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Posted: 8 months ago

Lol this was straight up cringeworthy. I am glad she is no longer trying to pursue a music career.

Posted: 8 months ago

Originally posted by Peek-A-Boo

Lol this was straight up cringeworthy. I am glad she is no longer trying to pursue a music career.

I thought it was exotic tho smiley36 I mean I’m shallow so I love this video for the looks and hotness factor alone 💯 

Posted: 8 months ago

Originally posted by Twinklingmoon

She is the reason word attention seeker exists.

 She is the reason word mediocre exists.

She is the reason word  overrated exists.

She is the reason word embarrasing exists.

She is the reason word unattractive seeker exists.

She is the reason Corona exists. She is the reason there is no cure to corona yet. 

She is the reason for every bad happening to my happening worldsmiley19

If i didnt read the post first i would thought you have written about alia bhatt

Posted: 8 months ago

Originally posted by rkisnothot

I have a grudging admiration for her cunning and social climbing skills. She met Meghan Markle a few times and managed to become friendly enough to get an invite to a world event like the royal wedding. Meghan dumped her now but it doesn't matter. She got the PR bonanza she needed of being pally with royals. 

She is no less than Karan Johar when it comes to using PR and blind items and rumors to benefit herself. No wonder both are fake friends again even after a supposed fallout. 

I don't think she has any moral compass but most of the time, it's people like her that can succeed and survive in a tough business like showbiz. 

She was great in Barfi. That's one of the few times I appreciated her as an actress. I would like her a lot more if she just concentrated on work instead of being an obnoxious scummy socialite.

Word to your post! smiley14

She’s a self made star who has made it so far w/o a godfather to support her in BW and HW.

Posted: 8 months ago

Originally posted by stranger.67

Home wrecking happen from both side calling only the women as homewrecker totally wrong! A man is as much of culprit because if a women go ding dong with a married man because he allowed her to do so and is fully concious about that!

The only thing I dislike so much about her is her wannabish attitude and always portraying someone she is not full on fakeness 🙄

And as far her professinalism I gotta give to her one of few Indian actress who has gone this far so yes, she deserve *3 claps*!

But we're talking only about the woman here. Not the men.

Posted: 8 months ago

Priyanka Chopra in the professional realm is completely aspirational. She is a role model for achieving what she has despite being shunned and almost boycotted. Her never say die attitude and ambition is inspiring on another level altogether. 

Akshay Kumar and SRK are more to blame for cheating on their wives than Priyanka Chopra is for having an affair with them. 
Although, when she was with SRK she was over the moon and wanted the world to know it. He was the unattainable prize that she managed to get. She didn’t make much of an effort to hide the relationship, which shows she had absolutely no remorse over what she did. 

Also, completely agree with every word Ponymo said about Priyanka Chopra. 

Edited by Anam... - 8 months ago
Posted: 8 months ago

Originally posted by Peek-A-Boo

PC is a really good actress and I like how she worked her way up from the bottom, gave excellent performances from the very beginning of her career and kept on going despite having a lot of flops. She is what a self-made star looks like . 

What I don’t like :

Her try-hard and somewhat attention seeking behaviour to fit into the Hollywood mould . Also her styling in America( most of her outfits at the events suck ).

American showbizz is totally about networking. She is an outsider who wont be served roles on platter.. Also, she hasn't created any sort of controversy in western media. All her public appearances has been to further her reach in Hollywood and there is nothing wrong about it. Unless she was a try-hard she wouldn't have made it to top from the bottom. Not referring it to you, but public in general does not understand how hard it is to land a role in Hollywood movie for POC that too from India.

Posted: 8 months ago

Originally posted by ponymo

The good: She is

  • very ambitious and determined. Achieves what she sets her eyes on. A fighter.
  • not the best actress or dancer or beauty out there, but she leverages her potential to the maximum.
  • an outsider and made it on her own; proved she wasn't a fluke by proving herself again and again
  • kickass for not letting the men in her life dictate her life choices 
  • married a man 10 years younger than her and was not afraid how society would judge her.
  • amazing for standing up to bullies like Kareena and Karan Johar

The bad: She

  • comes across as extremely pretentious and fake.
  • lies blatantly (plastic surgery, fairness creams etc.)
  • extremely PR hungry and attention seeking (honestly this can be good too because as an actor you need good PR to survive in a cut-throat industry. But she overuses her PR, comes across as desperate and attention hungry).

The ugly: She

  • is a fascist enabler - dissess Trump in the US but cheers Modi in India, when they're both representative of the same malaise.
  • uses charity causes to further her career when she doesn't have an ounce of humanity in her
  • has no morals - sleeps around with married men and uses performative activism to appear liberal minded and progressive

It must have been very hard for you to write the good part...The words of praise were just thrown casually when your actual intention was to spew negativity in bad and ugly section. The way you have used superlatives words in those sections shows that the good part was written to fool people to sound neutral. Better try next time. 

Seems like that SSR thread about introspection was all a charade. Sleeping around married men was mentioned in blinds in same way as Sushant blinds were planted.... so if tomorrow PC commit suicide will you be running crocodile tears again? 

Uses charity to further her career, do you have explanation as to how? You have issue with some one who is doing humanitarian work... and before accusing some one to have zero ounce of humanity do you have any concrete explanation. She provides schooling and medical care for almost hundred children i dont think so anyone lacking humanity will do that. 

Do you even understand the meaning of fascist enabler? or just used words to sound fancy?

Stop your BS.

Priyanka Chopra

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