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Deepika's rona dhona and jaap about depression turned the tides against Ranbir , although she had been an opportinist and left her boyfriends from modeling time to much popular people when her career in bollywood took off.

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But Deepika is slammed mostly becoz of her first defaming and bashing Ranbir left right n centre,then drooling over him all over again.

Posted: 11 months ago

I don't know about other people, but I find it unlikely to be a coincidence when all of Ranbir's rumored girlfriends who are then at the top of their game get pics released and/or gossip put about that strongly indicate they're sleeping with him, this adding to his desirable image. I mean... Deepika (gossip about being done twice at a wedding), Katrina, the Paki girl (forgot her name). The ladies then suffer damaged reputation. And yeah, it happens in the Indian milieu.

Then, when the lady in question goes through a career low, she gets dumped. 

He comes across as a user.

Then, there were the damaging statements by his proud parents, dismissing the worth of the women in his life. A, B, C, D... really? Disgusting people.

Changing partners happens. It's not something unethical even. Cheating IS unethical, which is why Deepika is also far from a saint.

But using romantic partners like Ranbir does is a moral failing IMHO.

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Tbh when someone dumps someone because they want something else, it's sad because no one should be in a relationship where they feel like they are the second choice and neither should the person suffer in a relationship they are not interested in anymore. 

There are some cases where it's really, really scummy though like if your partner has cancer and you leave them in their time of need or if they are vulnerable or if you try to hurt them by going out with their friend or something. 

Deepika leaving her bf for someone richer is definitely opportunistic though if Nihar was really into her and she broke his heart. But she was young and maybe she has learned from her past behavior now.

However the outrage on Deepika being called those sl*t shaming things is because women in general are judged for that kind of stuff more. People love to use that analogy about how women are locks and men are keys etc. 

Although bollywood is filled with cheaters and opportunistic people so idk why people expect high morals from them anyways. 

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Posted: 11 months ago

Hey Deepak, how are you doing? smiley31

Posted: 11 months ago

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Posted: 11 months ago

Originally posted by Sailor-Moon

. People love to use that analogy about how women are locks and men are keys etc. 

I wouldnt mind being a lock smiley37

Ranbir Kapoor Deepika Padukone

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