Alia and kjo have taken advantage of their privilege

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Posted: 9 months ago

For their own self advancement and not for the greater good of the industry. I really believe this and everything is coming back to them. yes bullying is not right but them being called out for their tactics are

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Posted: 9 months ago

Thanks for this very rare and controversial opinion. 

Posted: 9 months ago

Originally posted by TrustNo1

Thanks for this very rare and controversial opinion. 

Hey, thanks man

Posted: 9 months ago

What's wrong in taking advantage of priveldge?

If I was a star kid and I had power I make sure that my competition does not get any good movie or endorsement. I would have destroyed their careers at any cost.

People do this in corporate world too. They harass their colleagues up to such an extend that many of them commit suicide or fall into depression.

Its all about survival of the fittest.

Posted: 9 months ago

Originally posted by colossial2015

Its all about survival of the fittest.

Yeah and its been like that for years. The cut throat competition, rumor spreading. I know one guy who did a press conference spewing nonsense against another guy just about 17 years ago smiley36. An yet that was overcome. I dont know why being ranked last in looks cant be smiley36

Posted: 9 months ago

yeah sure, if it’s done in a healthy way and not in a stance where you gather/rally ppl of equal power or more against your competitor to press harder on that person (that’s called taking it personally and not just in professional interests = aka your big fat ego being harmed). If it’s truly competition between you and this person.. leave it at that - learn to EARN your status and better your abilities. Also, stolen money and opportunities (temporary success) takes away from your character and morals (which is actual success of living a worthy life). We have been given this life to live, inspire and leave one day with that lasting impression. Don’t screw it up by being a jerk.. for a few temporary opportunities. 

also, power and advantage can be used in a more positive light as well. That’s the rule of this world.. lots of people are privileged.. but how you use your privilege should also be understood. And if you abuse that privilege, it should ABSOLUTELY be called out. 

This is not just within Bollywood or corporate.. this could be as simple as a normal person waiting in a long line to enter a store compared to a high/mighty just walking in and getting the last roll of toilet paper. 


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