd marks one golden milestone as a bright shining star 🌟 is born whom I lovingly call him Kunal Beta.

May you continue to be blessed and follow your goals and ambitions to success. A very very happy happy birthday to you. Love you always. God bless you.


It's been more than 8 years when a Promo of a coming serial, got my attention big. The face of hero looked familiar. Remembered seeing this youngman, this Kunal Karan Kapoor, in another serial LRL way back, as fun-loving Cadet Yudi who was fed up of his rich parents pampering. His only wish was to enjoy freedom with friends. Memory increased interest. So watched show when it aired from 9th January 2012.I felt I'd hook to it ! Yeah! Na Bole Tum Na Maine Kuchh Kaha serial has that power to attract almost immediately. Along with it, came Mohan Bhatnagar, a character completely opposite of Yudi. Mohan Bhatnagar was mentally strong, determined, righteous, fierce reporter. Kunal fitted ditto in both. Hook-worthy, pleasant to watch was his personality !And the attachment with him continued !I searched about him on Google. What I read, I liked. Most that impressed was, sensing an honesty in his words, often blunt, raw but that's what made him trustworthy, lovable. What he said, he lived as well. Honesty has that long lasting power to impact. But on his professional front, season 2 of Na Bole Tum ... Frankly didn't impress audiences, except for brilliant acting of previous season's actors. Unfortunately the most lovable inspiring powerful characters were rubbed off with reversal of characterization. The MM that replaced them seemed either wrong or weak.But attachment with Kunal Karan Kapoor continued to persist as a person & actor.Time flew. Neither any other character like Mohan ever again surfaced on TV nor Kunal seemed same. He made mistakes and took too long to realize it & gather courage to redeem. So much was revealed about him and so much was lost in mind.As an actor, got glimpses of his acting now and then, rather rarely. What to say? Everything seemed going wrong for him, nothing fruitful, all dissatisfactory, disrespectful. Professionally his life seemed reversing back to where he started. But nothing could wash away memory of iconic Mohan Bhatnagar and NBT.Everything else has changed since then. He has changed. A hope still lingers in mind, 'he learned from his mistakes and will never again repeat it, nor forget to keep his own importance, his worth first & foremost in all actions he takes in present and future'. Let's see!His entry in web world too was short, but The Raikar Case series season 1 ended at such note where the character he played Mohit Naikraikar can take a U-turn and can be presented as strengthening and finally powerful like his father Yashwant Naikraikar. As Mohit, Kunal as if re-lived Varun or Yudi in season1, now can be transformed into strong Mohan. Yes! Kunal has and can carry both equally well. Hoping for the best and eager to watch. Soooo, on this birthday of Kunal, along with a "Happy Birthday Kunal", I wish he retains his confidence, courage, determination, self-respect to stand against all odds in future, particularly the odds he already faced. Being alone is better than being in weakening company!...That his sensibility remains firm and always handy so he doesn't succumb to desirous desperation. I know very well, our own weaknesses creates desperation in us, imagines excuses as well to convince self and this eventually leads to bigger disaster in life. No outside force can make someone repeat his/her mistake. Sabhi jaante hain, dekhi makkhi koi nahi nigalata!Wish him Good, rather Best Luck, best success he ever tested, best prosperity and above all True, full of love, blissful happiness in life. May all the stress-giving reasons take rest away forever in his life. With that....With love and best wishes Happy birthday Kunal Karan Kapoor.



Wishing you a magical birthday filled with wonderful surprises.May God bless this cute smile foreever.


Dear Kunal

Avery happy birthday to you.Keep doing the stellar work  you always do and keep on entertaing us all the time with such phenomenal performances.Mohan Bhatnagar was,is and wii be close to us fans because you portrayed him like a real character and sometimes we forgot that it.s fictional.All the best for all the roles you take up in future and we are always waiting eagerly to watch youonscreen .keep well doing these trying times and keep on shining bright you always do.have a wonderful birthday


an ardent fan



Happy Happy birthday Kunal Sir!!!wishing u all the happiness,good health n wealth!you're fans still loves u alot n always will.you've missed by u're fans everyday.I specifically adore u as spiderman.I still belive no one has played father better than u on TV still now.as u once said in u're interview that you want a daughter like nanhi...i wish God grants u with a beautiful daughter with whom u would share a beautiful bond.you were just amazing as Mohit in The Raikar Case.would love to see more variations of u're acting skills.lastly happy birthday onc again.stay safe stay happy n keep smiling.since u're the reason of u're fans smiles as well




you are a simple guy,an irresistibly  charming person and a true inspiration for your fans like.May your year filled with loads of fun,excitement and beaytiful memories.Wishing you good luck blessings and happiness,for today and everyday.


