Sharad Malhotra/Veer Singhania/AT 1: "Shaitan nahi...HAIWAAN"

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Posted: 5 months ago


A P P R E C I A T I O N  T H R E A D


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Sharad Malhotra

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Sharad Malhotra



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Sharad Malhotra as Veer Singhania.

Cheel, cheel, cheel, cheel … Veer is a shapeshifter who takes the form of a Cheel (Eagle). He is at first glance rough around the edges and gruff. He is not someone, one should tangle with. Veer Singhania runs a bar and is said to be involved in everything illegal. 

Intro has Veer breaking up his friend’s wedding!! It was a good thing but of course the way Veer handled it, rubbed just about everyone the wrong way. He is arrogant and absolutely confident in his abilities that he easily took a beating to see a smile grace his girl, Bani’s lips. 

Veer is charismatic, absolutely and irrevocably in love. He is willing to die for it should Bani want death for him. A villain, absolutely not!! A layered grey character, that is who Veer Singhania is. 

Sharad Malhotra is not a new face. He is a powerhouse of talent with multiple shows and roles under his belt. He breathes life into Veer Singhania. Every emotion, every expression is perfection. Sharad is Veer when he’s onscreen. There is no doubts about it. Given fact, everyone is in love with Veer and the credit goes to Sharad for such a phenomenal performances.

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Rules and Regulations of the AT


-Please follow the Naagin 5

  • Welcome to discuss the storyline in general, primary discussion should be about Sharad and Veer,whom this AT is dedicated too. 

    Any negative(bashing/filthy language) comments/opinion on other characters/actors or on storyline that are not relevant to the thread's topic.

  • Any personal attacks, bashing, pinpointing, name calling against members or characters/actors in the show willnot be tolerated.
  • Members can discuss relevant scene where other characters are involved but without any speculation! 
  • NO discussion about other fan groups, forum members etc allowed in the ATs. 
  • Do not spam the thread with pictures, creations, one liners like "I love Veer" etc to finish the current AT.
  • DO NOT quote more than three times.      
  • Please listen to your admins ,take admin notes seriously .If you have issues with the AT admin and their rules ,please PM mods 

First Violation - Warning Note  

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Sixth - Close AT for 1 week (7 Days)  

Seventh - Get rid of AT completely from the Naagin 5 Forum/Shift it to Celebrity Fan Club Forum.


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Welcome guys:)

Posted: 4 months ago

smiley40hayee sharad At please add me im die hard sharad fan❤️

By the way im vardhini 

Posted: 4 months ago

Originally posted by vardhinirosid

smiley40hayee sharad At please add me im die hard sharad fan❤️

By the way im vardhini 

welcome to AT:)

Ssharad Malhotra Naagin 5 

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