Harry Potter and the Return of Voldemort

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Posted: 1 months ago


Welcome to yet another Harry Potter Fan Fiction!

Many of you, who have been here a long time, may have seen this fan fiction here before.

Well, yes, it's the same one!

What's new? Why am I re-posting?

Well, I stopped posting two years ago as I got dead busy with work. I am still busy, but I can manage some time now and I missed this fan fic. That's one reason to re-post.

The second reason is that, 2 years ago, this same story wasn't so well-developed. I have made major additions throughout the book, so the old readers will see many differences from the previous book.

The third reason for re-posting is that IF has blocked the previous post so no one, including me can comment on it ever again!

Anyway, so here I am, with a fanfic, that I hope you will love reading!

For the new readers, WELCOME!

I hope your journey on this thread and many others to come will be awesome!

Enjoy reading and keep commenting! 😃

 Table of Contents

Chapter 1: The Wedding

Chapter 2: The Trio

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Chapter 1: The Wedding


The Godrics Hollow was bustling with activity. Particularly, the street leading to the Potter House seemed to be overcrowded, with guests carrying gifts and flowers, greeting everyone they knew along the way, as they entered the magically enlarged front yard of the house.

The chatter of hundreds of guests was adding to the fireworks that kept going off every fifteen minutes, entertaining the little witches and wizards who were attending the wedding. 

This was no ordinary wedding. It was the wedding at the Potter House. The Potters had opened their doors to everyone they had ever known for this event. After  all, this was the first next-generation wedding in their family.

Harry Potter’s Godson, Theodore Remus Lupin was getting married to Victoire William Weasley. Not only was this a union between the Potters and the Weasleys, it was also a union of love. Both Ted and Victoire had met and fallen in love with each other at Hogwarts. 

Today, four years later, they had decided to take their relationship to the next level and finally, tie the knot.  

“Nervous?” Ted turned to look at the most beautiful girl he had ever laid eyes on.

“Nah! A bit maybe…” He smiled finally giving in to her  inquisitive eyes.

Vic, who had escaped the make-up room to see Ted before the wedding was dressed in a beautiful white gown. She was already part Veela,from Fluer’s side, but today, she seemed to glowing because her dream of marrying the love of her life was finally coming true.

“You look amazing…” Ted took a step towards her as she smiled shyly at him.

“You’re not lookin’ too bad yourself.” She said smiling widely at his raised eyebrows.

“Alright, I’ll take that, for now. We’ll see that after we get the wedding photos.”

Vic laughed out at his attempt to humor her. She was glad he understood how desperately she needed a distraction today. However, as she thought of the wedding photos, her smile faded.

“He won’t be in my wedding photos either. I always hoped he would at least be in one of those, even if it cast a shadow on the rest of us.” She sighed as Ted lifted her chin up so she could look into her eyes.

“Hey, I’ll be there. Won’t that be enough?”

She smiled again at his words, “You’re right. You’re all I need.” She hugged him as he let her. She had smiled to satisfy him that she was fine but she really wasn’t. She had never imagined to celebrate her big  day without her father, and yet here she was. Bill Weasley, had to be locked away inside the Burrow’s attic as the full moon shone brightly in the sky. The werewolf curse he had suffered at the hands of Fenrir Greyback, haunted him to this day. 

Unfortunately, Vic’s wedding date had been on full moon. She had insisted on changing the date, but it was the only day the maximum of her family could attend it. Fluer had then asked her not to change the date. Bill  had agreed he would stay home and thus the reception for their wedding had been arranged at the Potter House.

Ted and Vic stood holding each other unaware that they were not alone in this silent corner of the Potter House back yard.


She looked mesmerizingly beautiful today, and why wouldn’t she? She was the most beautiful girl he had ever seen. He stood inside her make-up room observing her as he stood by her window, disillusioned. He had literally climbed up the window, just to see her dressed as a bride. He stood there drenched in her immaculate beauty, knowing very clearly that she was not his bride.