Dear Kunal sirI am Shreyashi, a biggest & craziest fan of yours. Here I just want to say how you come into my life & become my crush.In November, 2012,I saw your pic in my friend's phone. That time I really don't know who you are. I thought the picture in my friend's phone is her boyfriend. I told her that her boyfriend is soo handsome & too cute. After that my friends stare at me,so I ask her if I m saying something wrong. After seeing the picture she said that he is not my boyfriend he is a TV actor & his name is Kunal Karan Kapoor, who portrayed the character of Mohan Bhatnagar in Na Bole Tum Na Maine Kuch Kaha on colors. So I asked her about show time. Then she the show is off air now, bt it will come with a second season. I was really happy. Then I search about you in Google & I found that you worked in Mann Ki Awaaz - Pratigya as Angad. Sorry to say that time I really don't like any negative character, kyunki mujhe lagta tha ki jo log negative character play kar te hay real life me bhi wo log waise Hi hote hay. Par jab maine ap ko NBT me dekha to pehla khayal mere Mann me yehi aaya ki Angad & Mohan Bhatnagar ak Hi insaan kaise play kar sakte hay,ye banda to bilkul alag hay.March,2013 me meri 11th standard ki exam the,to mummy ne mana kar diya TV dekhne se bt somehow I convinced her. Sach kahu to jab bhi ap ki koi show dekhti hu to us waqt koi disturb kare to mujhe bahut gussa ata hay.After the end of the show I searched for season 1 in YouTube. In season 1 ak scene tha jaha Mohan ko goli lagta hay. Before seeing the episode I found an article about the episode. Thora sa padne k baad Maine chillai kyunki mujhe laga ki ap ko sach me I mean real life me goli lav gaya hay. Bad me Bhaiya ne kaha ki ye show me hua hay. Then I repeatedly forced him for download that episode.After my exam me & my family Varanasi gaye the 15 days k liye,that I was sad because I couldn't able to see the episode. After reaching hotel I saw a TV in manager's room. Maine apne papa se kaha ki wo manager se baat kare. The manager agreed. Us waqt holi k scene chal rahe the. I am really happy to see chawanni-spiderman reunite.After some month I saw the episode where mohan fall from the cliff, I just couldn't believe myself that mohan is dead. Main ye hi soch rahi thi ki ye ak show Hi to dekhti hu agar mohan Mar gaya to show ka kya hoga. In the meantime I love a negative character, golden hearted person Vasu Bhau. After 2 years you come back on-screen as Shaurya Urmi Sinha in Doli Aarmanon Ki on Zee TV & now senior inspector Krishna Shikhawat. You know what in on-screen when you cry,you make all your fan's cry,also when you laugh, you make all your fan's laugh.Mere Zindegi me aisa waqt aya hay ki Maine bas apki ak photo rakhne k liye phone se ak ak gaan delete kiya hay. Yaha tak ki Maine apni ph & memory card bhi change kar diya tha.Agar kabhi ap se mulakat hui to wo din mere liye bahut hi special hogi. It will be a dream comes true for me.At last bt not the least I really love your eyes which speaks volumes, love your acting, your dialogue delivery & specially your sharp nose & hair. Now this year you are back with a bang by The Raikar Case as Mohit Naik Raikar. I'm totally speechless, don't have any words to express or describe my feelings about the character. It's mind blowing. From introduction to your break down all are just fabulous. Specially the breakdown scene. I never think that some day Mohan bhatnagar will somehow fadded from my mind & heart but yes Mohit took the whole place of my mind. Can't get over from the character. Your fan Shreyashi


happy birthday Kunal.may you have a wonderful year ahead

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Posted: 8 months ago

An "actor" what is it?An actor is a person whoplay a role.He follows a script,do his best to follow what is it asked in it.But you...you do not do following the instructions,you give life to each of your characters...You give all of you so that it goes beyond all expectations...You always look for perfection...

