Happy Birthday to the Munch-Queen!

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Disclaimer: The content of this write up is purely for fun purposes and to show our banter with the birthday girl. This is not done with an intention to offend anyone or hurt anyone’s sentiments.


Hi Guys! Imagine a virtual wave *social distancing* 

So me and my partner (she’s actually someone’s else’s partner smiley36) are here to celebrate a not so famous birthday(cuz that’s how she wanted it to be) of a very dearest friend who has no clue of this *kinda* 


*she’s supposed to act all shocked & surprised *


So let me first introduce you to my partner..






Zo: Ughhhhh! You’re still at it 😒

Nidz: 🤷🏽‍♀️ New phone problems Zo 😂 Still adapting to it. But don’t you just hate it when someone misspells your name or whatever 😂 I’ve like same nickname with variations Nidz, Nidhz, Nidzie, Nidzu. I’ve lost track of them now 🤷🏽‍♀️😂 Moreover it sounds Chinese now 😒😂 

Zo: Ikr. Nowadays I write my full name so people know it’s not Zoey or Zoya or Zara whatever they can bloody think of 🤷🏽‍♀️😂 

Nidz: So Zo! Let’s begin the introduction of our dearest friend. What’s say😉 

Zo: Bring it on Nidzu 😋

Nidz: 🙄😒😏  

Zo: What? 🤨 

Nidz: She’s a big fan of emojis 😂 specially this one 🙄 She's the EMO-QUEEN 😂 😂

Zo: OMG! 😂😂

 Nidz: Now your turn!!!! 

Zo: Patients! 

Nidz: She sees those right 😂 One beautiful nurse she is 😍 

Zo: TYPO! Patience Nidzu 😘😂 We’re here to admire her typos 😂 


Nidz: Oh man! Let’s not discuss that topic 😂 I’ve lost count of those plus it reminds me of certain typo where she effed up my nickname 😂


Zo: What do you wanna discuss then 🙄

Nidz: FOOOD!


Zo: Ooooooh yesssss!

Nidz: 😱 Zoooo control 😂

Zo: You perv 😒😂 What I meant to say was I just had food 😐

Nidz: Oops! 😂 

Zo: I swear, Nidhi 😒

Nidz: 😂 😂  Anyway, she loves kitkat.

Zo: Funny because she’s never mentioned this to me and we’re supposed to be “partners” 😐

Nidz: 🤣  🤣  🤣 

Zo: Yeah you just laugh it away. Its a good thing I like kitkat too. What would have happened to our #samsies otherwise?

Nidz: You don’t have a #samsies 🙄

Zo: Well we do now because I like the sound of the hashtag 😏

Nidz: We are digressing.. Again! 🙄 So back to food.. She also loves rice balls.. 🍙 

Zo: Wow! Thats actually so funny! 🤣  🤣  🤣  

Nidz: Ohhhh is this where you thought that the rice ball emoji was actually a hat and G got her detective hat on to investigate this 😂 😂 

Zo: Precisely because thats the kind of friend she is. Always there in my hour of need 😏 🤣


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Nidz: I see! Do you know what else she likes?

Zo: What is it?

Nidz: Being DIET conscious!!! I mean whats the fun in that? If anything, you miss out the delicious goodness of pizza and burger 😍


Zo: Hush you! Have you seen the photos of meals though *drools*  I might not be a fan of the meal but the photos look damn yummy *drools even more*

Nidz: Geez okay! It looks yummy but.. I’ve no words for it

Zo: I get it Nidz. She’s the oddball in btw 3 of us cuz we’re JUNKIES !!

Nidz: How’s this Zo?


Zo: What exactly is that Nidz? smiley24

Nidz: Ummm a Horse 😒

Zo: Why does that look like Crossbreed of donkey and giraffe 😂

Nidz: Maybe cuz she’s obsessed with a Donkey(Gadha) I know 😂 and I don’t want to conclude giraffe 😂

Zo: Take some inspiration from our colorful nurse who makes soooo vibrant drawing every month. Her drawings are as cheerful as her personality 🌈


Nidz: Maybe she’ll consider that after reading this post. But I’ll forever be her patient if she makes drawings like that 🤭

Zo: LOL you’re weird 😂

Nidz: That I’m when it comes to her 😍 Mama Duck remember 🦆

Zo: OMG it’s time !!!