She did not love him, anymore.


He stood by the library as it had emptied of all students. It was the last day of the term and everyone was excited to return home for the summer vacations, except, of course him. 

He was just going to close the library and go back to his dormitory.

He had just gone inside the library as the last student had departed when someone quite unexpected had walked in, shutting the door behind her. It was Victoire, as pretty as ever, her Hogwarts’ robes on, apparently ready to board the train. She had a book in her hand. He stood staring at her,quite stunned. Perhaps, she had forgotten to return the book.

“Were you ever going to tell me?” She spoke up abruptly catching him off guard.

“Tell you what?” He asked cautiously.

“How you feel about me!” He opened his mouth to pretend to act surprise when she interrupted him. “Don’t you dare lie to me! I heard you, clearly. You can tell Twix how you feel, but you won’t tell me?” She looked into his heavily lidded brown eyes, trying to see past them and yet she couldn’t. For a moment, she felt as if his eyes were welling up, then he blinked,gulped down and answered her.

“I don’t know what you’ve heard.” He said looking fora reason to ask her to leave. “You will miss your train home if you don’t go now.” He said abruptly as she opened her mouth to tell his exactly what she had heard.

She looked at him bewildered. Why was he doing this to her? He didn’t say anything else but she knew she couldn’t leave without talking to him. “I love you. I don’t know, for how long or since when, but I think, I have fallen in love with you.”

He stood shell shocked. She had repeated the exact words to him that he had been saying to Twix when he had told him, how badly he wanted to say these words to Vic and yet, he couldn’t know.

He turned away from her, not able to meet her eyes, “I don’t know what you’re talking about…”

“Stop lying!” She strode in front of him and grabbed the front of his long black robe, with the Gryffindor’s emblem on its front. “Your eyes follow me through every corridor and every staircase of this Castle. I meet your eyes the first thing in the morning and I see your eyes, the last thing before I leave to my dormitory. You have followed me for seven years. I know you haven’t said anything to me but I am done keeping up this silence! I don’t know about you, but I love you!”

He broke away from her, taking a couple of steps back. He thought for a few seconds then looked into her eyes with assurance. “But I don’t… I am sorry, if I made you feel this way…I just don’t feel the same way…”

As he said these words, tears leaped down her eyes.She threw the book she had brought in a corner and ran out without another word to him.


His eyes snapped open as the memory he had been trying to bury deep inside him resurfaced. 

He looked at her a moment. She was happy,without him and she was in love but was she truly in love?

As she sneaked out of her room, her followed her, only to find her meeting Ted. He stood watching them in each other’s embrace until he couldn’t anymore. His patience gave in and tears leaped down his eyes as he stood regretting that he had never told her the truth. He gulped down and decided to walk away from their lives, forever.

He wiped his tears, and strode out of the wedding, unseen and unheard by anyone.


“What did I tell you? It’s bad luck to see the bride before the wedding!” Ginny Potter who had stepped out in the back yard of their house for a moment of peace, had found Ted and Victoire in a hug here. She scolded them instantly and they bolted back inside the house before anyone else caught them together, to their separate rooms, waiting to be called for the ceremony. 

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Amazing, Peri! Welcome back! I am so so happy to see you back! It will be great to read up my favorite HP series again. Lots of love, dear

Posted: 19 days ago

I love stories about Harry Potter created by fans. It is very difficult to part with your favorite characters after reading the original story. Thank you for continuing to create this world further.

Posted: 11 days ago

Chapter 2: The Trio

Quite a lot of work was to be done for the wedding. Ginny could be seen running around pointing her wand at the falling chandelier, at the wet floor, at the here and there spread wrappers of candies and what-not. She had escaped from the house to take a breather, now it was time to go back and get everything wrapped up quickly. She seemed more like her mother when it came to getting-the-work-done-quickly-thing. 