A Fan what is it?A fan is someone who feels a strong admiration for a person,group of person.An actor who is so amazing...with such a great a level of your performance we can only love you... it just need to give you a chance and you dazzle us with a glance...

What a "fan" would like?A fan wants to see the person he admires on his screen everyday...We can be bad fans sometimes by asking you so much pics,be back on screen and harassing you with messages...but you as an actor and as a person you are just perfect...You always give us what we want...

Why a "fan"admires you?simply because you are an amazing actor.Your way to act is awesome.You train us with you in every scene.Whenever you are sad,happy we feel the same...you play each role so differently that we can't get bored watching your serials...whether positive or negative you play perfectly.

How much a fan can loves you?It is impossible to describe.So I will just tell how they want to see you...they want to see you happy,smiling,enjoying every second of life...I will just tell you what they wish to you...they wish you have all success you deserv,to have a long life filled of joy,love and funny moment...I will just tell you what they hope for you...they hope that you do all what you want and have all which makes you happy...I will just tell you one last thing...Your happiness is important for them...it is what why they want the most...After reading this can you feel how much they loves you?

Today is your birthday...this "fan" wish you a very happy birthday...I wish that each anniversary would be fullof suprises and more special years by years...

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Posted: 8 months ago







Image may contain: ‎Kapoor Karan, ‎text that says "‎happy brrinday There's Prayer Within my heart today that god will richly bless your birthday and each day All year with joy and Happiness. kunal sוr‎"‎‎

Image may contain: Kapoor Karan, text that says "HAppy BIRTHDY YOUR WAY A BOUQUET OF HA A WISH YOU HAPPY BIRTHD Kunal sir BUK G033 Art"


Image may contain: text that says "HAPPY BIRTHDAY KUNAL"



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Posted: 8 months ago

Edited by sona02 - 8 months ago
Posted: 8 months ago


"Picture sometimes says something that connects with people. Connection, that is what it is all about in the end" - Kunal Karan Kapoor.

I can only agree. Connection is what it is all about and Kunal Karan Kapoor knows the art of connecting. Be as in an actor or photographer.

For me a great artist is someone who express their inner self through their craft, who has insight, observe, are intense, convincing, passionate, creative and who brings out the beauty and sees it, which others may take for granted.

An artist is also someone who keep growing and changing, who get inspired and inspires others...who somehow make a different. 

Kunal Karan Kapoor as an photographer had some different phases. Some clicks are something that catch his eye, a moment and atmosphere, some beautiful, some has a silence and hidden storm in them and some pictures has a story to tell.

That is the beauty about pictures. They tell thousand stories. Being the motive on the picture or the old man sitting on a bench in the background or even the small flower that has started to bloom. Everything has a story to tell, and by capturing that moment of wishful thinking, hope and future you've managed to save a part of the world that would have been untold. 

Personally, I would love to watch Kunal Karan Kapoor work with his camera more. Would like him to make a short movie or something. Curious, what theme and subject he would choose. As an artist you create something you relate to and get inspired by. So, what would Kunal Karan Kapoor's short movie be about?

Watching him perform is like watching a painter paint on a blank canvas - colours blend, shapes emerge, lines connect, but the painter continues to paint and the painting continues to change.

It kind of sum it all up. As an admire of Kunal Karan Kapoor, I am waiting for him to pursue his passion. I am waiting to be part of that journey and watch where it will take him as an actor and photographer.

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Posted: 8 months ago

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Posted: 8 months ago

 Thank you so much to all the kunalians who send me their messages and edits for our rockstar Kunal Karan Kapoor our amazing actor and also an amazing and down to earth human being...lots of love to all...Kunal Karan kapoor happy birthday dear...stay blessed...keep shining and smiling...

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