Kahaan Hum Kahaan Tum Written Updates & Daily Discussions Thread # 32.

Posted: 1 months ago

Kahaan Hum Kahaan Tum Written Updates & Daily Discussions Thread # 32.Image

Posted: 1 months ago

Thank you for the new threadsmiley31

Thread ki shuruaat mujhe rant se nahi karnismiley36 So here's a RoNakshi picturesmiley42smiley27


Sippy boy is smitten by his Sonasmiley37smiley42

The way they look at each othersmiley43

Posted: 1 months ago

Originally posted by Anusha_DipsFan

Biggest: Sippys becoming flippys... Confused characterization of them towards the end... Rohit Mumma boy got on my nerves... Sona ki Parvati aatma at some points was so annoying... Second casting of Nishi... Sikcand gets on my nervessmiley36... 

Aaj ke liye itna kaafi haismiley37

True!! My KHKT stan, KarPika stan and RoNakshi stan cannot be revoked!smiley14

Sikcand ka stan kabhi tha hi nahismiley37

Yup! Even the after leap story was so messy. Rohit became bewda MLsmiley26 Sona became submissive to her mom when we were supposed to get a really strong, patthar dil Sona 🤧

Sikcand stan kaun hai bhai?smiley39

Posted: 1 months ago

Originally posted by Sree_mk

My reply to this tweet :

1. I didn't liked Rohit character at all after he manhandled Sona. I hate those ML's who mandles FL's smiley7.

2. KHKT fans tried their best to save the show. I doubt if the producer also tried his best to save the KHKT show smiley21. I didn't liked the producer for some reasons.

3. I honestly felt KHKT had a best story line till writer Virendra was there. After that I didn't like KHKT show story line that much.

4. After the first 82 episodes, KHKT lost it's charm somewhere. After that, I watched KHKT only to see Dipika Kakar Ibrahim face and acting. I liked KVG performance also but after that manhandling episode, I didn't liked Rohit character. 

5.I expected maker will give equal importance to both Sona and Rohit families. But they didn't gave any impressive scenes to Sona family. They showed Sona's mother and sister characters as a negative/grey shaded characters most of the time. They completely ignored Sona's father character. Only Pulkit is good but he also didn't got good screen time. In the same way, makers didn't gave any importance to Sona and Karan love story. They only focused on Rohit and Raima love story. 

6. The acting of the actors who played Karan Raima and new Nishi roles were big disappointment for me.

7. In KHKT, makers unnecessarily gave so much screen space to side characters. Some actors who played side characters were not up to the mark in terms of acting and screen presence.

The list will be go on. So, I am stopping my rant here.

P.S: I am disappointed with KHKT makers and channels for some reasons. But I really liked Ronakshi scenes( except that manhandling scene ) and both the leads performances smiley27

1. IKR!! Why the hell is ITV so obsessed with ML manhandling the FLsmiley7 Is there no other way to show hatred?smiley29 Rohit manhandling Sona literally shadowed Karan's performance because I just hated any scene where anyone be it Sona, Pari, Tapasya were manhandled!smiley21

2. OMG I've always felt the same! Mr. Sikcand didn't give his best to save the showsmiley21 Instead he was busy with BBsmiley29 He has such a wrong attitude.

3. smiley20

4. Same!smiley37 Infact KarPika and RoNakshi became an addiction, it wasn't possible for me to let gosmiley27 Maybe I was hoping for improvement which the leap did bring but Shitplus pulled the plugsmiley26

5. Totally agreed! Also, Sona was just shown as a person dealing with family and then shoot and back home. Makers! Where was her friends circle??smiley29 

6. Totally!!

7. I don't need to add to thissmiley20

Bhadaas nikal li humnesmiley37 

It was for KarPika and RoNakshi that we were standing by KHKT. Nahi toh mujhe koi shouk nahi hai Nishi booo ko dekhne kasmiley36 

KHKT being pulled off so brutally kinda dilutes the rubbish tracks. But my dislike for Sikcand is not diluted at allsmiley22 Neon once posted about KHKT could be produced by Shahi... Maybe I didn't agree then but looking at Sikcand's idiocy and hypocrisy, I think I agree nowsmiley39

Posted: 1 months ago


Lol is it only me who initially liked this gesture... But now I just do this- smiley29...smiley37

Posted: 1 months ago

I agree with you all smiley7

Now my turn smiley15

(1) Frankly speaking if Khkt never had those first 82 episodes and Ronakshi. I would have never watched this show. The toxicity was trippled after marriage IMO. I simply hated the fact that Rohit manhandled Sona & Pari. Tapasya deserved the manhandling, but yeah there's a but. This could have been handled way more sensibly.

(2) Sickand was sooooo busy in chattering about that stupid BB13 that he completely side lined his own show and i simply hate this.

(3) The time when Naira, Mishti and even Prerna was wearing ravishing indo western outfits. Our Sona was shown in GAMCHAA type sarees smiley37I will never forgive cvs for this. Even after leap dresses where nothing stunning, it was kinda same recycling the old stuff. And the most irritating episode when Sona jumped into the garbage to find some shit (I dont even remember). I mean what even. Do din nahi hue the she got married to Rohit and they shown her like a garbage cleaning lady. She is actress Sonakshi Rastogi Sippy or Gangu teli smiley11

(4) The cinematography and lights. Aaaaaaaah. I had to increase my phone's brightness fully still i didnt understood what the hell did happened. The episode where Sona met with an accident was sooo OTT. She turned and the truck hit her, the blood was shown as if like milk is splashing on screen. I mean cheee ye kya bakwass thaa. smiley37smiley11

(5) No promo for wedding. Go to hell Starplus !!! smiley35

(6) Now importantly, I used to watch khkt for Ronakshi and some other SANE & CUTE characters. Not for Pari & Rohan's third class EMA. They completely sidelined Pulkii and Pooja was shown so obnoxious at a time ! Pathetic.

(7) Hated the fact that they turned a beautiful dream wedding into ORANGE WEDDING !!! People literally compared it with GOT's Red Wedding. I mean what the hell, Sonakshi is a big tv actress and Rohit is a popular cardiac surgeon, their marriage should have been in atleast outdoor like Goa or somewhere in foreign. Ye kya ghatiya marriage hall book kiya thaa Suman ne paise bachane ke chakkar mein smiley38

(8) CYLINDER DIDI should have never been a part of this show ! Never never never never never !!! smiley21smiley11

(9) Why Veena Why !!! Why did you destroyed your character and became characterless yourself !!! Why Sona why you turned yourself so MAHAAN !!! Why Rohit Why you didnt supported Sona !!! Why Naren Why did you wore saree only to scare audience smiley37 (kidding). Whyyyy Badimumma Whyyyy did you played STATUE OF LIBERTY !!!! smiley37

(10) SR !!! 😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭

I am ending my rant here but abhi bhi rant baaki hai smiley37

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Originally posted by Sakpika


Lol is it only me who initially liked this gesture... But now I just do this- smiley29...smiley37

This scene made me realized today

Kyunki new normal bhi kabhi normal thii smiley37smiley37

One more one more...smiley26

Kyunki Flippys bhi kabhi Sippys the smiley37smiley37

Posted: 1 months ago

@Sree After watching Pinjra's promo i feel the show is a very regressive concept and this will help the show to increase its trp. smiley26 Like Omkar (Main lead) wants to win Mayura's (Female lead) love by kidnapping her. I mean what even is this ! Dimaag ka dahi kardiya smiley37

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