Nidz: For what?🤨

Zo: It’s her birthday already 😭

Nidz: She’s clever you know. Removed her birth date from all platforms 🙄

Zo: No worries Nidzu we’re ready for it even when she said she doesn’t want us to do anything extraordinary or when she said she won’t help us with it or when she denied to make tags for the thread 😂 😂 😂

Nidz: I mean what a cheeky bugger! Who else was going to make the tags then? 🙄 I’m useless and you’re...you..😂 😂 

Zo: WOW! Thanks a lot, I’ll remember this 😒

Nidz: Thank you, Nabz for the tags 😍 

Zo: You just blatantly ignored me! WOW!! I’ll remember this too. Anyways.. Onto better things 🙄


Nidz: Its time to introduce the birthday girl!

Zo: YAY  😍 

Nidz: And we couldn’t possibly do this without this emoji => 🤣 🤣 🤣

Zo: You’d expect us to talk about how wonderful she is.. Right?

Nidz: Are WE not going to do that?😑 

Zo: Well if we must, then we’ll do it 🤣

Nidz: 🤣 🤣 🤣

Zo: So.. she really doesn’t like cooking. Which I completely understand and agree with 🤣

Nidz: Oh yes, she hates it! She also really doesn’t like working overtime but then she comes under pressure and brings onto herself 🤣 🤣

Zo: I know, right? But we still love her ❤️

Nidz: Yes, we do ❤️

Zo: We really wouldn’t have it any other way and she’s amazing just the way she is!

Nidz: Damn, Zo! That really didn’t sound the way we wanted it to sound 🤣 🤣

Zo: Hush! Its about the emotions, samjha karo please! 😑 🙄

Nidz: Fine! We love you, G 😍 We love you more than we love IF 

Zo: Soo if you haven’t already figured it out yet, shame on you! 🙄

Nidz: 🤣 🤣



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Happy Birthday, partner smiley31

I'm going to try and not sound soo sappy here smiley37

I'm so glad to have reconnected with you again after disappearing on you guys for months smiley43smiley37 You're one of my closest friends and I love our banter together. Tu jaha mein waha - we take this soo seriously, its freaking crazy smiley37 But on a serious note, I'm so happy to have you in my life and thank you for always letting me rant  smiley2

I hope you have the most wonderful day with your family.

Lots of love,

Zoah x


Dear G 👀

You know it’s hard for me to write cheesy stuffs also how shy I’m when it comes to you 🙈🤣 but Zo won’t take a NO for this 🙄

So here goes nothing...

It’s been almost 4yrs we’ve known each other and somewhere in between we lost touch but the best thing about being BFFs we started where we left off. Nothing changed and hopefully it will remain the same after you read everything 🤣🙏🏽

Wishing you a very Happy and Healthy Birthday G 😘

Lots and Lots of Love.



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From Nidhi & Zoah






compilation - HateSober | xbeyondwords

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Happy birthday daya...

Thanks for coming back to IF and reconnecting... it has been a great journey with you on CC. It is no more the same. I miss my buddies. But thanks to covid, smiley37you are back here. Stay blessed... Happy birthday once again <3

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Happy Birthday, partner smiley31 (again smiley37)

We really hope you liked this little surprise from us smiley37

Love Zoah x 

Posted: 5 days ago

Originally posted by xbeyondwordsx

Happy Birthday, partner smiley31 (again smiley37)

We really hope you liked this little surprise from us smiley37

Love Zoah x 


Happy birthday G smiley31 

@bold She better does 🙄 or I’m taking permanent hiatus from IF 🤣🤣

Posted: 5 days ago

Originally posted by HateSober


Happy birthday G smiley31 

@bold She better does 🙄 or I’m taking permanent hiatus from IF 🤣🤣

Let her wake up first and then we can give her plenty of grief 🤣🤣

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