SidNi OS : Sunrise

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SidNi OS: Sunrise

Roshni looked around the beach, it looked really serene. Seeing the waves hitting the shore gave her some sense of calm, it felt like all our problems will eventually touch the brink and get lost but her heart was heavy today. 

She opened the stupid dating app that Sam had made her install on her phone. She knew it was a bad idea but apparently a bad break up made her want to make a mistake. Roshni had always been the good girl, keeping her boyfriend happy, enjoying the small moments in life, listening to her mom and steered clear of making mistakes but she wanted to make a mistake today, even if it was a stupid one.

So she opened the app and realized its functions soon enough. That's when she heard the ring of a notification stating "You've got a match, location : Marina Beach!" 

She was surprised, why was it showing the location of the guy, she immediately got a call from Sam and she was surprised, call it destiny!

"Hey Roshni, are you okay? I heard what all happened with Rohan!" Sam was worried and Roshni felt guilty for not letting her know that she was fine, she had basically ghosted out on everyone, it had been a big blow for her.

She composed herself and answered, "I'm okay Sam!" Hesitating for a while she added, "Why does this dating app show the other person's location Sam?" 

"Umm Wow! You're finally looking up that app, well it'll basically find people closer to you, like in a 1 mile radius or something, and on the couple of questions you answered before it'll match you to your ideal match." Sam tried explaining but Roshni was too preoccupied in her head to understand any of it.

Roshni shook her head seeing the sunset now with a tinge of melancholy in her heart, "What questions? I didn't answer any. Wait! Unless you answered on my behalf, you fool." 

Roshni heard Sam laughing at the other end, "Good Luck Roshni, chat up with him for a while and if it works out you can thank me later" 

Sam disconnected and Roshni stared at the notification sitting on top of her dashboard, closing her eyes trying to muster up courage she finally clicked on it.

"Write_and_Weed" it read. Roshni made a face, this was definitely a creep what kind of a username was this but blame her she was intrigued. He hadn't yet messaged her which was again surprising because guys are so desperate most of the times. 

Taking a look at the time, she decided she was in no intention to go home and if chatting to a potential stranger was the other option she'd take it.

(Red - Roshni's texts

Green - Siddharth's texts)

"Hello" - she responded waiting for a reply.

When the reply didn't come through she thought to send in another short message.

"What's up with your quirky username?

She fiddled with her phone finally taking out her earphones to tune out every unwanted noise in her life. 

As soon as she started to get lost in the song and it's beauty her phone pinged, her eyes drifted open at once. She didn't know why she was getting so anxious now, nonetheless she opened and read, "New notifications."

"Hi, and your question back to you. What kind of a username is - 'Lightening McQueen?' Are you even a girl, that's such a guy thing!"

Roshni laughed out at that, Sam and her quirky nicknames. 

She started typing in a frenzy.

"Actually it suits my name to some extent and I'm a queen in my head so there's that.

Lightening = Roshni is what was Sam's theory. She shook her head at the absurdity of the situation!  

That's when another reply came through. 

"Ohh, so either you're some goddess or your name is Roshni."

She was busy gasping for air at the guy's smartness when another reply came.

"Oh and my username is partly because I'm a writer and because this is a line from one of my favorite songs - Sunrise by Kygo. Check it out!

Roshni was immediately impressed, a writer! She shuffled her phone and searched for the song and hit play.

She was busy bobbing her head to the song when another response came in.

"Did I overstep by guessing your name? I'm sorry about that, I can go with the goddess analogy.

She let out a chuckle, he was funny. She started replying again.

"No no. I was listening to the song, it's really good! So you write? What exactly?"

She added another message appreciating him.

"Oh and just to congratulate, you deciphered my name correctly!"

In no time there where a string of messages.

"Yess! I knew I was a good writer, reading between the lines and stuff."

"Oh and I write songs. Really in the starting stages though, I come to this beach regularly for some inspiration, the sea calms me."

"Also what do you do? What are you doing at the beach alone today talking to a struggling song-writer?

Roshni calmed her racing heart, she was getting excited at this exchange. She practically knew nothing about him but this was interesting, they shared their love for songs and the sea calmed him too, a good start!

"We'll see if you're any good. Send me something when you write! Also the sea calms me too, I wish I could throw my problems away in the water."

