The Heartbreaking Story of Mauli... Silsila Season 1

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Posted: 22 days ago

Hi Everyone.

I am new to the forum and this is my first post, post IPKKND season 1, because believe it or not, I actually gave up on Indian television in 2012. But then about two weeks back, I desperately needed my SaRun dose and as I have moved to the UAE, I couldn't access hotstar anymore, so I turned to Rangrasiya on Youtube and there in my suggestion list was Silsila... and here I am.

So the show is definitely very well written and the actors have done a great job. I am still on episode 54 and I am hooked and this show is also driving me absolutely mad. I get the physical and emotional pull that someone may feel for an individual and I understand that love cannot even be bound by means of social constructs like marriage, but do Kunal and Nandini have to be so helpless and pitiful and deceitful and selfish? I feel sorry for them and hate them with all my heart all at once... and believe me I haven't felt so enraged with a television character since Shyam in IPKKND. 

And most importantly, did Mauli have be so flawless? She is an amazing wife and doctor and bahu and friend and all that, but most of all, she's an amazing human being. Honestly, I can only hope that we all have a Mauli in our lives. And to think that both these despicable 'lovers' can betray her for someone they have known for a month, makes me sooooooo angry. At this point I just hope that Mauli finds out about the cheating soon and leaves behind these poor excuses for 'husband' and 'friend'. She can do so much better. #SilsilaMauliAllTheWay 

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