As all the guests settled down, Harry, Ron, Hermione and Ginny joined the gathering themselves. Before calling in the Bride and Groom for the ceremony, the Trio walked down the aisle as fireworks exploded above them. Harry, Ron and Hermione were now popularly known as the Trio. Their feats at the Battle of Hogwarts were not as much of a secret as they had been 20 years ago. They had revealed a few harmless details to the wizarding world as they had begun to rebuild the wizarding world after the horrendous battle no one had forgotten even now. They were heroes that every child knew of and then they had gone on to continue to bring change in the Ministry that had long been denied due to the bureaucracies of the past. Their years of hard work had brought unprecedented change in the Ministry of Magic, especially the Auror Department. Both Harry and Ron were celebrated Aurors and Hermione had become an Ambassador for Peace and Fraternization with Intelligent Magical Creatures after serving for a good 5 years in the Law and Enforcement Department with Harry and Ron. Then she had found her calling and for the last 15 years she had worked for the welfare of and to get equal rights for Intelligent Magical Creatures who had for years lived under the shadow of wizards, including Centaurs, Goblins and House Elves.

The Trio were nothing short of celebrities and they never failed to embrace it. They got more applause than Vic and Ted did as they were finally called for the ceremony.  

Ted and Vic were welcomed into the yard by the Trio’s children. They had prepared their own forms of gifts for the couple, after all they were all cousins. Harry was now 37 years old. He had three beautiful children; James was starting his third year at Hogwarts, Albus was starting his second year and, Lily's first year was going to start the next day at Hogwarts. Ron had a daughter, Roses, also starting her third year at Hogwarts this year and a son Hugo who still had a year left to turn 11 years old and step into the best wizarding school in Britain.

Harry had raised Ted like his own son. But he had never hid from him who his parents were. Remus and Nymphadora had given their lives to protect Harry. Their son was his salvation. He had fulfilled his obligation of being Ted’s Godfather to the best of his ability. As he stood watching him on the aisle, he felt his eyes filling with tears. Remus would have been so proud of Ted if he had been here today. He wiped his eyes quickly as Draco Malfoy came over to greet him with his wife and son Scorpio. 

“Many congratulations to you and your family!” He shook Harry’s hand.

“Thanks for coming,” Harry nodded to him. Malfoy who had spent years building back the trust his family had lost had earned this respect. He was now serving at a senior position in the Law and Enforcement Department in the Ministry. Harry had even heard rumors he was the next choice for the Head of the Department. He had trained Ted during his internship as an Auror. Now, Ted was working as an Auror under Terry Boot and Michael Corner both of whom were Head of Security for two countries as ordained by the Wizengamot and its Head Ricardo Latnok. He too had made it to this wedding. After all, it wasn’t every day when Harry Potter had a gathering like this at his place.

Besides, the wizarding world was excited to welcome a new era at Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry. This year, Harry had agreed to take on the position of Hogwarts’ headmaster as the current Headmaster had been retiring. Professor Alder Dutchmen had finally decided to step down, owing to his old age and in his effort to prioritize his religious life. He had just accepted the position of Bishop in the Church of his hometown. Hence, he had decided to leave Hogwarts. His departure had left the position open and Harry had been the only one who was approached for it. 

He had once said it in an interview that if he hadn’t been Auror he would probably take on teaching as a Professor. He was qualified for it but he had never practiced teaching. Unfortunately, his interview had been recent and the moment Professor Dutchmen had announced his retirement a month ago, he had been approached by Kingsley Shacklebolt who was now Minister of Magic. 

Harry had refused at first. He had no idea what he would do as Headmaster and yet, Kingsley seemed to feel confident in his abilities. Kingsley had mentioned he had his own motives of sending him to Hogwarts but he hadn’t explained anything. He had, however, mentioned that after his joining, he would explain everything. Harry had then accepted the position. Kingsley had also tried recruiting Hermione back to the Law and Enforcement Department this year as its Head but she had refused him. Harry knew Kingsley had something on his mind. He just didn’t know what and he didn’t have the time to figure it out, not until at least Ted’s wedding was over.  