"I'm a designer, as of now I'm here because I had a bad break up."

She contemplated telling him the reason, sighing she started typing.

"He cheated on me!"

She waited patiently this time around staring into oblivion, not really knowing what to expect. She didn't want to be judged by a stranger as weird as it sounded!

Her phone vibrated in her hand and she looked down.

"Tum ladki ho, main ladka hun. Tum aayi toh sach kehta hun. Aaya mausam dosti ka!

She let out a giggle at that. He was trying to actually tell her he wrote that song.

"Very original! :P"

She was still smiling, he was a good person to laugh with for sure. 

"The guy let a goddess pass by! What a jerk, was he a one-legged chipmunk?

Now she was full on guffawing holding her stomach, that's when she looked across her. A couple of people were staring at her, there was this one guy who was looking at her as if she had the stars in her eyes.

She blushed and averted her gaze, this was embarrassing. Going back to the messages she smiled again.

"Maine Pyar Kiya! Classic lines to try to make a friend. But never mind. You know I have an idea to throw your problems away."

Roshni was grinning now, she felt relaxed and it wasn't because of the sea this time but this guy. 

"What's that? And yes he did look like a chipmunk!"

She looked around and saw the same guy gazing back at her. He waved a hand to her and she was wide-eyed, how was she gaining so much attention today.

He pointed a finger at her, he gestured a smile and good with his hands. 👉😊👌

She understood it to mean she had a nice smile. Unknowingly to herself she smiled and blushed at the compliment.

That's when her phone made a noise.

"Take some sand in your hand, close your eyes, remember your problems and throw the sand into the water. Simple!

She was astonished but replied in a zest.

"Are you Geet from Jab we met, saare weird and quirky ideas?"

As soon as she sent the message, she heard the same guy chuckling lowly. Her eyes snapped to him and he looked down below at his phone.

"You know we already know who we both are now Roshni. Wanna try throwing our problems together?"

She read the message carefully and a smile came up on her face. 

"Only if you tell me your real name or I'll call you Geet!

"Siddharth!" She heard someone whisper in her ear and she almost jumped with a hand on her heart. "Ya tum Geet bhi bula sakti ho, I don't mind."

Roshni saw the same guy sitting in front of her now, his eyes shone with a smile and she couldn't help but notice how handsome he was, that smile did suit him.

"That smile suits you! Chalein problems ko bye bye karne?" Roshni added getting up dusting herself off.

He nodded, giving her some amount of sand in her right hand, "Zyada problems hain toh keep sand in both of your hands." 

She giggled, this guy indeed was funny. "No thank you! My problems already look less." 

They walked towards the shore and shared a silent glance before they both had closed off their eyes. Roshni opened her eyes to see Siddharth staring at her once again. She shoved him playfully and they released the sand particles into the sea water.

Roshni couldn't understand why she felt relatively better, much better. As they walked back, Siddharth felt Roshni's hand winding into his own and he spoke up, 

"Jaane anjaane ye kya hua, tera mera rasta badal gya. 

Chalte the akele pehle hum, ye safar ab humara hua!

Roshni looked at him bewildered, "That was good, original hi thi na? The sea seems to have a good impact on you!" 

Siddharth shook his head, "No I have a new inspiration now. You want to wait until the Sunrise?"

She smiled and sat across him, "Sure! Meet me at the sunrise.

He laughed at her quoting his favorite song and they waited for the sun to rise, this night was all about letting it loose. Who knew what the dawn of a new day would bring!?

Link for song :

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Wow new OS on SidNi smiley41

Aww Sunrise 


Loved SidNi convo with eachother

Will they be one more part

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Originally posted by aparnalokam

Wow new OS on SidNi smiley41

Aww Sunrise 


Loved SidNi convo with eachother

Will they be one more part

Thanks for liking it! 

I'm glad you enjoyed their talks smiley36

No there won't be another part, just an OS! :)

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Fantastic os dear

Posted: 1 months ago

Thank you for liking it! :)

Posted: 1 months ago

Awesome dear

Sid more problems toh keep sand in hand smiley37

Roshni No i think i have less problems smiley36

Keep writting more

Posted: 1 months ago

Outstanding update

Missing SidNi alot

And you wrote a new os

Posted: 1 months ago

Amazing update dear 

Ravi Dubey Nia Sharma Jamai Raja 

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