Getting tired of the franchise, anybody else feel the identical?

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Posted: 7 days ago

As a basketball fan and a person who has consistently put in tens of thousands of hours MyCareer annually because NBA 2K15 I'm beginning to construct a fervent hatred towards this franchise. I feel like NBA 2K has gotten worse since NBA 2K17. That match was the last time I could confidently look back and say I enjoyed myself when me and my friends jumped to playwith. It was the last time some of us even made it to legend rep. the entire atmosphere and vibe was different back then, and you were not extremely restricted in what you can do. I remember every build had a 95 in damn near every stat at NBA 2K. Your player really can do it all. I felt like a real NBA all star. Dribble moves were pleasant but so smooth and fluid. Posterizers looked crazy, green lights. It was fun when everyone could do everything.

Now when I play with 2K20, I am reminded of how poisonous park has become with limitless range and screens being overpowered for the previous few decades straight. So much so that I have fully stopped playing with park. I know play in the Jordan Rec which has its problems too. But then I realise I can just shoot at the ball and load up my playmaking shot founder. With dribbling being so heavily nerfed and the CONSTANT driven animations if it be being made to run towards the rim, or getting bumped by a defender once and losing ALL stamina, there is really no point in iso anymore (at least at the rec). So I end up either sitting in the corner for the majority of NBA 2K hoping my man leaves me open or calling for a display EVERY play in hopes that somebody is open.

Nowadays 2K believes that if you are tall, seemingly you cant dribble or shoot and end up with crazy low stats, or whether you're a shooter you cant dribble and slash also, you HAVE to select one or the other. Archetypes have sucked at all of the fun out of NBA 2K entirely. I'm supposed to be playing NBA 2K offering me the experience of being as good as some of the greatest players on the planet. Kevin Durant, more and Kyrie Irving James Harden, are all players with assets to their match. Driving, completing, tight grips, hitting shots and off the dribble from anywhere on the court and playing excellent defense when needed are some of the many traits they posses. But when building your MyPlayer you're restricted so that you can only select two.

Parks are dead now, there are hardly any clothes to choose from compared to what was in the store from 2K15-2K17. Hairstyles are lacking and a few from prior games have even been removed for a few reason??? I can travel to a different park if I get tired of this present scenery because affiliations are all gone. I cant even use my skateboard about the park anymore what's the point in buying it!?. I don't know man, when I look back at what 2K was it makes me unhappy to see exactly what it has become today. And for three years today the match hasnt gotten any better. There's no competition when it comes to basketball video games so the developers can literally get away with being lazy and greedy since there's not any real danger of losing customers to a different franchise. AND THE WORST PART ABOUT ALL OF THIS IS. ill probably continue to purchase NBA 2K year after year even it its poor JUST because I really like basketball. Hopefully I'm not.

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