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Maan’s side.

I have known her since childhood yet it feels like I met her just yesterday. Every day that I spend with her feels like a lifetime. I don’t know how I would spend a lifetime without her. You know we were two years old when we met for the first time in daycare. And guess what we were actually neighbors. You know that when it’s meant to be. It was like that with us. Just one glance from her that day and I was solely hers. And you must be guessing who she is. It's none other than my sweetheart Nikki whom I will be marrying in the next new year. Yes we’ll be marrying on the very new year. Because that was the day we met each other.

Damn I love her. She is the love of my life. I am lucky to have her in my life. But you know all good things come to an end.

Arnav’s Side

I was an orphan and was left on the doorstep of a temple when I was just ten days old. I’m a self-made billionaire. I don’t wait for anyone or ask anyone for me to wait. But my life just stops when I see her for the first time. But I was cursed once. The curse said, “ the girl for whom my life would stop, she would never love me for me or my anything”. Because karma exists.

But even if she won’t love me, my love would be enough for her. And that’s why lies exist. Just so people can have what they want without having to say the truth.

But life happens and the truth comes out and Karma wins.

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Prologue - Page 1

Chapter 1 - Page 1 

Chapter 2 - Page 3

Chapter 3 - Page 4 

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OKAY so I am a bit late to introduce myself. Hello everyone I am Bliss and I am new on IF so bear with me.

Also right now I am not able to upload my beautiful banner so you will have to wait for a while to see it! 

I am really sorry for it! 

Also what ever suggestions you guys have will always be welcome. 

Thank you <3 

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Who is Arnav in love with? Maan is marrying Nikki for now, lets see what happens.

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It started 20 years back when we were just 3 years old. We didn’t even know what love was but we knew we were meant to be together. I still remember the first time I saw her and just went towards her to meet her because she was just sitting in the corner alone. Nikki was a loner. But when she smiled. Man! She lit up the whole world with it. Nikki just liked to be alone and patience was the key to coax her out of her shell. And I am blessed to be the man for that task. Well I always like to remember the day we met. As my both parents were workaholics so it was easy for me to be at daycare a lot. And I liked it there. Because my parents were just parents in name. they were always busy. So, I had a life at daycare. I loved it there. I had many friends there so it was fun and our teacher there was good enough to teach us good stuff. So that day I was late because I don’t know that. But I just remember that I was late. So, when I entered my daycare, I greeted my teacher first and then ran inside to have my daily quota of fun. And just as I entered our classroom or playroom, I saw her for the very first time. she was tightly clutching a teddy bear and staring at all other kids like they were some other species.

And as I said we were meant to be so I just ran towards here and sat down beside her and said,” Hey I am Maan”.

Nikki just stared at me and stared. She damn near killed the life out of her teddy by clutching her teddy so hard. And then she just turned sideways and looked away. And she ignored me. No one ignored me. I was a fun-loving guy. And just as I was about to bug her again my friends came with our toys and started playing. But no one ever tried to held her attention. But I wanted her attention because she had it fully so I ignored my friends and just went and sat beside her again and held out my hand again and said, “Hey what is your name?”

She didn’t even give me a second of her time and instead stood and went away.

I was baffled and didn’t knew what to do?

And I was sad for the first time in my life. Even our ma’am noticed it but I was sad and I knew it would only go away if she talked to me. Again, after a while I stood and sought her out and she was reading a book by the bookshelf and I went there and found the picture-book I loved.

She saw me out of curiosity and looked at the book I held. She smiled and carried on watching her book. I was stunned by her smile that day as I am stunned now that she stands in front of me waiting for me to put the engagement ring on her finger. She just smiles and blushes from beneath her lashes looking at me.

I am the happiest man alive to have a person I love as my soulmate and being able to marry her. It was my cloud nine.

From that day onward we would just smile at each other and read picture books together. Her choices became mine and mine became hers. Our souls were entwined with each other. And we were neighbors so the time we spent with each other was maximum. We were either at my house or hers.

She was my best friend, my biggest cheerleader and my life. I don’t know that I would be where I am without her. But I had her.

We were engaged now as our families were known to each other and it was like we were a power couple. As I said I had everything I wanted in my life. Money, fame, power- what else does a man need.

We were getting married on 27 June. It was all set. All the preparations were done. We both had planned for this day since childhood. Nothing could come between us. Never. I would never let them.

Nikki didn’t have a good life in childhood as her parents were always fighting over something or the other and they abused her. Not physically but mentally and thus why she was quiet.

I finally put the ring on her finger and a lone tear dropped out of my eye. But she caught it before I could rub it away and leaned towards me and said,” FOREVER, right?”

And much to my mum’s outrage I hugged the shit out of her. And murmured,” do you even need to question it sweetie?”

And then she put the ring on my finger and she smiled.

She always smiled at me.


2 days before the wedding.

“I am pregnant”, she said.

I just stared at her and life came to a standstill for me because I felt like I had everything I could ever ask for.

“But…”, she was about to say before I kissed her and fell down to my knees before she could say anything and hugged her midsection.

She caressed my hair with her fingers like she always does. I felt a tear on my face and looked up at her and was shocked by the anguish that I saw on her face.

“What? What happened? Why do you look so sad? You know that I am happy for this. This is it for me.”, I said.

She just cried harder and harder and I didn’t know what was wrong with her. But maybe she was facing the emotional meltdowns that women faced while pregnant.

“I can’t marry you Maan. I am sorry”, she whispered.

I stepped back and lifted her chin to make her look at me but she defied and I was deflated.

“What happened? What have you done?”, I asked softly because I couldn’t look myself ever getting angry with her.

“I am sorry.” She cried and just cried saying she was sorry. But I didn’t even know what she was sorry for. I just wanted to know what was wrong with her when she said, ……


Thank you for reading my story and thanks for being patient with me. I am so sorry for being late with the update but I wasn’t able to. So, I am sorry for that.

I hope you guys liked the update. Drop in the comments and like if you like the update and motivate me to write fast. 

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khusi is nikki or nikki is someone else 

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Why did Nikki refuse to marry Maan?

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Originally posted by Taareymylove

khusi is nikki or nikki is someone else 

Nikki is someone else.. 

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