OSRS is the ideal example of getting back to basics

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Posted: 7 days ago

You need old graphics? Just click on a button. That's possible right now. Remeber that house in lumb that has been changed? Why people complaning about this? That's rather playerbase RuneScape don't need. That player base will let OSRS stop from growing. If you think as OSRS just a"nostaligic" match, the only players who will keep playing would be the old ones, and we are becoming old AF. Anyways, OSRS will need to create history, it require new skills, it require more areas to see, it require more creature to slay, that's a fact. But allow RS3 keep that summoning and dunge background and add a brand new one for OSRS. Cause both games now, do not share the same background anymore.

I would agree that it's varied content that is articles and more. You can do anything from conventional bosses to raids for experiences that are different. I'd say the most important thing osrs lacks is as big of a minigame existence. Pre eoc had plenty of different minigames to play. If osrs had all the minigames I'm not sure whether they would actually receive exactly the exact same amount of use as back then but it is one thing that I miss about the old days pre eoc. There was a massive clan scene round minigames too which kept players that are maxed interested in playing. Currently on OSRS after maxing there's only really pet hunting, and if you are not interested, there's zero reason to play.

I can't think you're an outlier here. Pre EOC RuneScape was really complete with a lot more content for a lot of players, but not just the pvm community. Stealing production, and soul wars are just two that are far superior than anything presently and should be brought back. Dungeonerring is raids, but BIS using untradeables, and also a lot better reward method. Quest shrewd is was far superior, and images wise far superior. The citadels are hated by people, but to me it made being in a clan greater than simply having a team to pvm with. Nobody would have asked for OSRS, if development of battle never arrived. That reminds me.

2007 was the point. It has been 2007 long enough. We can include more content than just benefits pick players and allows new people to join and have fun with the things we all enjoyed growing up. I still enjoy playing RuneScape and do intend to get the journal cape sooner or later. But I do not really find it rewarding to grind to this goal. I feel as the OSRS youtube\twitch streams has greatly influenced the way we look at RuneScape and the things we wish to perform inside. When you reach the point where you are at, things take a long time to do that it clearly is not worthwhile for me and I'll do minigames or make lab accounts or something.

"Bloat" has become the term I was searching for when comparing contemporary, bloated games to the exceptional matches of yesteryear. Thank you for that. OSRS is the ideal example of getting back to basics that are strong, together with the addition of modern conveniences as you mentioned and cutting off bloat. Delete OSRS and bring classic. PVP is straightforward, you struggle, three strikes no running, no eating, no teleporting. No complaints regarding running or safing. Duel anywhere! Is now the duel arena, for visiting some shack in the desert no demand. Everybody's an Ironman! Not because you can not trade, it merely requires sooooo that you are better off just doing it yourself. After the time of attempting to halt the multipler that is golden from overpaying you'll understand.

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