Image destruction of Sushant's : A fan observation over the years

Posted: 3 months ago

A lot of the discussion around Sushant's passing away has been directed towards the cons of nepotism. I as his fan would like to share what I observed post the success of Dhoni -what I now realise was a slow and steady destruction of his professional image in the industry. It was very specific and NOT  nepotism

I know he wont come back...I know this is pointless but I do feel the need to let out what i felt,read and saw as a fan who followed him closely. I write this coz I never saw such barrage of blinds continuously on the other successful outsiders like Kartik,Ayush and Rao. 

1- So this was after Raabta flopped and Sushant started shoot for Kedarnath. And there started a huge flow of blinds on him. Specifically  Masand who did blinds like he is giving his director a very hard time on set, he is insecure of Sara being a starkid and getting all the attention from the  crew members. 


Then came a series of blinds from the usual other Bolly blind sections on how he was the reason of shoot delays, he was apparently leaking Kedarnath storyline ( a hero of the film leaking his own film's storyline to others...go figuresmiley24). Shoot legit came to a halt. More articles on his unprofessional behaviour started pouring in only to know for all in Jan next year that Prerna Arora the co producer was the reason behind all the mess and the delays. 

2- Dec 2017- Super cinema trade magazine did a news break on Sushant landing Nitesh Tiwari's next film.And again very fast came a blind on how he was being super arrogant to Sajid and Nitesh and not meeting and interacting with them properly coz of his high handedness. 

3- Fast forward to in and around aug-sept 2018, blinds were posted about 'dil bechara' shoot coming to a halt coz Sushant made Sanjana uncomfortable. I who was following few cast and crew of the film like how generally stans do saw that shoot was on as per their insta updates. There were videos of Sush taking Sanjana out for a bike ride in between shoots captured by Jamshedpur public.  Link :

Nothing added up for me.Fox star issued a clarification and the matter died down. 

Then came the sudden me too wave in India and thats when Chhicchore shoot was about to begin. A specific article was shared via a 'PAID' twitter trend by influencers about how Sanjana accused him of harassment. It blew up. And interestingly the narrative changed from 'source said Sanjana was harassed' to 'Sanjana had accused him directly' which she never did. Sanjana clarified after two days but the damage was done. 

I couldnt ignore how him landing Chhichhore led to a lot of negativity. I couldnt help thinking someone was pissed he landed a good film. Masand after Chhichhore 's success again hinted that he aint getting offers coz of that me too via a blind when none was talking about that . Link :

4- Its usual for stans to follow assistant directors, crew ppl to get shooting updates of favs. I was no different. Sush had a fab bonding with the cast and crew of Chhichhore...many times i used to see them party at his place but the usual portals and trade mags continued with the 'he is giving the crew a tough time' narrative blinds. It was hilarious to read them, now i feel angry. Who would verify via insta updates of some unknown crew members that he had a great bonding with the cast??? 

The narrative of him being 'difficult to work with' continued and just continued. They say lies repeated again and again becomes the did become that for him. 

Personal life blinds were galore too as well but then what bothered me more was his professional image destruction. I dont know who did was one person or a rival PR agency or a rival talent management agency..I wouldnt know ,but it was quite successfully achieved. 

Why was this done? Why was he a 'blind' favourite?  Shud he have hit back strongly with his PR?/? Would that have worked?? I dont know....will never get the answers. 

You know guys what the worst part about this 'blind' narrative was - Somewhere I had started to believe too that may be he has changed a bit for the worse....Prolly thats how Bollywood PR works...successfully messes  with the minds of staunch fans too. 

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Posted: 3 months ago

Yeah you are right, even I had started believing those blinds. Long back I waited for Paani to release, thinking this movie will change everything for Sushant, and then when that didn't happen. I gave up.

Posted: 3 months ago

Yes you ate right. I knew this. That's why I am really feeling low because I never actually care to care. Never thought it will go this far.

Some times blinds are written to publicize movies. But all his movie blinds were about how he is a troble maker when the problem was somewhere else.

Posted: 3 months ago

we need to find out who was behind all this and was there an attempt to tarnish his image 

Posted: 3 months ago

This is so sad

Posted: 3 months ago

Yes, I admit I doubted him too but that’s how the PR machinery works. Adding fuel to that was the metoo propoganda.

But never doubted the humane side otherwise, he was donating generously for the various causes while the big names still sits on heaps and crores of money and don’t leave a chance to show off their fancy lifestyle. 
Not sure if all these boycotting and FIRs are leading anywhere.....afraid that It will die out soon just as his memory fades away and people move on with their life.

But if nothing else I for sure want to know who is the main culprit and the master mind behind planting these blinds. It all started somewhere, right????Be it a celebrity or a journalist, needs to unmasked.

Posted: 3 months ago

Just like people Raised voice against Kjo n Gang if We raise voice against this in social media I am sure police would consider For a statement from Masand. It maybe of no use ultimately but atleast People will know how this works. It's Sickening. Me being a fan for once felt has Sushant become really that arrogant off late but the Me too allegations was IT. I knew he wasn't like this. He was just being dragged. But Little did anyone knew it wasn't just some mischief but a real conspiracy to Sabotage his career

Posted: 3 months ago

I agree with every point you have made here! Let me say that people comparing that to the cyber bullying viewers are doing now is not fair! Why? Because in today's day in age almost every public person is cyber bullied by nobodies. These nobodies can easily be blocked from you social media. They have no impact on your day to day life. They in no way can cause anxiety about your future. Not justifying the cyber bullying. It is wrong. But it is not comparable. 

A successful bully even in school is almost always bigger, older or more powerful in one way or another. These stories were being planted by a more powerful establishment. There was a conspiracy to sideline him. To hide him and his success. Most people don't even know that Chichore was a bigger hit than Gully Boy. Look at everything being done to keep Alia in the news. Her so called relationship with Ranbir with different pictures that make the news every single day. All the attention, if any, Sushant received was negative. 

I disagree with the people who claim the buzz wasn't there because he lacked in any department of star quality. Anyone with eyes can see he was more handsome than any star kid with the exception of ARK. People knew he was one of the most trained dancers in the Shamak durbar. All the critical claim he received for at least 80 percent of his movies. Intelligence let's not even compare. He was second in acting to none. It was marketed that way due to higher establishment. Still he continued persist. That must have been what angered the establishment. They knew as an entire package, he was greater threat than Kartik, Rao, Ayushman can ever be.  But even after a blockbuster that was bigger than so called film of the year "Gully Boy" he was losing projects?? Does that make sense to anyone? 

The only impact in terms of power that the people resentful about the people responsible for Sushant's sabotage can have is a disciplined boycott of everyone accused. But boycott has always been seen as the most principled way to protest. And protesting bullies is not bullying. 

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