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Hello IF-ians

Welcome to the

The great Margaret Thatcher said “Never follow the crowd. Let the crowd follow you”.smiley14

Now, peeps to win this contest you have to do the opposite. The purpose is to answer a certain set of questions in the most expected and common way: you are supposed to think like a sheep and give the answer you would expect other people to give.

There is no right or wrong answer...just common answer!

At the end of the game, the target is to be the sheep with the most points and goals. 

You need to score in every round, to secure the most number of points and goals. After each round, the members with lower points will get eliminated. The more points you earn, the more chance of you to win the competition as points value more than goals.

Only when points are tied, goals have a role. And when both goals and points are tied, than the person with highest single questions goals advances. 


The number of rounds depends on the numbers of members taking part in the contest. 

More details on how many round once the sign up is finished.

Here's an example for reference!

Question: Name the most handsome actor in Tellywood

1 person  say Shaheer Sheikh

4 peope say Barun Sobti.

7 people say Harshad Chopra.

10 people say Parth Samthaan

15 people say Vivian Dsena

15 people who said Vivian get 1 point and 15 goals. 

And the others get no point but goals only, which depends on how many sheeps gave the same answers. 

So who said Parth will get 10 goals, who said Harshad will get 7 goals, who said Barun will get 4 goals and who said Shaheer will get 1 goal.

If there's a tie between 2 most popular answers then both will award 0.5 points. 

If there's a tie between 3 or more answers then no points will be awarded for this question. Only goals will be awarded.


• Send all your answers to me, WildestDreams.

•  Each round will have a deadline of 48 hours (2 days) so keep that mind when you commit to the contest.

•  Any queries related to the contest ask here or PM me (WildestDreams)

•Once I send out the questions, any queries related to the questions cannot be discussed here. DO NOT POST  OR DISCUSS ABOUT YOUR ANSWER in this thread. Any doubt PM me.

• Do NOT drop any hints about questions here. You will be disqualified. 

• Do NOT discuss with others partecipant the questions. If I find out, you will be disqualified. 

Link to Th1 https://www.indiaforums.com/forum/topic/5166282

Link to Th 2 https://www.indiaforums.com/forum/topic/5166681

Be safe and take care all!


Permission taken by Jyo

Tags credit Koeli

Contest concept&Rules: RegressiveThug

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Posted: 1 months ago

Thanks a lot PiUN for putting them in order!smiley27
The goals are in  ()

Those in red are eliminated in this Round.

9 points

Pain-in-ur-Neck (321) 

Nahiiinnn (312)

8 points 

Panditaain_Ji (313)

Tris007 (307)

FingerFetish (299)

EXOL (297) 

Iceflames (288)

asmaanixx (279)

priya185 (278)

S_H_Y (271)

ItsJustHrideyy (255)

7 Points

Leenaaa (282)

Alexia_Wilson (278)

LotusPetal (275)

NitaReid (272)

GrimReaper (268)

bhshre95 (267)

TheGladiator (266)

TheMinion (252)

6 points

RegressiveThug (271)

cricketfan1 (271)

sreefan (269)

atvfan (266)

Born2Dance (263)

cute00ish (262)

Unconventional (260)

Mithu_x (258)

hbkrocks (256)

Wistfulness (254)

Ennuyi (241)

Billi_Bangalan (239)

Zeal17 (230)

Koeli (222)

5 Points

Renee.Clare (250)

FreeTheNipple (246)

MsChanadlerBong (246)

Mannmonahaa (241)

Sock-let  (240)

Self_Love (238)

altgr (226)

Minionite (221)

sevenstreaks (213)

Maroonporsche (208)

BoonAndBane (200)

TC_FA (196)

xbeyondwordsx (185)

Sutapasima (183)

ErumMalik (170)

4 points

heavenlybliss (232)

ShiriFictionPen (216)

opsora2090 (206)

braveheartdoc (198)

Lazybird_Silpa (198)

beingaditij (166)

2 points

SuperstarSEHAR (151)

Home786 (130)

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Posted: 1 months ago


PM for Round 2 has been sent. If you are in round 2 but didnt receive it, drop a PM as soon as possible.

Deadline is Sunday 28th 17hr IST

I forgot to add the date in the PM but it is THIS Sunday peeps.smiley44 

Dont make me chase you around or PM u again...please!smiley19

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Posted: 1 months ago

Round 2 Qs posted on 

page 103-106-110-114-120-126-130-134-139 and

question number 10 on new thread page 2

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Posted: 1 months ago

just in case 2

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Posted: 1 months ago

How many left to send their answers??

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Posted: 1 months ago

This round Qs are tough man smiley22

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Posted: 1 months ago

Originally posted by Sock-let

Are you talking about him?


Nope xDD

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