Politics vs Relationship

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Posted: 16 days ago

I started this thread because I heard some people have broken up over political disagreements and differences in ideologies. 

I know that people have polarized opinions when it comes to Trump, for instance. If your partner has voted for Trump and you are vehemently against everything Trump stands for, would you let it slide and stay in the relationship? Would you be able to set aside political ideas and compromise with your partner since they're an important part of your life, albeit with different political opinions/leanings?

Posted: 13 days ago

If we see the political spectrum of most modern democratic nations, the political parties are usually aligned within just left of centre to just right of centre. Very few legitimate political parties, are far left or far right. Most political parties try to maintain a balance which position them closer to the centre. Most politicians themselves, even from differing political parties, usually stay on good terms with each other. Many are quite close friends despite their political differences. That is their livelihood, yet they don't let their political affiliation affect their relations in personal life. That should make us, common people leading ordinary lives, think how worthwhile it is to fight over political parties and political affiliations.

Of course there are certain exceptions, like endorsing hateful ideologies such as Nazi or ISIS or extreme left wing ideologies. Because in such cases, these ideologies are so far right or left that they don't have space for any sane discussion. These ideologies are mostly built on exclusivity and hatred for other communities/ classes, which if endorsed by a person will mean, that the person is equally hateful and cruel.

Posted: 12 days ago


You raise some interesting points about the political spectrum. But when I see someone going all out with the red MAGA hat on, I am still appalled at the sheer audacity. Granted, they might not be fully right winged but I fail to differentiate them from the rednecks in the heart of Alabama who are busy attending pool parties in the middle of covid lockdown. They are, after all, both Trump enablers.

Another thing you mentioned was how politicians are friends behind the scenes. While that may be true, it unfortunately doesn't mean the same for people who subscribe to their policies and thought processes. What they represent in the media have real impacts on people's lives and decisions--people like us who vote. Yes, ideally, none of it should faze relationships, but they fuel pretty het up arguments within friend circles and people have broken up and gotten divorced over it too.

A lot of Trump supporters also happen to be men from what I've noticed. Think about it this way--there's a stellar human being who is kind and treats women and people of all races with utmost respect. He's a 10/10 on all counts ..... except he votes for Trump.smiley36 What's a girl supposed to do in this scenario? You can switch the gender around and mull over that too.

I don't think it's just a political disagreement when it comes to Trump. I personally think your fundamental values need a serious introspection if you're voting for someone like him. People might be perfectly decent human beings otherwise but when you scratch their surface, there must be some level of misogyny, entitlement, racism, and sexism if they can place any level of faith on that baboon. It says a lot about their beliefs and character and I can see why women would see it as a red flag and run for the hills.

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