" The Last Love" , part 9, 8/1/23, pg 21

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Posted: 2 years ago

Hi everyone there....hope u r all doing great...as here I see the charm of maaneet has still not faded...so here it my very first ff on our beloved maaneet...

Hope it will get all your love...

Part 1....

“You missed the lecture today” she asked sitting beside him on the stairs of library hall.

Maan looked ahead nothing in particular. Just stared. He thought coming to college would ease his mind. But no. It was all occupied. Like others in his family he was tensed too. Hell when this is going to be over.

“Dev Bhaiya nahi maane ? Geet  kept a hand on his shoulder.

“Nahi geet” He shielded his face with hand cried. At home he didn't wish to add up more tension to the already charged up atmosphere. With geet, his best friend he let his defence down.

Last thing she wished to see was  him crying... Her heart churned like an ache deep within. Unaware how to console him, she felt helpless. Geet had been aware to some problems in his family lately. She had never seen him crying. It had been always her weeping. Over her fight with meera. When a mice crushed under her feet or some scolding at home. Every silly thing. He always knew how to bring back the smile on her. Today she felt miserable; sitting by his side. Quite. Few time she felt like word coming to her mouth. Like it shall pass.. it will be alright. Then she swallowed it all. They seemed shallow.

“I don't understand what have  gotten into him...

She blinked back the tear. Her own throat aching.  He seemed a tad bit compose now. Though his eyes still a bit swollen. Voice still hoarse from crying.

“He can't see anything beyond his love.”

She rubbed his left arm silently. Just listening.

“Papa’s BP is shooting up. Mummy has been crying God knows since when"

“Bhabhi’s parents aren't agreeing..

“Don't call that woman bhabhi... he inhaled sharply. ‘she isn't my bhabhi he warned harshly.

Maan and geet were accustomed  to call Naintara Trivedi as bhabhi. As Maan' s big brother,  his ideal had introduced her to them, when they happened to be in same restaurant as their group was extracting a big treat from geet. When she got a new scooty.

It was geet who spotted them on the corner table. Their group had gathered around the couple with peering eyes. Then his reticent brother introduced his girlfriend coyly gaze lowered.

“Maan. This is Naintara..., after a pause dev added ‘your bhabhi’”

Maan knew his elder brother. The solemn, calm, recluse, always giving in the demand of everyone, momma’s boy....when he is having a girlfriend. It could never be fling...and girl sitting across his brother is his bhabhi. The one he would marry.

Naintara Trivedi, she was the perfect match for his Dev bhai. Tall, their mother was always apprehensive ‘itni labmi ladki kaha milegi' but mil gayi...not so fair wheetish complexion Dev bhai don't fancy milky skin...Her eyes lowered and cheeks red just as Dev bhai...perfect.

Maan had taken instant liking of Naintara.

If that was less , through Dev she sends his favourite homemade Italian cheese pasta...sometime aloo paratha for maan's best friend Geet.

“But maan...

“Please geet” she nodded understandingly. She doesn't want to sprinkle salt to his wounds. Let the storm passed. But his next word swept the earth away under her feet.

“I won't ever fall in love geet...i swear” he resolved ‘it ruins everything. Everyone around too”

This time he looked at her. His face solemn not his usual carefree and mischievous.

Don't forget to drop in your views and shower ur love...


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Posted: 2 years ago

Beautiful start!  Well done.  Looking forward to the story.  I'm hoping Geet will prove him wrong, that falling in love doesn't have to ruin everything, but can make everything perfect.

Not that I've ever fallen in love, but most of the stories on this forum have made me belief that. 😉

Posted: 2 years ago


Wow kinda realistic stuff going on 

Posted: 2 years ago

Nice start..smiley4

Maan and geet are best friends and he shares everything with her.. 

it’s quite sad that whatever’s happening with Dev and his life has put maan off love.. poor guy.. I hope his parents understand Dev and his love for Naintara..

So geet has feelings for maan..smiley27 I hope she’ll be able to stand by him through this and help him to believe in love once againsmiley9

Waiting for next update smiley31

Posted: 2 years ago

Wow nice. This is very different. It looks more closer to reality, Maan & Geet are friends and nothing romantic it looks atleast for now. What is the problem in Maan’s family? He is so upset & has vowed not to fall in love ever. Wonder what Geet’s feelings are. 

Posted: 2 years ago

Its seems a real scenario that happens in many households...

When parents don't accept the children's love...really the household becomes a big bad messsmiley18

Maan is feeling terrible with the things happening in his house..

Why Maan is angry on NT?

Maan sweared not to love smiley3 

Posted: 2 years ago

welcome to the forum.

Congrats on the FF.

Part 1

exceptional update. well written.

Can understand Maan's tension.

Geet and Maan share a lovely bond.

why does Maan hate Naintara?

oh no Maan swears never to fall in love seeing what is happening.

Well Geet was shocked with this....

update soon and do pm.

Can you please post a character sketch?

Posted: 2 years ago

Originally posted by simranDi

Beautiful start!  Well done.  Looking forward to the story.  I'm hoping Geet will prove him wrong, that falling in love doesn't have to ruin everything, but can make everything perfect.

Not that I've ever fallen in love, but most of the stories on this forum have made me belief that. 😉

thanks simran...really glad u liked it....me too hoping  best for maaneet 

Geet Hui Sabse Parayi 

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