Are Kriti Sanon and Shraddha Fake Too ?

Posted: 11 days ago

They both went to Sushants funeral, did a whole dance online about him .... lots of concern shown

But why are they quiet now ? Not asking for justice ? Wasn’t Kriti an ex too?  

They don’t have to give verdicts.... but can’t they at least ask for justice ? 

Posted: 11 days ago

More than shraddha miffed with kirti.. Shraddha seems an acquaintance not a close friend

Writing some poems won't be enough kirti.. 

Speak up if you know something.. Nd most probably you must be knowing 

Posted: 11 days ago

What would the message entail ?

Justice for Sushant or Sushant needs justice ? Just those simple words everyone is going on about ?

Unless you expect them to mention Rhea ?

Posted: 11 days ago

Kriti never loved SSR for real .. it was a casual affair for her ... also for the hype and movie promotion for raabta ... she was not serious with SSR else she would not left him .. just my POV

Posted: 11 days ago

Originally posted by Maroonporsche

What would the message entail ?

Justice for Sushant or Sushant needs justice ? Just those simple words everyone is going on about ?

Unless you expect them to mention Rhea ?

I just want Bollywood to come together and protest for CBI probe. This is the least they can do.

Posted: 11 days ago

Kriti till date never accepted she dated SSR even though its not hidden fact in industry that SSR left Ankita for her. Many do deny their relationship with ex so its not anything new. We don't know how their equation was post breakup. Not everyone is cordial with their ex. Even SSR and Ankita were not in touch post separation. 

As for Shraddha the girl is genuinely nice. She had her own struggle due to the whole sting operation drama. 

With SSR as his number kept changing his own family close friends were not able to reach him. With lockdown rules the situation got more worse I suppose. 

Posted: 11 days ago

Never found Kriti Genuinely feel for Sushant more than what a normal frnd must feel. She is not that much shaken as Ppl here Shipping them beleived..

Yes it was shocking for her, she was hurt and she didn't fake anything in all these. Her feelings were true and what many of frnds will feel after a sudden demise of someone..

Also she kind of hinted 'trouble in his mind' and Kind of supported the 'depression' thing doing rounds even when Everyone close to Him said He wasn't even effected then. Maybe She thought to go with the flow or knew something is beyond my comprehension. 

But if she was so vocal in Supporting the Suicide by Depression for the Blind theory made by fans - why not just #JusticeForSushant or #CBIforSushant just once and support his family seeking justice.

It's totally her call to do this or not but the SushKirti fans made them sound like the Most compatible partners and stuff I am saying this.

They never seemed to be in 'love' might be normal affair which happens and it's not wrong. Both of them aren't wrong. 

It's juts that when you were supporting One Theory and Called off the Fans, Medias everyone trying to speculate what went so wrong that he took his own life? Then Be Vocal enough to Support another theory backed by a Legal FIR. Y were they trying to shovig the His Mind lead to his death theory down our throats so Aggresively (TALKING ABOUT WHOLE OF BW HERE)

Asking CBI investigation no where means calling Rhea criminal. You can ask it to just prove that Nepotism didn't made him do this or lead to Depression. You can do it if u GENUINELY Care (because he needs the Support now more than ever because he is no more to clear his stand).

Clearly BW doesn't want people to know how Ugly and Life threatning few situation can be in BW and also who r those powerful people.

Posted: 10 days ago

Kriti is an extremely important person in this whole saga. She can shed light on Sushants mental health and tie a lot of loose ends. 

I can understand her dilemma though. If she claims Sushant was mentally disturbed, she faces the wrath of the witch hunters and gets called a boot licker. If she claims Sushant was perfectly normal, she still gets embroiled in this case having to provide intimate details of their relationship.

Regardless, she needs to come forward and shed some light. It will go a long way in providing justice & closure for everyone concerned. 

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