Harry met all his friends who had come to the big day. Neville and Hannah had shown up with Alex, their 11-year-old son who was starting his first year at Hogwarts tomorrow just like Lily. He seemed excited. Porch had accompanied Neville as he had greeted Harry. Harry met the half giant solemnly. Porch was Hagrid’s only son. After Hagrid’s passing 8 years ago, Porch had taken over his gamekeeping duties a Hogwarts even though he had been a student at the time. Now, he was serving the school officially. Neville had looked after him since Hagrid’s passing and Harry had seen how close the two of them had been. 

Neville and Hannah were a regular at Harry’s place. Neville had mentioned how he had found himself a group of friends at Hogwarts who were nothing short of family to him and Harry was sure Porch was one of them. He knew Neville was by nature very kind. He had lived a lonely life with his grandmother, he was obviously not willing to see others go through the same. Porch had been a lot happier since he had started hanging with Neville. James had also mentioned Neville’s closeness with the caretaker and the librarian at Hogwarts. Apparently, they were a close-knitted group. Harry who had never really had time to socialize was happy to know that life after the battle at Hogwarts had moved on for everyone and had become much happier. 

The wedding became an entertaining affair when dinner commenced. Harry had arranged a one of a kind cuisine for the night and he could see his guests had a great time. By midnight, everyone was full of food and drinks and one by one all guests began leaving. Harry and Ron took the gates and wished everyone a good night as they left with exhausted kids. Neville, Hannah, Alex and Porch left together. Porch was going to stay the night with them. Ginny and Hermione met Fluer, and George, as they left with Roses and Hugo and Ted and Victoire. As Harry, Ron, Hermione and Ginny were going to wind up the wedding festivities here at the Potter House, Fluer and George were going to drop Ted and Victoire to their home at the Shell Cottage where they had been living together for the last two years before they had decided to get married. Fluer and Ginny had decorated the place as a surprise to the two. As Fluer and George left, they also took Roses and Hugo with them. They would all return to the Burrow after dropping off Ted and Victoire. As Angelina, George’s wife was on a world tour with Oliver Wood, George would stay the night at the Burrow instead of his own home in the Diagon Alley above his shop. He never liked staying there alone anyway.  

Finally, as all the guests had left and Ginny had put James, Albus and Lily to bed, Harry, Ron, Hermione and Ginny sat in Harry’s living room remembering old times.


“Those were the days, mate.” Ron said, taking a long swig from his Firewhisky. “Feasts, meals, drinks, breakfasts, lunches, dinners...”


“Ron!” Hermione poked him in the shoulder. “Is food all that you can remember about Hogwarts?! You're awful!”


“Bet you remember classes.” said Ron grumpily as Harry laughed out.


“And exams!” He winked at Ron.




“Everything would have changed by now.” Harry said.


“Except Peeves!” Ginny said.


All four of them laughed out. They knew what a chaos he was. James had felt necessary to enlighten them since he was nothing short of him either.


Hogwarts, as they knew, might have changed but the history it had still rang in its halls. Harry who had found a home there now felt a little tense as now he would be the one in charge of it. And he wouldn't be the first. He had a great many people to look up to. Headmasters as great as Dumbledore, Snape, Mcgonaglle and Dutchmen had led the place in the best way possible. He didn't know if he could do as good as them. He was unsure. But he didn't know that he wasn't the only one unsure.



“No.” He replied turning away from Padma. “I don't deserve it.”


“Yes, you do. And Professor Dutchmen agrees. We both wish to see you do what you do best.”


He looked into her sympathetic eyes. He knew she only wanted him to do better for himself but he couldn’t agree to what she was saying. He had been a librarian at Hogwarts for 5 years. He could continue with that. He had never wished for anything more than a home and Hogwarts had given him that. He couldn’t ask for more. He wouldn’t. “I am content with my job.”


“You may be but I am not.” Dutchsmen had finally spoken. This was his last night at Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry. During his tenure here he had seen this boy grow up to be a decent man. He and all his teachers had seen his skill. Alone and homeless he had always lived here and when time came for him to leave and make a career out of his life he stepped back. With nothing else to help him out of his bubble, Dutchmen had offered him to work at Hogwarts as a teacher though he had accepted only the post of the librarian. “We all have seen your talents. They are not to be subsided to a shelf in the library. Our decision is final. From tomorrow morning, you will take your position here as the Defense Against the Dark Arts teacher.” Dutchmen stopped to see only denial on his face. “It is not about you. It is about Hogwarts.” He knew how to convince him. Hogwarts was everything to him. He would never refuse now. “Miss Patil has been working double time to attend to two subjects at once. It would be unfair to her to let her continue with this responsibility.”


“Yes, I am quite tired of trying to do something that I am not even good at. You know how difficult it has all been since Robert left last year.” She turned to him pointedly. “Therefore, I am resigning from the post of the DADA teacher.”


“That leaves the position vacant.” Dutchmen continued gaining his full attention. “I want you, Hogwarts’ own, to avail it than someone from the outside.”


He closed his eyes. They had been asking him to take over the post since Robert had left but he had found every lame reason to avoid it. Now, when Harry Potter was arriving, when he wanted it the least, he was being forced to take it and he knew that he couldn’t refuse. He knew they had already spoken to the Minister about it who had apparently approved.


“Will you take it?” asked Dutchmen boring into his eyes trying to see through him but failing as usual.


He nodded quietly.


“There’s one more thing that needs to be done.” Padma said as he turned around to leave the Headmaster’s office. “We want you to take up your rightful position as the Deputy Head of Hogwarts.”


He gulped down. Now, they were asking for the impossible. Power, in the wrong hands could harm. Did they not know it? “I have no right over it. I helped because Hogwarts is my home. I wanted to protect it.”


“We do not say otherwise.” Dutchmen replied. “But the fact that your protection prevails around the Castle and you have not been given any recognition for it does not let us live in peace. Padma feels as do I, that you must be given what belongs to you. It is the Deputy that protects the Castle in the mainstream. Others do have their contributions but the Deputy in the absence or even presence of the Headmaster provides complete protection to it. When Robert retired, Padma took over but we both knew she couldn't protect the Castle like him. But you could and you do. Why, then, not be acknowledged for it?”


It was a question he never wanted to answer, not even to himself. “Please, I beg of you. Do not force me. I have no courage to face the challenges of the position.”


“You have all the courage in the world. You just don't know it yet.” Padma said taking his face into her arms. Her smiling face and warm eyes actually made him believe that he could do it. She held his hands into hers and recited the incantation.


When he walked out of the Headmaster’s office, he was the new Deputy Head of Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry. Back in his room, he stood in front of his mirror regarding his reflection with fear and confusion. In the heat of the moment he had agreed to them. Now, he felt unsure.

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Originally posted by guy3

Amazing, Peri! Welcome back! I am so so happy to see you back! It will be great to read up my favorite HP series again. Lots of love, dear

Thank you, guy3!

Welcome back to you too!

It is so nice to hear from you. You will certainly enjoy the revamped version of the story.

Happy reading :D

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Originally posted by Yogarasandey

I love stories about Harry Potter created by fans. It is very difficult to part with your favorite characters after reading the original story. Thank you for continuing to create this world further.

Yogaradandey, welcome to the thread!

Yes, I quite agree with you. It is too hard to part with the characters you fall in love with. That was one of the reasons I started writing. Hopefully, I will continue to write :D

Keep reading and commenting! :D

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